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This contest has ended. Congratulations to Mary Sue W. who is the lucky winner! It may be hot and humid now, but in a few short months the evenings will start getting chillier. Normally I would either layer wool socks or try to patch my holey slippers, but no more! This year I will be making my own Bedtime Boots to keep my tootsies toasty. IJ1122-2T What kind of slipper will I make? Well, I'm not sure - there are so many options. I"ll probably go with a classic quilted cotton. This double layer of fabric will be cushy and cozy, and is a great opportunity to work with some fun novelty fabrics. Below you can see a pair we made with our new Vintage Made Modern collection from RJR Fabrics, which is being released in September. IJ1122-6T I could also use a double sided fabric like fleece or a lovely, soft sherpa to make my boots. This method is super quick and easy - just a few seams and your done! IJ1122-4TThe fun thing about these boots is they can be made out of anything - even some old sweaters that you have. Wash those wool sweaters to create a felted material and make some recycled boots. Notice how we used the ribbing of the sweater for the cuffs of the slipper? IJ1122-3TThis giveaway has ended.  

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Jennifer Kaplan on

I think I’d recycle an old sweater or a fleece top.

DianeY on

Such a cute pattern! I think I’d make the quilted ones

DianeY on

Such a cute pattern! I think I’d make the quilted ones with the fleece lining

Mary Sue Wysocki on

I have some of two sided sherpa fabric left from another project so I would use that first.

Carol Horn on

I have 9 grandchildren, so I would have to use all your methods for making these fantastic slippers… That way they will each have a pair that is different!

Laurie on

The double quilted fabric looks perfect for Christmas gifts!

Vicki Fox on

I think fleece would make these so cozy and warm. What a great idea for Christmas gifts! Thanks for the chance to win a free pattern.

Cindy Burris on

I would use the felted sweaters to make my booties.

Julie K on

I love the idea of using sherpa or a super-soft fleece. I see lots of these under the tree as gifts this Christmas!

Beth Glasas on

I would love to do a pair of sherpas. It is cold here in the evenings in the winter here in AZ. I think they would also make super Christmas presents!

Marjory W on

I like the idea of sherpa boots.

Debbie Erzar on

I would love making these with an old sweater! My feet are always cold!

Christi Todd on

Oops! Not enough coffee yet! I meant to say “flannel on the OUTSIDE”

Cynthia Lanahan on

clever idea!!!!

Christi Todd on

I think I would make a pair made out of flannel on the inside and quilters cotton inside. Very cute! And toasty warm all winter!

Rene Bolton on

I would probably use my cotton fabric since I have quite a stash to choose from! What a cute idea!

Antoinette on

This is going to make a great holiday gift for family and friends.


I would make these with fleece for Christmas gifts.

mel on

I’d make a fleece pair first.

Cher on

I love this pattern! I think I would use quilted fabric – they look like a quilt for your feet!

Sally Crawford on

I think I would like to make the vintage style boots. They just look so comfy!

Donna King on

I think I would use a quilted fabric with a fleece trim; the best of both worlds.

Kitten on

In Northern Minnesota, fleece lined with woodsy prints on the outside would be the perfect combination.

anne on

I’d make them in a fabric that cat fur doesn’t stick to, and line them in fake fur – I get cold ankles, so slippers that cover them are very welcome :-)

It was snowing near my house on Sunday (I live in Australia), so I’d be making them now!

Jane on

Love the idea can’t wait to try with my felted wool.

Nancy on

I would use the double faced quilted fabric for my first pair because I have some in my stash.


They would be great for Chirstmas gifts for my nieces

jean on

Love this pattern, the range of sizes is great.

Carol RAmsey on

I would make the first pair with the double-sided fleece because I NEED SOMETHING WARM! Then I would proceed to make them for my entire family for Christmas. I can’t think of a better gift!

Lois Van Haaften on

I love the boots! I would love to make them for my Daughter-in-law and my Granddaughter. Maybe even my husband.
His feet are always cold in the winter.

Tricia Nolen on

I love the Bedtime Boots. I think I’ll try the recycled sweater for my first pair. Of course I am certain I will try all 3 techniques. I so hope I WIN!

