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This contest has ended. Congratulations to Mary Sue W. who is the lucky winner! It may be hot and humid now, but in a few short months the evenings will start getting chillier. Normally I would either layer wool socks or try to patch my holey slippers, but no more! This year I will be making my own Bedtime Boots to keep my tootsies toasty. IJ1122-2T What kind of slipper will I make? Well, I'm not sure - there are so many options. I"ll probably go with a classic quilted cotton. This double layer of fabric will be cushy and cozy, and is a great opportunity to work with some fun novelty fabrics. Below you can see a pair we made with our new Vintage Made Modern collection from RJR Fabrics, which is being released in September. IJ1122-6T I could also use a double sided fabric like fleece or a lovely, soft sherpa to make my boots. This method is super quick and easy - just a few seams and your done! IJ1122-4TThe fun thing about these boots is they can be made out of anything - even some old sweaters that you have. Wash those wool sweaters to create a felted material and make some recycled boots. Notice how we used the ribbing of the sweater for the cuffs of the slipper? IJ1122-3TThis giveaway has ended.  

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Kathy Stonebarger on

Looking forward to nice warm flannel.

Gwen M on

These look really comfy, and I would enjoy making them!

Karen Alexander on

I have some buttery deer hide I could use for mine!

Debbie Parker on

The pattern is the so perfect for the colder months. I would use fleece for my first pair since I have extra left over fabric. looks like i would have fun making these.

Denise Johnson on

I would make them out of fleece because I hate cold feet and mine are cold a lot. so the warmer the better.

Conna McHenry on

I think I would use the quilted cotton and make a pair for my sister. She loves slippers, all kinds of shoes really! I also have some old sweaters…your right it’s hard to choose.

Michelle on

I have some old sweatshirts hanging around. I think I would try to use those.

connie b on

a pair made with fleece would be so cozy in the winter

carol freburg on

I can never get through the signing up part, w. name, password, email etc.
The same thing happens w Crafty.
hTis happens on any free offer.
what should I do?

Janie on

Wow….really comfy! Great for everyone!

Betty S. on

I would use some kind of insulated fabric to make them as warm as possible. I always wear socks to bed in the winter. I also have some ribbing from knit sewing and would use that too.

Debbie Parker on

The pattern is so perfect for the colder months. I would use fleece for my first pair since I have extra left over fabric. Looks like i would have fun making these.

Mary Dowell on

I would use the double quilted fabric. I think they look so warm and cozy.

Norine on

I would love to make these for running around the house: Super fun and cozy! I cant wait to make them to match my PJ’s. Maybe even a pair to match my winter coat ~ and certainly for gifts!. I hope I win the pattern.

Elizabeth on

These look great. I think they would be great for gifts, so I would likely make many versions customizing them to each person. For myself, I would love to try re-purposing some sweaters!

Sandra Gray on

I could really use new, comfy slippers! I love quilted cotton and would make my first pair from that fabric. Maybe another pair out of fleece. The ideas are endless!

Indygo Junction Staff on

Hi Carol,
I’m sorry you are having trouble entering, although you have left a comment, so that is actually all you really need to enter this particular giveaway. Maybe your browser doesn’t work with Rafflecopter (the program we use for the giveaways) that well? At any rate you are entered into this giveaway and we’ll let you know if you are the lucky winner!

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