Looking for a new embroidery project? Look no further. Land That I Love celebrates our state pride in stitches. Watch the video below!

This book makes designing your own embriodery easy. Each state has designs to stitch that make each state special. 

Home is where your heart is --or where your state pride resides! Now you can accent your home with modern yet classic stitchery. Each state is represented with line art and instructions on how to trace and transfer artwork right from the pages of this book. Create your own personalized designs to embroider for your home or for gift-giving. 120 pages chalk full of inspiration and designs for every state. These projects work up perfectly with our Crossroads Thread; embroidery floss and pearl cotton work well too.




Watch & learn to customize your embroidery!

Make it your own

With the Land That I Love book you can make your favorite state the center of attention. 

This Ohio towel is done with red work for simpler stitching; only one color required! Note that a heart and star pattern are provided to identify your favorite towns or landmarks. We also added the Ohio State University pennant. This is one great way to show team spirit.

In this Missouri Towel we used 2 colors to outline in University of Missouri colors as another way to share team spirit! See the thicker border which is achieved using multiple threads from Crossroads 12 weight spools and a chain stitch. The chain stitch is a favorite because it is so easy! See how to stitch it in this video: Crossroads Embroidery Series: Learn the Chain Stitch

For each of the 50 states you’ll find unique line art:

Design your state with several style and size options 

Create towels with state shapes, birds or flowers.

Add university & college pennants

Stitch iconic motifs that distinguish each state’s culture and community

Check out this close up of the Texas towel we shared in the video; it shows some of the different stitches and fonts to choose from in this book.


Don't miss our embroidery video series

Want to learn the basics of hand embroidery or need a refresher course? Be sure to visit our YouTube channel to watch our Crossroads Embroidery Series. We cover the basics of hand embroidery, transfer methods and stitch tutorials. Subscribe to our channel so we can let you know when we have new videos in this series. What state do you love? And what Land that I Love projects will you be stitching up? Use the hashtag #landthatiloveembroidery to share them with our community! We can't wait to see! You can read more about the vintage inspiration for this book at Amy Barickman's Studio.

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Indygo Junction on

Hi Marlene,

This book is already available for sale on our website at the link below. This book does include all 50 states so that you can make any state you want and even mix and match. If you just want a single state you can buy them on our Indygo Junction Etsy page also linked below. Thank you for taking the time to comment on our blog.


Marlene thompson on

When will book be available?

Marlene thompson on

Is there a book of all the state’s as to use as gifts that live in other states?

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