Susan Spiers on

So great for my daughter & granddaughter who live in a up north!

Jackie on

Where I live we measure snow in feet not inches, and I am always cold. hboots would be perfect to keep my feet warm on cold winter nights.

Deborah Goudreau on


Carol on

I think repurposing sweaters is a fantastic idea, which is what I would do for gifts. Any extras will be given to drives for the less fortunate, my head is spinning just thinking of all the extra fabric I have now to make for a worthy cause. Thanks!

Katharine Jenkins on

I like the idea of recycling sweatshirts for making the slippers.

Denise B. Yanus on

I would start with quilted, cotton fabric – but that would just be my first pair!

jean on

felted wool

ChrisK on

Slippers for everyone! So comfy when the sun drops and I’m too stubborn to start the heater. Definitly a couple pairs for my in-laws who live No. Dakota any of my family with feet probably stuffed with hot chocolate packets and cookies, or assorted sample sizes of foot creams.

Dawn Hollingsworth on

I think I’d make some fun Christmas slippers. Or, maybe, use some old sweaters. Or… ;)

pat crump on

I would use a combo of quilted fabric and recycle old jeans and sweaters.

Kathy on

I will try the fleece & “sherpa” lined versions

Debbie M on

I think the felted sweater method would be a great use of old wool sweaters that don’t fit any longer or possibly the shaggy fleece as I have lots of scraps from previous projects.

Lindsay on

I would make some booties with quilting cotton lined with cozy fleece.

Lisa Barber on

I would use the quilted cotton for a pair of slippers that I would use in the fall and then I would make a pair using double sided fleece for the winter. Thanks for the great giveaway.

Sharon Harmon on

I would recycle sweatshirts and also quilted fabric. Love this pattern. It would be a great gift for my 7 grandchildren.

Lind on

I would probably make something really toasty like fleece inside with something non slip out. I tend to be a clutz! LOL

carolee c. on

I would use the double sided fleece -so soft and fluffy!

Debbie Miller on

I would try a felted sweater pair of booties first because I have a few sweaters that I felted and have not used yet.

LadyD on

Suede on the outside, fleece inside.They would be very cozy… but I do have to consider the safety issue, so something with traction on the soles…

Kirsten on

Sequined georgette!

Just kidding. I would use cotton sweatshirt fleece.

jane d on

I’d make some from quilted cotton! These are so cute!

Kirsten on

I would make these from sequined Georgette!

Just kidding. I’d like to make these from cotton sweatshirt fleece.

Wendy on

I would definitely go with cotton. I’ve got some really cute stuff that would look great in this pattern

Mary on

The Sherpa boots look toasty warm for Colorado mornings and then some fleece ones for the grands!

Ali Martinez on

I would make them out of minky because I love the feel of it.

Brenda on

I like the double quilted fabric slippers as I have so much of this fabric in my stash. It would be a new idea for its use. Would make great gifts for the kids and for myself. I have the coldest feet in the winter. Have a bit of fur I could use as well. Love the pattern idea!!!

Linda Gagliano on

I would use a pretty knit fabric I have, lined with a quilted cotton for sturdiness, and rubber on the bottom. I’m always ruining socks so something like this would be a good idea for me.

KyKwilter on

I really love the idea of using fleece. However, this would be a super opportunity to use some fabrics in my stash for pieced and quilted boots. (Hmmm, Christmas is right around the corner, maybe matching Christmas stockings?)

Ellen on

I would use recycled wool for warmth, with flannel or fleece inside for myself. For kids, fleece with flannekl or minky inside. And leather bottoms for everyone; non-skid!

Rita DeCook on

I get cold feet very easily in the winter here in East Tennessee. I would make some out of fleece, lined with flannel.

Barbara on

Fleece and Sherpa.

Barbara on

I would definitely use fleece and Sherpa.

Lori M. on

I love the warmth of fleece, but I would love to recycle some old sweaters…..

