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Many seamstresses (or those of us who aspire to be called such) have started to discover that their home computer can not only aide their sewing projects but can add a new dimension that was previously unattainable.  From creative machine embroidery to photo quilting, the introduction of computers into sewing has opened up our minds to the endless possibilities of making something more personal and a true unique treasure.Indygo Junction (and our sister site, have been using printable fabric to incorporate fun details & embellishments into sewing projects for years. The sheets typically come in 8.5 x 11 inch size (just like a standard sheet of paper). We use Electric Quilt Company brands because it's washable and for the variety of thread counts. Print images, sayings, collaged digital images, whatever you want! You can also print actual vintage fabrics/textiles - just in case you don't want to cut up your precious heirlooms. has a great selection of digital vintage fabric swatches & hankies that you can purchase and print for use in your favorite project. Here are a few projects that use printable fabrics and images from

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