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This contest has ended. Congratulations to Annette S. who was our lucky winner! This is a pattern we were all excited to see come to fruition - this one definitely falls under the fun & functional category! We started talking about this idea over the holidays last year as the Christmas cards started to come in. - and we started running out of places to put them! IJ1125CR-2T This Christmas Card Trees are a perfect place to stash - and show off - your Christmas Cards. Plus it takes very little room - just hang it on a door or wall!. We came up with two different tree designs. For the quilt lover, we designed a version that has pieced pockets. Half square triangles are a fun and simple way to add a little holiday pizzazz to the project. IJ1125CR-4T The tree is structured with a batting lining and has a hidden ring for hanging at the top. IJ1125CR-3T The other design option is to use clear vinyl for the pockets. We thought this would be a fun option so you can really see the cards. On this version we used a solid background of Crossroads Denim. IJ1125CR-6T On this version we also used buttons and appliqued circles to create the look of ornaments. This way the tree already looks cute before you have even added your cards. IJ1125CR-5T This contest has ended, thanks to all those who entered!

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Cindy on

Golly, I do have a ton of handmade holiday ornaments! Many of them were created by yours truly and the rest were created by my sisters, my mom, my aunts, my grandmothers—I come from a long line of crafters!

Jen K on

Not as many as I’d like. Still working on making more :-)

Judy Beebe on

I have lots of handmade stuff for just about every holiday. I would love to add this card holder to my cache.

Toni Leli on

Since I purchased an embroidery machine, I’ve made many free standing lace ornaments for our tree.

Peggy Phillips on

I love homemade things and have many treasures made by my son when he was little. He’s now 25. :-)

Cynthia Lanahan on

our Christmas decorations include wall hangings , table runners and quilts that I have made. our ornaments are those made by our sons.

Ann on

I do not have a lot of hand sewn ornaments, but I do have some machine sewn ornaments not embroideried. They are fun to make with I have the time to sew on small things.

Anna on

I like to make a new holiday decoration every year. And I try to start early so i can be ready by mid November

Tina Rainer on

Love this Christmas card holder. The clear vinyl pockets are great. Would love to win this pattern..

Cynthia on

I try and make ornaments every other year for my family and friends. I start working on them in July,So yes I have quite a few- lol, but I also give away a lot of them. I like to tie them on the top of packages. But I have also made pillows ,table toppers etc for them .

Beth L. on

I have lots of homemade ornaments. This year I am making them using wool applique for my ornaments.

Joanne Dillon on

Love the color combinations. Will make a wonderful addition to Christmas decor

Sherry Fram on

We have handmade ornaments, garland, wreath, table runners, tree topper, wall decor, porch decor & various others.

Anna Konuch on

I am a new sewer/Quilter: love homemade ornaments! excited to learn!

Nicki slater on

I have tons of handmade ornaments from mine and my husbands childhood. So I guess all of mine are vintage! Some are ugly but they’re pretty priceless.

Shelly S. on

I have a few handmade ornaments, including one I made in elementary school (I am now 51). Love the card holder pattern, although I usually makes trees pink!

Cathy McClellan on

Love it!

kathe on

Thanks for the giveaway.

Arlene on

This is very cute!!


I do have a lot of handmade Christmas ornaments. I love handmade ones. I need to make more this year.

Elizabeth on

I have made a lot of handmade holiday decorations.

Susan Spiers on

This is such a handy Christmas display! Great giveaway! Thank you

Linda on

Cute design, I have some home made Christmas ornaments my kids made.

Kathy on

Most of my ornaments are handmade.

Michele on

I have many handmade ornaments — some are gifts from friends, others made by my family or me. Decades worth of memories!

MS Barb on

YES! Thanks to grandsons, & Great Nieces & Nephews…and, a few I made!

