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This contest has ended. Congratulations to Margaret H. who is the lucky winner! Have you ever opened your luggage after a long flight and found lotion all over everything? I have - it's not a pretty sight. I love traveling, but always worry about spills and leaks from my beauty products. We wanted to make a case that would contain any potential spills, fit all the products you need and be see-through so you can carry them on the plane. That's when we came up with the Clearly Cute Beauty Cases. IJ1127-2T The first thing we needed to find was a good vinyl. We tried various weights but ended up going with a medium weight. The thin wasn't strong enough, but the heavy was too difficult to work with. However, we couldn't just make a plain vinyl bag - what's the fun in that? So we added a fabric border to pretty things up a bit. 8032W We created two sizes. The larger size fits full size shampoo bottles and the smaller size is made expressly for those 3 oz travel bottles. 8045W Those about to embark on a journey can take their hot irons with them in the hot iron holder. The holder is made with insulated fabric to protect against heat. It also features a wrap around pocket where you can store the cord and a brush or comb. 8061W

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Jenniffer E on

Would do these up for a friend and my sister

Terri Burton on

I would make these for my daughter who travels extensively.

Betsy on

I would make one for myself for my purse!

Cindi Clark on

I love these cute little bags! Have to add them to my project list

Toni Leli on

I would make a few of these for me . . . traveling essentials!

Kari on

I would make them for my daughters! Thanks for this opportunity!

Janie on

I would make my baby sister a few of these. She travels at least 3 days a week for her job. Thank you for the inspiration. The beauty cases look great!

Jenny Brooks on

These are so cute! I have a bunch of nieces and friends and sisters who need them! And me!

Jenny in Florida

Gina H on

Both my daughters and myself.

Judith Martinez on

I would make a set for my daughter.

Jennifer Kaplan on

I’d make a set for myself, a set for my stepmom and maybe sets for other friends & family members.

Judith Marsh on

These would be awesome not only for travel, but for putting inside those standard plastic bags that you have to take into NFL stadiums

Rosalind on

I would make this for my sister because she travels often to visit her grandchildren.

Terry on

Love this idea….

Elizabeth Kuntz on

I’ve never sewn a case before but they are so practical to have.

Luann B on

I would make these for my daughter. She travels quite a bit and these would be perfect for her.

KyKwilter on

I would make these for my daughter; she never has the size case she needs, and the curling iron pouch is perfect! Come to think of it, I would make them for me as well!

Sallie on

So cute, I can think of several ways to use them!

connie b on

That would be so handy for so many different things. Bath items or just sewing/quilting supplies for a class or retreat.

Annie Dee on

My daughter. She’s the one who travels and would love one or two. Or three. In different sizes.

Christina Gonzalez on

My best friends Stephanie and Adriana.

Margaret Higgins on

These will make great Xmas gifts

Sherry Hegman on

I would love to make this set for my 2 beautiful daughters! And this set would also make a great gift for my 4 sisters come to think of it, Thank you for the giveaway chance to win this great pattern set!

jane d on

I’d use them to keep my purse organized!

Denise on

This would be perfect for the girls at work. Which I have 11 girls to make for and including myself.

Betty on

Wonderful patterns, always enjoy them

Rebecca Wood on

I am so excited to get started making these curling iron covers! I am looking forward to hearing how people plan to use these cases.

Betty on

Just to have a new machine would make such a difference in my life.
Wearing out my machine and its on its last leg, last repair. Love your ideas for my Christmas gifts

Rebecca Wood on

I am frequently looking for gifts for birthdays and special occasions, this would be great to have some made up, then I would have them ready to give out!

Debbie Parker on

I am always looking for useful different ideas for my team at work, my family, and my special loved ones for Christmas!

LadyD on

I would make a set of these for my daughter, as I don’t travel much anymore.

Nancy Wichtendahl on

Winning would enable me to make all these lovely things!

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