Kelly Criss on

I would have to quilt my own. I’ve been looking for a pattern like this for ever. I love them. I’m tempted to purchase before the winner is announced. Lol

Susan Tharp on

Mom loves teddy bears. I will make her a pair with a tan faux fur trim and some paw print or bear print dark brown fabric.
Then, I would make a pair for myself. Using the same tan faux fur trim for mine, I then would use a fabric with kitty cats for the bottom foot part. Fun stuff!

Sharon Haas on

I could recycle some of my old blankets and bedspreads into some!

Cindy Scollard on

I have some old jeans that I set aside to do … something with. My first pair would be some of this fabric with a soft flannel lining. After that, the possibilities are endless! A chance to use some of my fun novelty fabric. Fall fabric for September, jack-o-lanterns for October, etc., etc.!

Judy W on

I would use double sided fabric so I can finish faster. I would like to make some for my grandchildren.

Gerry Jones on

Fleece with a non slip base of some kind.

Beth L. on

I have a lot of quilted fabrics I was going to use for tote bags but never did. They would be perfect.

Christina Gonzalez on

I would love to make the double quilted slippers with patterns that tie to each family member.

Indygo Junction Staff on

Great idea!

Indygo Junction Staff on


Indygo Junction Staff on

Hi Judy! This particular pattern only has adult sizes, but next week we will be showing the sleeptime slippers which have kids’ sizes. Maybe you will win both!

Indygo Junction Staff on

What a great idea – you know we love upcycling denim, we will have to try it with the boots!

Mary Jane Munley on

I would like to quilt some fabrics and use the results to make the slippers. They would really be appreciated by a charity group I sew with. We would send them to an Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Cindy Scollard on

I love the idea of giving them as gifts stuffed with appropriate goodies. Thanx for the idea!

tac on

Double quilted fabric sounds great.

Chris Victorsen on

I would make a pair out of wool with a faux shearling lining. I am in Minnesota and would love something to keep my tootsies warm in our long winters!

Chris Victorsen on

I would make a pair out of wool with a faux shearling lining.

Indygo Junction Staff on

Matching boots and Christmas stockings are a fantastic idea! Send us a picture, we would love to see them!

Peggy on

I have yards (and yards) of soft flannel! I’d couple that with all my minky fabric and start making Christmas gifts RIGHT NOW!

homesteadcat on

I would use something soft and fuzzy. Comfort is the prime idea so I think your pattern says it all. I want to start making them now because it will soon be time to face the cold again.

stefanie on

Both – I’d make a lot of these!

Margaret on

Oh my gosh love this pattern! I was purging my closet but looks like now I will have to just move those things to the sewing room! I’d make mind out of sweaters.

Betty Fisher on

Brings back so many memories of my Grandmother using old quilts to make our slippers, without a pattern. I would enjoy making them for my Grandchildren, but I need a pattern, as I am not as talented as Grandma.

Nancy on

Fleece would be so nice and warm this winter.

Vicky Motter on

I would love to make a pair for my granddaughter to match her quilt that I am working on now as a Christmas present.

Jan G on

I would love to make the quilted version!! And I could do the up cycle old jeans for the outside!!

Gay Gremmel on

I love the idea of using sherpa – what a great idea for christmas presents!

Kit Flores on

I would try the prequilted fabric first since I have some small pieces in my stash. I would also try flannel and fleece for a very warm pair,

Cindy Karas on

I have so many grandchildren I can make two of each and still have a few left-I could probably be able to make some for my little four-legged ones from the scraps,their feet get cold on our walks-we live in NW Wis. and IT gets frigid and then some.

Julia on

Quilted fabric, lined with fleece for my daughter – her feet are always cold in the winter!

Mo on

I will be trying a double quilted fabric.
I might try to use a side frog and use the largest size for the instep to get them on easily

Helen on

I think I would try a lot of different fabrics!

Marty Askins on

I would do the double quilted cotton. This looks like a great pair of night time boots.

Judith Martinez on

I would use the upcycled wool sweater!

Elizabeth on

Fleece sounds easy and cozy

Rose C on

These would be great for toasty tootsies in felted wool, with maybe a needle felted design on the side.

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