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When we were working on our new line of patterns we tried to think of the most comfortable, but flattering garment. Of course, a Classic Caftan came to mind! It's such a great wardrobe staple. Easy to wear, easy to layer and it always looks chic.



The Classic Caftan comes in two lengths, a mid-hip and tunic length. We like pairing the mid-hip with jeans and wearing the tunic with leggings. The tunic length would also work well as a bathing suit cover-up in the summer.




The caftan comes with two facing options, an inside facing (seen above on the right) and a contrast facing (seen above on the left). The contrast facing adds that much more detail to the caftan, and can even act as a wonderful canvas for embroidery designs.




The caftan looks best when made with a double sided fabric, because the garment is open on the sides and you may be able to see the wrong side. We have had great luck using rayon batiks, as seen above and below. The striped samples we made are woven shot cottons. You could also use regular quilting cotton or knits, provided they are solids. Linens would be gorgeous too!



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Janie on

I would probably wear it layered with a short jacket on top. Thank you for the inspiration.

Deena Shepard on

Tunic length! Always.

Susan Lloyd on

Linen would be great, also thinking a little heavier weave, as long as it has a nice drape.

Barbara on

I would probably style the caftan with a solid color and definitely the longer length, maybe do some machine embroidery on it.

Joan on

Would love to make a caftan to wear on the coming cooler weather

Jacquie on

Love it! I have a green boucle knit I think I would use for this

Jan G on

I would love to make this as it would work for all seasons..I could make it for Spring, Summer, Fall and winter! Would love to make this caftan it is just my style!! Thank you sew much for the chance to win!

Judith Martinez on

I would wear it as a layering piece with a fabulous necklace.

Carla Johnson on

Looks very comportable.

Ellen on

I can see making several and wearing them a lot.

Diane on

would love this pattern

Cynthia Lanahan on

Love the layered look. simple and fun

Suzanne on

I would love to make it in the longer length, with the contrasting facing. It would be a great way to feature a really beautiful fabric.

Diana Ozgur on

I would love to make this caftan with a small stand up collar in denim.

Marjory W on

I would make the longer version, and I saw some fabric at a local fabric.sewing shop today that would be perfect—a soft, drapey knit with texture.

Dalene on

I would make it long enough to be a tunic. I would use linen and add some machine embroidery to the placket for sure. I might try to lengthen the sleeves too and add some embroidery around the sleeves and hem.

MaryAnn B on

This is so cute would make great gifts and I would wear with jeans or leggings

Linda Fuchs on

Would make the longer length to wear with jeggings.

savedbyhim on

Definitely would use my colorful batiks with intricate and symbolic patterns from Australia to make this in tunic length to wear it layered with solid-hue items underneath.

Samantha on

Looks so comfy. I think a rayon batik would be fun.

Jaimn on

I would style this for my mom – she’s having a hard time with clothes that close, and we’ve just discussed getting into more easy garments with kimono type robes and vests for easy layering, that would allow movement and be easy dressing. This is perfect for that!! Thanks for the opportunity to create something stylish, and not frumpish. :)

Cynthia Allen on

I LOVE THIS! I’d use a medium to lightweight solid colored linen for a trans-seasonal top to wear here in Arizona!!

Leanne Gifford on

I would make tunic length, but not quite as long as the pattern, with traditional facing and full side seams. Made with a light weight wool to wear over a turtleneck to stay warm this winter.

Lisa Barber on

I make the caftan using a rayon batik in tie dye colors. Thank you for the great giveaway.

Ellen R. on

I would love to make this with a nice purple batik for fall.

Kim Q on

I’m thinking the tunic length using a sweater knit…what could be cozier?


Now this looks like my style, good fro covering up all my imperfections!

Lisa Coles on

Tunic length for sure. I have some knit fabric in my stash that would be perfect for this!

Lisa Coles on

Tunic length for sure. I have some great knit fabric in my stash that would be perfect for this!

Antoinette on

This would be perfect with a pair over a long sleeve tee or turtleneck with a long skirt and a pair of riding boots.

Kirsten on

I would make this knee length, out of lightweight linen, maybe adding a ruffle, or a sharktail hem to wear as a summer frock.

