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We have expanded the colors of our Crossroads Denim line, adding 5 new colors; Cactus Pink, Pistachio, Wisteria, Ice Blue and Mushroom. 11photo Not only do these colors mix well together, we made sure they also play well with our original line of 14 colors. Crdscolors Although we got our new color samples right before we left for market, we did manage to get a few samples done showing the new colors... 5photo Here we have our new pattern, the Quilted Cook & Carry casserole cover in watermelon shades of Cactus Pink Crossroads Denim and a small green gingham print. Underneath you can see where we used the Wisteria as a table cloth. IMG_2098cr Here is a shot of the Cactus Pink (obviously one of our favorite colors) in our best-selling Cutting Edge Jacket. IMG_2115 Another Cutting Edge Jacket, this time shown in Pistachio Crossroads combined with an Art Gallery print. The Grab & Go Tote, one of our new patterns, is made in Ice Blue Crossroads Denim and a Ty Pennington cotton. IMG_2088 Here is lovely Cheryl sporting our 5-Way Wrap in Mushroom Crossroads. Be sure to ask your local fabric stores to carry our Crossroads Denim line (or you can find it online).

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