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At Indygo Junction, we adore aprons. Currently we carry more than a dozen different styles. How do you choose which pattern to use? Rock a smock that flatters your figure. Many of our adjustable aprons dazzle on different body types. Take the Lucy & June Apron (IJ824), with an ultra-flattering ‘40s and ‘50s feminine silhouette that slips over the head and ties at the waist. The angled lines of our In-Over-Your-Head Apron (IJ836) gives a slimmer appearance and hourglass shape.

Several of our styles bring out the best in a certain body type. For a killer cover-up, avoid horizontal stripes and shiny fabrics. Opt for dark colors when possible. Petite? The vertical trim on Our Rick Rack Apron (IJ872) slims and lengthens your frame. Slim hips? Accentuate curves with the Classic Coverall (IJ793) or the Afternoon Tea Apron (IJ837). Bottom-heavy? The wrap-dress style of our One-Yard Overlap Apron (IJ903) emphasizes a slim top-half while camouflaging generous hips and thighs. Full-figured? Streamline your shape with the Mock Smock (IJ819). Top-heavy? The flared hems of our The Ruffled Chef (IJ809) and Bon Appetit Apron (IJ715) balance a bigger bust. Bottom line: Choose the pattern that you like best. When it comes to confidence, one size fits all. Want to see more aprons? Watch our trunk show video on vintage-inspired aprons in our How-To section.

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DebbieLynn on

Gorgeous designs, they provide great coverage while cooking and flattering too. : )

Glenda on

Great idea for a post! Very helpful in thinking about making aprons as gifts too…

Sandy Erdman on

Love this since I am a speaker, writer, designer, curator and lover of over 1000 old & new aprons. Faciltator of the Winona Apron Group with over 500 online members and over 400 postal members. Thank you…very informational.

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