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This contest has ended. Congratulations to Dee M. who is the lucky winner! The Contemporary Kimono is a new twist on a classic style. This clean, modern jacket has flattering long lines and a loose fit that can hide a number of flaws. This jacket is quick to make and features a neckline and sleeve band that can be used as a design feature. PIJ1115CR-2T The red sample, which we made out of our Crossroads Denim, is embellished with machine embroidery along the band. I love how it takes a simple, solid jacket and adds interesting design and texture. w8897 In this beautiful linen sample we chose to highlight the neck and sleeve bands with contrasting fabrics. w9014 This cotton version uses the "wrong side" of the main cotton fabric we chose. How fun is that? Always look at the back of the fabric - it's a great way to find a subtle, coordinating print! w8967 We are really excited about the Contemporary Kimono - I really think it's going to be a staple wardrobe item for so many people. One thing that I do want to note, which you don't see in the pictures is that it has pockets, which is a jacket must-have in my book.

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Fran on

Black pants

Mary Haak on

A great – fitting pair of black pants that goes with everything!

Kathy M. on

A simple, black jacket that goes with just about everything I own!

anna mills on

Using the wrong side of the fabric is a great idea!

Claire Sutherland on

My wardrobe staple are skinny jeans

Ella Stroupe on


Carolyn T. on

My favorite wardrobe staple depends upon the season: white pants in the summer, lightweight cover in the fall, sweaters in the winter and lightweight covers again in the spring.

Karen Hogue on

My favorite staple currently is a gray linen jacket. It moves from one season to the next really well.

Linda Fuchs on

Scarves are my wardrobe stable.

MichelleShaffer on

While I love jackets and wear them often, my go to wardrobe staple is a scarf. I can change the look of a plain tee shirt and pants with a scarf- dress it up or down.

btw- I agree; using the wrong side of the fabric is a great idea both for fashion sewing and quilting. I have made shirts using the wrong side of the fabric for the body and the right side for collars, plackets and cuffs.

Donna Talarico on

Love an light weight oversize shirt as a staple! Would love to win this pattern!

Linda Southworth on

Oh I want to try the longer cuffed sleeve with the shorter length kimono. Love the materials in the dark blue one is particular.

Linda on

I can see many Christmas presents from this pattern!

Linda Hall on

Comfortable, flowing over garments are my favourite.

Margaret Graczyk on

Love the different ways you chose to embellish these kimono jackets :)

Marty on

Love wearing colorful-patterned jackets over solid tops with black pants most days at the front desk where I work. I lived in Japan and your new Contemporary Kimono reminds me of a quilted jacket I bought there; but the pockets are a great addition. I will definitely make for different seasons and fabric weights on some adding contrasting quilted bands.

Jane on

At last, a kimono pattern that suits any style or age group. I love it!

Cynthia Lanahan on

would love to make one in taupe colors.

Barbara Long on

my staple is the black tshirt

Linda Southworth on

I would say my wardrobe staple casually is always a nice pair of jeans. Layer this kimono over a top and you are good to go!

Cindy on

My favorite wardrobe staple is wearing jeans- which can be paired to dress up or down= this jacket would be perfect.

Melinda on

I have to have pockets in my pants. Can’t live without them.

Susan Spiers on

So pretty & imagine the possibilities!

Marcie on

A good garment to lengthen and make a bathrobe also.
Thanks for a chance!

Lori Nicholas on

My wardrobe staples – solid tops and blue jeans. I can dress them up or down with accessories’ especially colorful, textured scarves. This kimono would be a perfect companion! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

Dee Matthews on


Juanita Vega DeJoseph on

My favorite wardrobe staple would have to be my rectangular wrap- I have several and they always come in handy. But this contemporary kimono WITH pockets (yes!) could change that!

Margaret on

T shirt

Mary Wippold on

My favorite wardrobe staple is a nice solid colored t-shirt and a pair of black pants.

Jackie on

This might be weird but I’ve acquired quite a collection of bandanas. I can fold it up to make a headband to keep my hair out of my eyes in pretty much any color. I can fold it to cover my whole head to protect from the sun or wick sweat when I do house or yard work. I keep one in my purse so I can wipe my eyes when they start to burn or do that tongue lick mom thing on the kiddos. They’re pretty versatile and I love the fact that they come in many colors.

Jenniffer E on

Love the kimonas. Would make a nice change to my choice of a sweater I normally wear

Joline on

I’d love this pattern, hope I win.

Brenda Adams on

Really like the look. Looks very comfortable to wear.

Donna Klug on

I have this kimono on my “to do” list. It is a versitile addition to any wardrobe. There are many possibilities in different styles depending mop pin the print and the fabric. And pockets? Love them in my clothes. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

Rachel B on

love the various sleeve lengths for dif looks.

Mary Walck on

I love loose fitting jackets like this for travel.

Jane on

A great pair of jeans is my staple. Would love this pattern to add a great jacket to that.

oksana on

Love to wear a kimono jacket over my pj’s
in the winter

Sarah Zauner on

Quilted material would be good to use

Joanne Moore on

my wardrobe staple in the summer is a sleeveless button down blouse. I also love basic v neck t shirts which would be great under this kimono top when the weather starts to cool….

Antoinette on

My favorite wardrobe staple is a pair of classic black dress pants or skirt. Either one of these pieces can be dressed up or dressed down and they never go out of style.