Leanna Morris on

I have some handmade decorations.

connie b on

Making hand made gifts is a passion of mine. All my friends and family know they will receive something hand made and they can’t wait to see what it is. I have things my boys made when they were in grade school and I cherish them.

michelle f. on

i was thinking this would make a great way to display the pictures taken every Christmas with the kids (now 31 & 27) on santa’s lap.

Marguerite Namdar on

Yes I’ve made handmade ornaments, I try to make them special as a giveaway to family members

Melanie on

I have made several tabletop runners, ornaments, wall quilts, and so on. Our children have made ornaments and various other handmade Christmas items, especially when they were young.

Jane Luxenberg on

Sorry, answered wrong question. I do have MANY handmade holiday decorations made by my son in pre and public school. Also have many purchased at school, church, synagogue and other craft fairs.

Jane Luxenberg on

I do not celebrate Christmas but my friends do. Any shape with clear pockets makes a great, easy to change, photo display. Thinking appliqued large tree wall quilt. Family Tree with photos.

June on

Love this, plan to make a tree skirt for my niece for hr wedding gift. This would go perfect with it!

Suzanne Jankowski on

I don’t have a lot of handmade holiday ornaments yet. I am building my stash. This Christmas Tree Cardholder would look great on the wall in my entryway.

Pam K on

I love to have homemade items for the holidays. They are favorites among the family and friends and bring back special memories.

Connie Cain on

Most of my handmade Christmas stuff is from my kids when they were in school. :)

tac on

I try to make at least 1 new handmade decoration each year so I do have a few.

Barbara on

I have several handmade decorations. Many are counted cross stitch and several quilted items such as table toppers and quilts.

Vanessa on

I love it!!

Marya on

Most of my ornaments and decorations are hand made. My goal is 100%!!! This Christmas card holder would be a great addition!

Betty Fisher on

what a wonderful way to display cards or even those pictures of friends and family we receive at the holidays

Lori M on

I have quite a few. Ornaments, tree skirts, table runners and toppers. Most of what I made through the years have been given away as gifts. We recently had to close up my parents home and all the ones that I made for my parents through the years I shipped home to pass them down to my sons.

Kris Tapper on

Most of our decorations are handmade. We have family members who sew, quilt, crochet, papercraft, do photography, are woodworkers, oil paint, and the list goes on! We are obsessive crafters…….

Stacey Smith on

I absolutely Love the card holder. What a great Idea!!!

Karen Jones on

I use a Christmas box right now but would love to make one out of this pattern!

Michelle Hatley on

This is something i don’t have. Thanks for the chance to win.

Barbara Reifsnider on

I have several handmade decorations. Many of them are cross stitch but I also have many quilted items such as table toppers and quilts.

Jolene Ehret on

I used to have decorate alot, but now that I am older and kids are all grown and gone I don’t fuss so much any more. Have a small table top tree that I setup for the Christmas season. Put a wreath on the door and that is about it.
LOL! Not many folks send out Chtistmas cards any more. Kind of sad…

Cheri Hage on

Yes ! We have a felt pine tree shaped ornament that is stuffed with needles from the first Christmas tree my husband and I had :) We added ornaments that our kids made and these we treasure !

Miss Sam Nicholson on

I love these Christmas card trees!! I always have trouble with cards hanging them everywhere, these would solve that problem!! Hope I win!! I only have homemade ornaments and decorations for Christmas!

Miss Sam Nicholson on

I love these Christmas card trees!! I always have trouble with cards hanging them everywhere, these would solve that problem!! Hope I win!!

Robyn Conners on

I am in the process of making holiday decorations! I have never made anything for myself. I keep giving things away :-/
Thanks for the giveaway!!

Suzanne Tharp on

I have several. One is a quilted yo-yo wreath. I took it to my quilt club and they all applauded. I was embarrassed, but it made my day:)

Kaitlin cuartes on

I Love all of things handmade.I believe crafting for Christmas is one of the more joyous holidays,and these Christmas trees are perfect.

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