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We have hit that point in the summer where it is impossible to dress for all the weather. By that I mean the blazing heat outside and the freezing cold air conditioning inside. It's all about walking that balance between wearing something light but covered. If you know what I mean. Lucky for you, we have a solution! Have you tried our Bell Sleeve Blouse pattern? This breezy top can be made shirt or tunic length and when made out of a light cotton or rayon, is perfect for those hot/cold/hot days of summer.


We created this blouse with rayon from Amy Butler's Alchemy line. Rayon is a perfect fabric for this pattern because it has an excellent drape. I think it looks especially good in the sleeves. Do you work with rayon often?



What do you wear to get through the hot summer? Do you like a pullover top, or do you prefer a button down?

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Joan Mitchell on

I wear both button down and pull-over. Which one I prefer changes on any given day depending on my mood. Some days, I just don’t feel like messing with buttons…

Linda Phillips on

I think I would really like this blouse!! I am imagining it in different fabrics and colors!!!

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