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Clearly Organized!!

There’s something about a new year that makes us want to organize! At Indygo Junction, we’ve found our best organizing tool is clear vinyl. We can put it all away, but still see where it is! 

 Indygo Junction Clearly Cute Beauty Cases pattern

Clearly Tidy Cases

We love our beauty products, but oh, how we hate the way they leak! In the suitcase, in our purses and totes and in the bathroom drawers. You, too? Then you’re going to love our Clearly Cute Beauty Cases!

Indygo Junction Clearly Cute Beauty Cases pattern

The designs are perfect for travel, but fabulous in your bath or bedroom, too. Two sizes are easy to stitch and fill with the essentials you need!

Indygo Junction Clearly Cute Beauty Cases

The larger size, at 11-1/2” x 8”, is great for travel! It’s ample size means you’ll be able to pack just one case full of travel size essentials.

Indygo Junction Clearly Cute Beauty Cases pattern

For your purse, tote and home bath drawer, sew several smaller 7 ½” x 6” Clearly Cute Cases. One for out of the house with a little makeup, lip gloss and anything else you may need. Two or three for the bath so you can sort make up, hair and skin care into their own easy to see pouches!

Indygo Junction Clearly Cute Beauty Cases pattern

No vinyl involved, but our insulated hot iron holder will clearly revolutionize your hair care storage in a most amazing way! Done with your curling or flat iron? Pop it into your new holder and you’re ready for the day. No cool down time required! There’s a wrap around pocket for the cord on one side and space to hold a brush on the other. The pattern is included in our Clearly Cute Beauty Cases and yes, you’ll want this one for travel, too!

Coordinate your cases and hot holders in a gorgeous fabric, add the hook and loop closures and you’re on your way to handmade spa time! You'll enjoy our video explaining this handy project!

Indygo Junction On the Go Bungee Bag pattern

On the Go and Free of Chaos

If you haven’t sewn an On the Go Bungee Bag, you’re really missing out. These easy to sew bags are clearly the unsung organizing heroes for bikes, strollers and cars. 

Indygo Junction On the Go Bungee Bags pattern

Got stuff? Of course, you do and it has to be handy and easy to see. So, we designed two sizes of clear vinyl Bungee Bags to hold your gear while you’re on wheels – whatever they may be. And, if you’d rather not have your gear in view, you can easily line the vinyl with a gorgeous cotton print or solid.

Note: We've corrected the measurements for the Short Bag with Fabric Band. Be sure to look here before you cut!

Indygo Junction On the Go Bungee Bags pattern

Our On the Go Bungee Bags close with hook and loop tape so the contents stay secure. Wrap the bungee around your bike or stroller handle, then hook it onto coordinating Dritz Covered Buttons, so it will stay put. Handy is the Bungee Bags middle name! Choose the 8” H x 10 1/2” W size for little bits of needful things. The 13” H x 10 1/2” W bag is just right for larger goodies like a can of pop and snacks or a baby bottle and an extra diaper.

And, the Bungee Bags are hackable! Our good friend Mary added a cross-body strap to make this bag Amy carried to the winning Chiefs playoff game. It's oh-so-useful in oh-so-many ways! Learn more about the Dritz® tools and notions we featured in our Prepping for the Big Game blog post. Go Chiefs!!

Indygo Junction Tech Accessory Organizers pattern

Clearly Accessorized 

In a world full of have-to-have gadgets, cords, ear buds and other thing-a-ma-jigs can be a problem. To solve the where is it and where to keep it problems, our Tech Accessory Organizer is the perfect solution!

Indygo Junction Tech Accessory Organizers pattern

Pretty, practical and a great take along size, our organizers include plenty of pockets and options for stowing your techy accessories. A mesh and vinyl back pocket gives you a clear view of what’s inside and an optional insert creates even more divisions.

Indygo Junction Tech Accessory Organizers pattern

Store your ear buds, jump drives, charging cables, extra SD cards and throw in a lip gloss, too. Your Tech Accessory Organizer will be 5 ¾” W x 4 ¼” H x ¾” D closed, so you can fit all kinds of must-haves inside!

Dritz Clear Vinyl Pouches blog post

A Terrific Transparent Trio

When it comes to organizing, little pouches are super helpful in all areas of your life. Our sister-brand, Dritz, features fabulous little bags designed by Sew4Home on the Dritz Make Something Blog. They’re just the right size for kid’s backpacks, your smaller purses or the kitchen drawer. All those little bits that are missing just when you need them will now have a stylish, pretty home!

Sew4Home Clear Vinyl Pouches tutorial

Originally designed as gift bags, the Vinyl Pouch Trio tutorial offers a free pattern download for three different sizes of pouches. The bags fold flat when not in use and the largest size includes a gusseted bottom for extra room! You’ll find more details right here on the Dritz Make Something Blog.

 Clear Vinyl yardage

Clear Vinyl Sewing Tips

Clear Vinyl, sold by the yard, is a marvelous material! You’ll love making professional looking, pretty and practical handmade items. We’ve included a few tips here and you'll find lots more in our Clearly Cute Beauty Cases pattern!

  1. Needle size and stitch length are important for successful vinyl sewing. Use a size 70 universal sewing machine needle to keep the holes made in the vinyl small. Lengthen your stitch length slightly to 3.5 or 4mm so there are fewer holes created as you sew
  2. If you have a Teflon foot for your machine, definitely use it to keep the foot from sticking to the vinyl as you sew. If not, try a piece of painter’s tape on the bottom of your regular presser foot to avoid sticking. Just be sure to cut a hole in the tape for your needle to go through!

    Dritz Getta Grip Clips
  3. Straight pins create holes in your vinyl, but clips are wonderful for holding pieces together as you sew. We love Dritz Getta Grip Clips for our vinyl projects. They’re lightweight, easy to clip and don’t leave marks. 
  4. Cutting vinyl is so much easier with a great ruler, mat and rotary cutter. Your cutting will be quick and your straight lines actually straight! Sister-brand Omnigrid’s tools are great quality and perfect for clear cutting. You’ll find a wonderful selection of rulers, rotary cutters and mats on the Omnigrid site!

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