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Cook up some romance in the kitchen this Valentine's Day and gift your sweetheart some handmade love with these 5 patterns! Start things off right with by bringing a bottle of wine - or better yet, champagne! Dress it up in a Bistro Wine Bag that can be re-used anytime you BYOW. PIJ1139-2T Worried about mixing your drinks? Mark your wine glass – and keep it chilled– with a special wine glass jacket from Koozie Kouture. PIJ898-3T When it is time to get things cooking, protect your clothes with these aprons that can be made for him or her! The All-In-One Apron is a classic "butcher" style apron (which would be a fantastic canvas for embroidery) and the Upcycled Apron keeps things green by recycling men's dress shirts to make all new aprons. PIJ998CR-4T c9650 While you are waiting for your entree, tame your appetite with a piece of bread - remember to keep your buns warm with our Bakery Baskets. PIJ1103-5T You won't want to skip dessert - especially if your Valentine loves homemade cookies you brought with our Quilted Cook & Carry. PIJ993-5T

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