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Good Morning and welcome to the Dimensional Denim blog tour! Today we kick off 10 days of dimensional projects, ideas and inspiration from some of the most creative minds on the internet. DImesional-Denim-CVR-Final-3 Amy was inspired to write this book while designing her Crossroads Denim line. Working with the denim we realized that we needed to create a pattern to take advantage of it's unique qualities. Denim is double-sided, textural and extremely rip-able. We wanted to use these properties in patterns that offer more than a flat surface, but add a three dimensional quality to your sewing projects. sw We chose 10 techniques that we thought could be applied to all sorts of projects; garments, home decor and accessories. The techniques are simple, but create a stunning look. Each technique has an accompanying project for you to create. But don't stop there! Our hope is that you take these techniques and incorporate them into other patterns and projects. scarf We were interested in how the techniques inspire other people, so we rounded up 10 of our creative friends for a little show and tell. Follow along with us for the next two weeks as we check out Dimensional Denim inspiration all over the web! ddcouch This Contest is Closed a Rafflecopter giveaway Blog Tour Schedule: 8/4 Kollbora 8/5 Amy Barickman 8/6 FishSticks Designs 8/7 Cool2Craft 8/8 The Sewing Loft 8/11 Nancy Zieman 8/12 Skip to My Lou 8/13 Inventive Denim 8/14 Whipstitch 8/15 Coats and Clark  

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Christine Craig on

I would love to make a bed quilt for my Grandkids room. I know the 11 year old will love it and the 8 year old will too.
Who knows what other techniques I will learn with the book. endless ideas I am sure!

Janet Gunther on

Good ideas!

Barbara Stickle on


Judy Brennan on

LOVE this new book. Would love to have a copy so I can use all the DENIM I have in my house and make into usable items!!!! Thanks, Amy.

Daisy Miller on

Looking forward to learning something new!

Robert F Brazell on

A great venue for creativity with one of the most long lasting fabrics there is and the most versatile. Love it.

Lyn on

So if I don’t win a copy … I am BUYING this book…
I love having ideas and patterns that I can peruse at my leisure… not that I have much Leisure time… but in the still quiet moments when I am able to Steal away from the busy day-to-day rush. when I can think and imagine and create….

BJ Marley on

I think I would just them in a jacket.

teri c on

Love the pillows.

Terri on

Live denim

amanda on

What a fantastic idea, I’ll certainly be looking out for the book, though it will be even better if I can win it!

Cindy Dahl on

I’d love to use some of that denim for home dec projects.

Tina on

Looking forward to this

joanne wisniewski on

Great technique

Sharon on

Thanks…I think I would use dimensional denim on bags, bowls and boxes.

Karen on

To make some new pillows!

Diane Laughridge on

I have been wanting to make a sampler/wall hanging that has squares of different dimensional fabric techniques. This sounds like the perfect inspiration for my project!

debra on

The book looks fabulous. I would use the techniques in sewing, crafting and quilting.

Karen L Walker on

I love these ideas, especially for kids and folk who like to play with textured fabric creations, such as pillows. I think all my grandkids would love a pillow made with denim textures.

Chris on

I love your patterns so can’t wait to see this book.

Keri on

Great ideas! Can’t wait to see more.

Cheri Raduenz on

I love working with denim and I know I would love this book!!

Nancy on

So many great denim ideas! Can’t wait to get the books and begin crafting!

Jacklynn Grimm on

I love the pillows – made from denim they will withstand anything! I also like turning denim wrong side out to get a change in color. Thanks for the give away!

Nancy Arenas on

I love to make purses and flowers-I think these techniques would add a whole new dimension to both.

Daisy Hovey on

I would love to make new pillows for my family room ! Great patterns !

brenda on

love the flower art work!

Judy Brennan on

LOVE the idea of having lots of ideas for denim in a book. LOVE your ideas, Amy. Would love a copy!!! Thans.

Jen K on

I’d use the techniques on pillows (because you can’t have too many cool pillows), on totes (because as a crafter you also can’t have too many cool totes) and hopefully on a jacket.

Deenie on


anne macklin on

I love sewing denim, especially jean skirts!

tiff w on

I have a virtual ton of denim to work with and would love to see what the triangle pattern on the cover is because I want to do that!!!

wendy on

I would love to make some of those wonderful pillows!

Meryl Samuels-Turner on

This looks like an awesome book!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on this so I can create projects with exciting denim textures.

Suzanne Rutherford on

Love these designs!

Cheryl on

Would love the book!!

Ellee on

A tote bag would be my first project followed by an assortment of throw pillows. After that, I’m sure I’d have lots more ideas of what to create.

Cindy Lanahan on

Like to make bags and pillows

Kim Lambertz on

Can’t wait to see this book! Hope I win one!

rhonda grallnick on

the book looks good.

Gayle on

Awesome, I have some used jeans. Looking for a project to use them with.

rhonda grallnick on

great book

Betty on

I have been saving old jeans forever and now I can make something, not only useful but, decorative.

Glenda Kyser on

To me there is no other fabric I’d rather have.
Denim is so versatile and lasting.

I think when God told the children of Israel to only wear garments of natural fiber; He must of had denim in mind! LOL

Glenda Kyser on

To me there is no other fabric I’d rather have.
Denium is so versatile and lasting.

