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Ampersand Designers & Abstract Collage

Ampersand Design and it's Playful Creators

Carrie Kiefer & Morgan Georgie are the creatively playful force known as Ampersand Design Studio. Besties for many years, their design collaboration is strongly influenced by a love for typography and glorious color! The motto “using handmade design to inspire play and fun” infuses joy into Carrie & Morgan's recent fabric collection, Abstract Collage, designed for Paintbrush Studio Fabric. It's an inspiring collection printed on soft, luxurious cotton - perfect for garments!

Kansas City Garment District Museum

The Kansas City Connection

It’s fitting that Ampersand Design Studio and Paintbrush Studio Fabrics are based in Kansas City and, as a KC rooted business ourselves, Indygo Junction is proud of our association with both companies. Kansas City has a history of leading in the fashion and textile arts. Our once thriving Garment District was second only to New York.

Indygo Junction patterns and Abstract Collage fabrics

Classic Indygo Junction With an Abstract Vibe

It's always exciting when gorgeous fabrics arrive on our doorstep! So, stitching up a few classic Indygo Junction designs in Ampersand’s Abstract Collage Collection was a natural for us. We picked a few of our favorites and blissfully gave them the “joie de vivre” of an abstract Ampersand vibe!

 Abstract Collage fabric & Indygo Junction Shirt Dress pattern

Shifting Into a Fabulous Dress

We started with our Essentials Shift Dress, a favorite of yours as well as ours. The Shift Dress is easy to stitch and fabulous for every occasion and we enjoyed deciding which Abstract Collage fabric to use!

Indygo Junction Shift Dress pattern

Ampersand’s Bump in the Road print in Black and White was perfect for a classic, yet fun and comfy Shift Dress.

Indygo Junction Shift Dress pattern

The sharp contrast of Black and White in the Bumps in the Road print means this dress can head to the office during the day or be dressed up to wear out at night.

Abstract Collage print and Indygo Junction Shift Dress pattern

For a totally different Shift Dress look, we chose the Collage print in soft, yet bold colors.

Indygo Junction Shift Dress pattern

With an eye towards Spring and Summer, we love the outcome of this fabric/pattern combination!

Indygo Junction Shift Dress pattern

Pair this dress with a light cardigan or jacket for now and wear it everywhere! The Shift Dress' simple, yet stylish neckline shows off the Collage print exquisitely!

Abstract Collage & Indygo Junction Easy Top & Tunic pattern

Makin' It Bright & Easy

Our Easy Top and Tunic pattern is best known for it’s ability to “play well with others”. And, it definitely plays well with the Abstract Collage Blocks print!

Indygo Junction Easy Top & Tunic pattern

Whether you need a casual look to wear with pants or something more office-ready over a slim skirt, the Easy Top and Tunic is your girl!

Indygo Junction Easy Top & Tunic pattern

Quick to stitch and easy to fit and wear, we love it sewn in the Abstract Collage Bright Blocks print.

Abstract Collage fabrics & Indygo Junction Petite Purse pattern

Playful, Pretty & Practical 

And, why should a practical purse be boring black or beige?

Indygo Junction Petite Stitched Purse pattern

Ampersand’s Bumps in the Road Multicolor print elevates our Petite Stitched Purse to designer level!

Indygo Junction Petite Stitched Purse pattern

Throw it over your shoulder with any of the Abstract Collage prints. You’ll have a head turning look that will add exuberance and joy to your every day tasks!

Abstract Collage Bumps in the Road & Scribbles

Sew Relaxing

At the end of the day, relaxation is oh-so-much-better in a gorgeous pair of our Slumber Party PJs. A perennial favorite design for us and our customers!

Indygo Junction Slumber Party PJs pattern

The soft hand of Paintbrush Studio Fabrics is just right for bedtime and we couldn't settle on just one print! So, we paired Ampersand’s Bump in the Road Multicolor with PJ pants stitched in Blush Pink Scribbles and we’re in cozy love.

Indygo Junction Slumber Party PJs pattern

The look, the comfort and the indulgent softness of these beautiful Abstract Collage fabrics add up to everything you need for a great night’s sleep!

Ampersand Abstract Collage for Paintbrush Studio

Thank you Ampersand, for a wonderful collection. It's just the kind of sewing inspiration we totally enjoy!

Learn more about Ampersand Design Studio on their web site.

Learn more about the Abstract Fabric Collection on the Paintbrush Studio Fabrics web site.

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