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Our friends at Therm-O-Web have made some adorable Halloween decorations out of our Crossroads Denim. Which spooky character will you make?


Create Halloween Rag Dolls with Liquid Fabric Fuse

Therm O Web Heatn’Bond® Fusible Interfacing Therm O Web Fabric Fuse™ Liquid Adhesive
Amy Barickman Woody & Sam Pattern
Amy Barickman Crossroads Denim Collection: Charcoal Black, Metal Grey, Eggplant, Midtown Moss
Amy Barickman Vintage Made Modern Fabric Collection
Floss: DMC
Other: Buttons, Polyfill Fiber Stuffing
Two autumn characters to help your home get ready for the fall! Woody the Owl and Same the cat are created using Crossroads Denim along with fabric from the new Vintage Made Modern collection by Amy Barickman.
The adorable Woody & Sam pattern comes complete with all the actual-size template pieces needed to create both characters, as well as full step-by-step directions. I love how easy they are to sew, even for beginner sewers. And better yet, I love both the cat and the owl are made from the same base body shape, but with a few modifications for the tail and wings. Therm O Web’s HeatnBond® Fusible Interfacing makes raw-edge applique such as you see here an absolute snap. Simply follow the manufacturer directions on the packaging to iron-on all the individual body pieces before stitching in place. The HeatnBond® Fusible Interfacing adds strength and stability to the finished project, and keeps those small pieces in place so they don’t shift or slide during sewing.
And since I love Amy’s Crossroads Denim so much, I couldn’t resist making another fun fall project, this time a Halloween doll.
Mimsie the Mummy by Designer Audrey Pettit Supplies: Therm O Web Fabric Fuse™ Liquid Adhesive Amy Barickman’s Crossroads Denim Collection: French Vanilla Floss: DMC Other: Muslin, Cheesecloth, Black Felt, Buttons, Polyfill Fiber Stuffing, vintage millinery Primitive rag dolls are one of my favorite projects to make. I love to create dolls for the different seasons and holidays to add cheer to my home, and the best thing to me about rag dolls is they really don’t require any pattern. As a matter of fact, the more handmade and “primitive” these dolls are, the better.
Start by folding French Vanilla denim in half, with right sides facing. Trace pattern onto the fabric, or freehand cut a body shape from the fabric. Machine stitch circles of muslin fabric for the eyes, and then hand-stitch several stacked buttons onto the muslin for eye detail. Tear additional strips of denim fabric, enough to cover both the front and back body piece. Lay the strips across the body, lightly tacking them in place with Therm O Web Fabric Fuse™ Liquid Adhesive. Once the adhesive has dried, holding all the fabric strips in place, machine stitch down the center of each torn strip.
Adhere a small piece of black felt for the mouth using the Fabric Fuse™ glue. Trim around the edges of both body pieces.
Lay the body pieces together with right sides facing. Machine stitch around the body using an 1/4″ seam allowance, starting at a bottom corner and sewing around to the other corner, leaving an ~ 3″ wide opening. Clip the excess seam allowance about every 1/2″, making sure not to cut into the seam. Turn the doll right side out. Cut two long skinny rectangles of denim. Fold in half with right sides facing, and machine stitch down one end and along the long side. Turn the tubes right side out. Soak all body pieces in a coffee or tea stain and then allow the fabric to dry completely.
Stuff the mummy with polyfill fiber and then whip stitch the bottom opening closed. Pinch stitch a nose detail using embroidery floss. Add stitched detailed to the mouth with white embroidery thread. Stuff the ends of the tube arms with polyfill, and then hand stitch the arms in place.
Tie cheesecloth around the mummy’s neck, and cross the arms into a simple knot. Tuck millinery flowers into the arms. Enjoy!

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mandy on

I love the Pretty as a Flower design but all the bibs are adorable.

Janie on

Love the inclusion of purple in the owl and cat. The mummy looks great. Thank you for the inspiration!

Kathy E. on

I want to make everything in this post! Such fun projects! My favorite applique for the bib pattern is the monkey. All kids are little monkeys!

Sandi Johnson on

Love the design of the bib, so much easier than tying behind the neck! Really love the owl appliqué, it is so cute!

Deena Shepard on

Would love to win the bib pattern! My 8th grandchild is expected to arrive in February and it has been 8 years since #7 so I have no patterns in my stash after that many years but do have tons of scraps and a new embroidery machine!

Terri Rundlett on

I love the Owl Bib..I like how it closes in the front.. Cant wait to make some for my Grandkids!!

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