I think when God told the children of Israel to only wear garments of natural fiber; He must of had denium in mind! LOL

Patricia on

Jackets, totes, zip pouches, hip bags….the possibilities are endless!

Barbara on

Great idea! I already like what I see.

Lauren on

I love that other shades of denim are available to sewists now.

Peg G on

Am currently teaching a denim class so I would love to learn some new techniques.

Rina Hovden on

Pillows, quilts, purses, anything that can be embellished!

Barb Gordy on

I want to make something for my grandkids. I think they would love something made from denim since it’s their favorite thing to wear.

Barb S. on

I would use Denim Dimensional techniques to make purses and scarfs

Donna Klug on

Love the ideas in this book! I would use the denim dimensions to make bags, pillows and to add embellishment to skirts and jackets for my grand daughters and myself!

Chris Lynch on

I can’t wait to try these techniques!

Elena Pérez Hervás on

Me parece un libro genial. Me encanta aprender cosas nuevas. Gracias

Joan Mitchell on

Would love to have a copy of this book and, of course the rest of the grand prize package too.

Carla on

I book is a great idea for me to know how else I can use the denim. The denim fabric is great to work with so other ideas in its use would be great.

Lori M. on

I have been recycling jeans into skirts, shorts, dresses, purses, diaperbags, tent, blankets, chair covers, carseat covers…Lots of things…I am always on the lookout for new ways in using denim, new and old…Thank you for the giveaway…

Donna Klug on

Love these ideas! I would use the denim dimensions on pillows, bags, skirts and jackets for my grand daughters and myself!

Anita Profitt on

would love to win a book , thanks for the giveaway.

Kathe Gardner on

Love re-purposing old clothes into something new and it’s always great to see new idea coming out.

Patty hutton on

looking forward to view the book.

Kit on

I have been saving old jeans and denim scraps for years. This book would provide inspiration for me to use some of this stash.

Judy Allen on

I haven’t sewn with denim and would love to give it a try.

Donna on

I would use these techniques on bags, kids clothes, and home dec.

Jada Hughes on

This would give me extra ideas. I’m always looking for ways to use up denim.

Marya on

Nice to see a book that manipulates denim!

Al on

Finally, my wife can do something with those left-over blue jeans

Susan S. on

Love this! I’m about to sew a denim vest or 2 and need some new ideas.

Susan on

Love this! I’m just getting ready to sew a denim vest or two and could use some ideas.

Judy S on

Love Denim! we have an ongoing thing – Mom do you need any more jeans? of course! would love to try even more things out of the denim I have collected.

Debra Bopp on

Great ideas! Would live to win!

Linda Oliver on

I love denim…..it will be interesting to see all the ideas in the book ….so many ideas for wearable art and for the home…

ms sam nicholson on

I have been collecting old jeans for six months!! Can’t wait to see some of your ideas!!

Deb E on

I love denim purses but the few I have are way too small. I would love to use some of these techniques to make a large denim purse or bag. Still wishlisted this book too.

Betty on

Love denim especially the bright colors!! It has now become a staple in home decor. ex. Junk Gypsies denim couch for TPB Love using/sewing with your books because of your detail and creative twists which are inspiring. Naturally, would love to win your new denim one!!


I will definitely make the woven pillow.

rita lindberg on

I love to work with denim, my Bernina does a wonderful job with it.


Colored denim! What a great idea. I’ve always loved the durability of denim and now we can do so many exciting things with color and dimension.

Helen on

Finally some fresh ideas for all the jeans I ’ve been stockpiling.

Judy on

I sew a lot of garments and have a great interest in fabric manipulation. Seems like these techniques would add greatly to my knowledge!

Susan Hansen on

I’m so intrigued with this new design concept using denim. Not a fabric I consider very often. I’d love to learn more!

Jan G on

This is sew much fun!!! Thank you can’t wait to see all the fun projects they come up with!!! Thank you sew much Jan

Linda Kernodle on

I would use it to make accent pillows and to add design elements to jackets. It would be fun to make a quilt using the techniques.

Mary Reisdorph on

I have been collecting old jeans for quite some time. I m going to love your blog for some new ideas.

Harriet on

These are great techniques for a denim quilt.

Sue on

Love this new book. Can’t wait to try some new pillows that will stand up to child’s play!!!

Joyce on

Love working with denim…made several raggy quilts and several bags. Would love to add some texture to the already cool denim for NEXT time.

Pat on

I love working with denim and can think of many ways I can use it and many things I can make.A purse or a vest are things I love to make and use.

Cheryle on

I am looking forward to using up my old denim jeans for something creative or just to renew them with some sharp designs

Shelley L on

I love that denim!

Mary Reisdorph on

I have been collecting jeans for some time now. I am going to follow for some new ideas

Mary Reisdorph on

I have been collecting jeans for some time. I have two quilts in the works. Some new ideas will be great

Susan on

I love using textures in garments such as vests and jackets……a denim jacket could be fun.

Cecilia on

I would make the pillows.

Ginger on

That scarf is cute!

Susan on

I love doing folded work for texture. This would be fun in a quilt

Jane on

The Crossroads Denim is so luscious. This book would be a great way to utilize it!

Nancy Myers on

I like incorporating dimensional techniques in sewing projects when I can. I also have many denim jeans waiting to be used. Would be happy to win a book. Thank you.

Janey on

Having raised 7 sons, we have a few pieces of denim left over. Would love this book to see what we can do with what we have. Wahooo!!!!

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