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Amy and I visited Quilt Market in Houston last month where she debuted her new Crossroads Thread packs with Sulky, as well as our seasonal Crossroads Denim 1/2 yard pre-cut packs. We love both of these products for embroidery and kept an eye out for all the other great embroidery tools at market to work with.  Here are our five favorites - give them a try and let us know what you think!




Our Crossroads Thread is 12-weight thread which is which is perfect for both machine and hand stitching. One strand of the 12 weight thread is the equivalent of two strands of classic embroidery floss. We normally use two strands of the Crossroads thread when we hand stitch.


Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 4.19.07 PM


Recently we have been in love with Tulip embroidery needles. The needles are made in Hiroshima Japan and make stitching a breeze. They are very strong, but also flexible and very sharp.




Of course, you can't embroider without a hoop. For small projects we use Clover's plastic embroidery hoop. I love how they keep your fabric taut as you are stitching, The 7" is my go-to hoop. For larger projects, I stick with wooden hoops, which come in all different sizes.




A product that we have been using a lot lately with our projects is Sulky's Sticky Fabric - Solvy. This embroidery stabilizer adheres to your backing fabric with adhesive and simply washes away when you are finished stitching. I use the 8.5" x 11" sheets. I can print out my embroidery design on them and adhere them to my backing. Once I'm finished stitching my design, I just wash it away.




Our preferred backing fabric is our own Crossroads Denim. "But surely denim is too heavy" you say - we beg to differ! In fact, the denim, while light enough to easily stitch through, also has enough weight to keep the backing fabric from bunching when using tight, dense stitching. It also comes in 19 colors, so you can find a color to suit any project! Want to learn more about stitching on Crossroads? Check out this Embroidery Basics video series from Crafty Gemini. Note! Coming soon to a quilt store near you - Crossroads Pre-Cut Packs! We have four seasonal colored packs which each have five different 1/2 yard cuts. That is so much fun fabric to play with!


Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 4.18.50 PM

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James on

I was searching for tools for hand embroidery and it is the perfect destination where I can obtain the info about the top 5 tools which used in embroidery. So I like hand embroidered dresses so much and I want to know its backend techniques which is used to made the embroidery designs.

Joan on

I love to up cycle but I need some more ideas, patterns.

Alice on

Love your patterns and blog.

Darlene on

Explaining any and all of the new tools available for sewing and embroidery, quilting – it would be a great help.

Lynne Weinberger on

So many helpful tips – looking forward to trying this thread and Fabri-Solvy.

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