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Creating a purse that can handle your high demands requires more than fun fabric. It's what's inside that counts! So let's review which product is right for your perfect purse.

  1. Heavyweight Interfacing - (used in Lunch Bunch & Ruffled Revival) - this type of interfacing provides stability without too much weight, it's easy to sew through and not stiff. Perfect when you need a little more stiffness than cotton fabric can provide.
  2. Fleece - (used in Boulevard Bag & Petal Blossom Bag) - this product will give you a thicker layer between your fabric & lining than regular interfacing, but it's not too stiff. It comes in a fusible variety (but watch out for wrinkles - try fusing to lining!!) or non-fusible.  Perfect when you want a heavy duty thickness to your bag, but don't mind it being slouchy.
  3. Canvas/Cotton Duck - (used in Grommet Grab Bag & Crossover Carry-all) - this lightweight interlining product just adds a hint of body without overdoing it. Perfect to use with heavier fabrics such as ticking or decorator fabrics.
  4. Extra Heavy Weight Interfacing (or extra stiff interfacing) - (used in Ideal Duffle (bottom), Cinched Patchwork Purse (bottom), Woven Mosaic Purse & Grommet Wallet) - if you want stiff, this is your product. Can be harder to sew through, but when you want your purse to have extra stiffness this is the product for you. Perfect for structured bags & purse bottoms.
  5. Batting - (used in Grids & Grommets, Laptop Keeper & Serged Satchel) - if stability isn't required, this is your product. It softens the look while adding body to your bag.  It's just what you need is your planning on quilting the bag and is great for padding handles. It can (and often is) used in conjunction with other interfacing products. Perfect for quilted purses, soft bags and slouchy totes.
  6. Polyester Foam - (used in Tech Pocket & Portfolio & In-Style Suitcase Bag) - if you are looking for something in-between heavy interfacing & batting, this is your product. This product combines structure with softness.  When you want your bag to have structure but don't want a it to be hard and stiff, try using this product.

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Cheryl on

Dear Joannie,

Thank you for your inquiry. I would suggest contacting them directly. They know their designs best and should be able to point you in the right direction. Click here to visit their contact page. I hope that helps!!

Joan Mattoon on

I was given the Towne pattern by Lazy Girl; just recently; maybe it’s just me but I still don’t understand what is the batting or stabilizer or interfacing to use to make this the best. Thank-you Joannie

Tammy on

Great info and reference! ! Thanks for putting this all together, I love your site.

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