Sandi on

Tunic length for me.

Sandi on

I would make the longer tunic and wear with jeans. I love the pattern.

Linda on

This would look great in Cotton and steel or batiks.

Lynn on

I’d go with the tunic length in purple, aqua and teal fabric with a contrasting packet. I love this pattern – it reminds me of a life long ago and far away when I was much younger and hipper! :D

Saundra M on

I would make it longer and wear it as a dress.

Alice B on

You could really make it any length. For me it would be a longer tunic.

sandra pipitone on

would love to make a dozen Tunics/ pocket cause I’m great=granny

Jill on

I would make the caftan out of a really beautiful print with subdued pastels.

Lorraine on

Catan tops are so versitil! Love the tunic length!!!

Donna on

I’d make the caftan version to wear with jeans this winter. Thanks for the giveaway.

Barb Skinner on

OH, I can see so many possibilities using wide decorative ribbons on the contrasting facing, vintage lace trim or hand embroidery.

anna mills on

I love it! All versions. No reason not to make them all.

Vanessa on

Ooh, even prettier this time around—a lot of possibilities!!

Lori M. on

Classic I say..Floor length is the way to go….

Kathy on

I like the tunic length to wear w/ leggings.

Pattie on

I love this pattern. So easy going ! And lose fit! Love it!

Linda on

I would make the tunic length caftan with a contrast facing maybe in a very light weight denim with embroidery on the facing.

Sharon Haas on

I’d love to make a couple to wear at home over sweaters so I could hold my dog without getting a sweater covered in dog hair!

cd on

I love this pattern, especially the longer length. Cotton, or anything that drapes well would be a winner!

PamB on

I would make the longer length and add some embroidery to the facing.

Chris on

Love the longer style. Would shop for neat fall fabric and wear a long sleeve t under like the one model. Great for cover.

LadyD on

I would make mine long – ether mid thigh or perhaps longer. Adding some pretty trim at the neckline and edges of the sleeves would give a little contrast without being too much… and yes, I would require at least one pocket – perhaps two on each tunic-length caftan. This top would go nicely with either skirt or jeans.

ChrisK on

This is the kind of quick easy make that can be dressed up or down. A clear easy pattern that sews up in a myriad of ways to cover any sewing situation. I can definitely see this as my go to pattern.

Margaret on

I like the purple tunic but with an embroidery accent.

lorraine m in sfv on

Spring prints – white background – lots of colorful flowers

Betty Fisher on

Having lost excessive weight, I find fitting my tops is difficult and this would do the job. I also feel it can be just the right weight for over a blouse when you get a little chill.

Carla G on

I’d make it in a longer tunic length. And wear with blue jeans for our cooler falls. :)

Peggy on

I’ll be making a few of these in bright batik prints to wear with jeans – I prefer the tunic length and can’t wait to get started on my first one! Not sure yet if I’ll do contrast facing or not …. I’ll let my fabrics guide me. :-) Love this pattern!

Margaret on

I would do the garment in the tunic length in a more cold weather fabric to go with turtleneck and leggings. It is a really cute, versatile pattern.

Julia on

I read in your style suggestions about embroidery and since I have an embroidery machine, I would love to embroider it with sparkly and metallic thtreads

Linda Nelson on

Jeans and boots would make this a great work outfit…and then go right into the evening!

Mary on

It looks so comfortable and with a Colorado winter coming, it would be great for layering!

Alison S on

Would be great for the upcoming summer when we spend so much time at the pool

CJ on

this is a cute pattern, looks fun to make & wear. I would love to make it in a linen fabric, adding a flat braid trim around the neck.
All the best to you Amy

Jennifer Brooks on

I would start off as a swimsuit coverup, and then make blouses to wear all the time. Great looking pattern!

Jenny in Florida

Jeanette Slaymaker on

Definitely rayon batik – my favorite – skinny jeans and an awesome necklace.

Cynthia MInor on

I have been looking for a great swimsuit cover; this could be IT !

Cynthia MInor on

I’ve been looking for a great swimsuit cover; this could be IT!

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