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Chloe, our studio cat, is very outspoken about what she does and doesn't like. She doesn't hesitate to tell us if she doesn't care for a design or fabric, but is super affectionate if she is pleased with our work. One of our most popular products with Chloe? Our Crossroads Denim fabric! chloechair1 copy Here Chloe tests the denim on a chair in the office which uses Periwinkle, Soft Aqua, Downtown Teal and French Vanilla Crossroads... chloechair2 copy And it gets the seal of approval! chloechair3 copy She also enjoys a pouf, this one in Soft Aqua and Mustard Seed Crossroads Denim. Do you have a sewing helper in the form of a 4 legged friend? Send us pics of your furry friends "helping" you with your projects! Email Betsy@AmyBarickman.com

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Amanda on

I LOVE Chloe the cat!!!

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