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Got a pile of out-of-date denim sitting on your closet floor? Recycle, re-purpose and give yourself a new wardrobe with these patterns!

PIJ986CR-12T   PIJ987CR-8T   PIJ1124CR-5T

The Modern Silhouette Vest features the design elements of flat felled seams to add a textured element to the vest. They are also used to make the tie closure! The Great Fit Gored Skirt lets you use two-for-one by combining the inside and outside of your jeans to make contrasting panels. Our Petite Stitched Purse is the perfect small project to use up any leftover denim pieces that might be hanging around.

PIJ1113-4T    PIJ1137-5T


The Modern Medley jacket again features contrasting denims to create a one-of-a-kind look. The Side Note Satchel shows off the side seams of your jeans to their best potential, bringing some fun design elements to a classic crossover tote.

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