Jaimn on

I so struggle with collars! I hope that this is as easy as it looks. Fav wardrobe staple is anything layering!! Thanks for the opportunity :)

Vickie on

This is nice it would become my wardrobe staple

Judy Danz on

A wardrobe staple of mine is the camp shirt. I wear them all year round. Love having a collar (hides the turtle neck I’v developed in recent years) and with a small dart at the waist very slimming. Love this kimono jacket. Great jacket over a tee. Thanks for a great give-away! Oh yea, and love having a slight collar at the neck too! LOL

Serena on

My favorite staple is the nightgown… and I think taht using the kimono pattern will allow to sew a gorgeous nightgown!

melboe on

Black Pants. But I love this jacket. I’m going to have to make several….

Karen on

A dressy white t shirt

Kimi Fong on

Jeans and solid t-shirts (short and long sleeved) are what make up my wardrobe.

Cindi C on

A good pair of jeans…dress them up or down and you are ready to go

EG on

Black pants are my staple. Would love to make this pattern in a soft fabric for a cozy jacket to wear around the house.

Robin on

A pair of blue jeans, either bell bottoms or boot cut. You can’t go wrong with either style.

Barbara Scofield on

Good-fitting jeans or a black skirt will take you anywhere! Add a jacket over a tshirt and you have perfection.

Carol Hydeman on

I love lightweight, relaxed fit jackets just like this kimono. While I live in Arizona, I take a light jacket, cardigan or shrug with me at all times. Air conditioning here is often set to “pre-frost” temperatures. I can easily see this made up in a beautiful linen that I have in my stash.

Donna on

Lovely design! My wardrobe could use this garment to dress up my jeans. Thanks for the giveaway.

Marcy Maurer on

Soft cotton knit shirts

Diane on

Jeans and a nice t-shirt with a linen shirt over – summer uniform!

Jane K on

I love cardigans – all kinds. This kimono jacket would be a great alternative!

Linda Thomas on

I like a short sleeved shirt, and jeans or slacks. This would go with many of my outfits and I could ditch my sweater.

sally on

Black pants.

Lynn Clark on

The kimono jacket will become a staple in my wardrobe – versatile enough to dress up or down, to hide figure flaws, charming and stylish in any season. It is just what I have been looking for this year.

Cshorty2 on

Anything that’s comfy.yet stylish.

Peggy on

this is a classic! I will have to make one of my own!

Janie on

A white blouse.

Nancy Goff on

Black pants and a soft linen shirt for summer. A kimono would go great with that!!

Marcy Maurer on

Soft cotton knit shirts are a must.

Elaine Parsons on

Hi Folks,

I would be a very happy sewer if I won the Kimono Jacket pattern. Thanks for the opportunity.


Anne Macklin on

Gotta have a couple of pairs of great boots! And this Kimono would look perfect with them!

Pam on

My favorite wardrobe staple is a black pullover top. It goes with everything. And I’m sure this kimono jacket would look great over it! Thanks for the chance to win!

Betty on

What a wonderful pattern in replace of my comfy old Poncho for Fall. Looking at the pics, I can see all different ways of adjusting it into a jacket for every season. I would thoroughly enjoy using this for my charitable projects also.

Jean MN on

Perfect jacket for wearing to an interview. I need to make one or two of these.

Melinda A. on

I love this jacket and my wardrobe needs updating! This pattern has so many possible uses. Great for fall too!

PamB on

I love to wear jackets in interesting fabrics and I love this jacket pattern.

Rene Bolton on

My favorite staple is an overblouse. This Kimono Jacket would be fantastic!

sarah on

Pencil skirts

Kathy on

I love to layer. The kimono jacket would be just perfect. Sleeves for air conditioning works well in the south!

LisaY on

Long, soft, flowing skirts, well fitting long jeans and a variety of shirts/blouses.

Joanne McMahon on

Favorite Wardrobe Item: Jackets! Short sleeves, long sleeves, just about every length.

Susan on

A classic white t-shirt.

Judys on

my jeans; shorts, capris, pants, skirt it all works well for me.

Susan Biles on

Easy to sew or knit jackets. Your pattern would become a staple.

Joyce Bailey on

I love jackets, because they are great for layering!!

Kimberly on

Jeans! It’s hard to imagine my life without bluejeans.

mel on

My staple is a great fitting pair of jeans.

gwin g on

This is so versatile it can top pants, skirts or dresses or be paired with leggings for a casual look.

Sherry on

A quilted Kimono would be great to wear in fall with my jeans!

MS Barb on

Cotton tees for work…cotton shells w/ nice shirts on top, for dress…

Gerri on

Love denim skirts.

Ruchama on

The best two things about this pattern are that it looks easy to make and easy to wear. Both are my speed!!

Nancy on

I like jeans with lots of pockets, even on the legs.

Charlyn Trussell on

Favorite staple: jeans; next—any jacket. I love jackets, all weights, all seasons, all occasions.

Juli on

My wardrobe staples are great skirts to mix and match with comfy tops.

Jan G on

I love my jeans..I am just a country girl..this Jacket would be wonderful to have and wear.

Martha on

My idea for a wardrobe staple is a nice pair of comfortable blue jeans.

Patricia J.Conner on

Absolutely Awesome!!! Have used wrong side of fabric many times- love the results. Thanks for ALL you do.

Jeanne Brown on

Love this pattern , would have to make my grandaughter one

Jeanne Brown on

Love this pattern .

Marijean on

A pair of black slacks if I’m teaching or just a pair of jeans when I’m working at home

sandra pipitone on

Love to add this kiamona to my black pants

Carol on

Love Kimono jackets! I like to hide my flaws.

Suzanne J. on

Black slacks are my wardrobe staple

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