This contest has ended. Congratulations to Dee M. who is the lucky winner! The Contemporary Kimono is a new twist on a classic style. This clean, modern jacket has flattering long lines and a loose fit that can hide a number of flaws. This jacket is quick to make and features a neckline and sleeve band that can be used as a design feature. PIJ1115CR-2T The red sample, which we made out of our Crossroads Denim, is embellished with machine embroidery along the band. I love how it takes a simple, solid jacket and adds interesting design and texture. w8897 In this beautiful linen sample we chose to highlight the neck and sleeve bands with contrasting fabrics. w9014 This cotton version uses the "wrong side" of the main cotton fabric we chose. How fun is that? Always look at the back of the fabric - it's a great way to find a subtle, coordinating print! w8967 We are really excited about the Contemporary Kimono - I really think it's going to be a staple wardrobe item for so many people. One thing that I do want to note, which you don't see in the pictures is that it has pockets, which is a jacket must-have in my book.

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Lee on

Always a simple black dress ! thanks!


I am impressed with the versatility of this pattern – a real pallet for creativity.

Marijean on

Love your new pattern — it has so much potential for changing it up

Judy Allen on

My favorite is a pair of black knit wide leg pants.

Shirley Clark on

My staple is a good pair of black pants! I use them all of the time. I also have a real dressy pair that is so comfortable.

Marya on

Black slacks and capris!

Katherine Ettinger on

My wardrobe staple is my pair of One Seam Pants which have large pockets, fit nicely, are cool in the 100+ heat index of Florida and comfortable in the winter. And since they are black, they work nicely with different jackets in the a/c!

Carolyn on

Favorite wardrobe staple is a cardigan

Susan on

My favorite staple is a leather jacket which goes from dressy to casual

Kris Valle on

My favorite wardrobe staple is my extra stretchy gray cardigan with no buttons or zips. It seems to never wrinkle at all, and it matches with just about everything :)

Kris Valle on

This pattern is great. I could wear it casual and make one for work :)

Rose B on

I have all my fabrics on hand. I think this jacket would fit in my wardrobe plans just well.

Deborah Rayman on

Black pants

Christina Gonzalez on

A great new purse made by me.

Debbie Parker on

Favorite staple cool and loose. I would enjoy wearing the kimono jacket.

Kitty on

I can’t decide why I like that pattern, but it’s interesting. of course having it in my size is just a lovely plus. thanks for the contest.

Judy on

I can see this being made in a very Modern way

Ellen R. on

Jackets are the best piece ofor my wardrobe. Too hot take it off. Get too cold and you have a layer ready to go.

ChrisK on

This is the kind of easy style that can be made in any number of fabrics and worn in any number of ways, my favorite kind of wardrobe staple

Carole Lee on

I love jackets, they enhance so many other clothing items and/or change up the look.

Missy on

As with so many others, it would have to be blue jeans. I just tuned 65, and sometimes I think I should go to a dressier pants, but I think I will still be wearing blue jeans when I’m 90.

Kitty on

My favorite Wardrobe staple EVER was a cotton lace jacket. I found that to be the MOST useful item I’ve ever had.

Dana schiller on

I love all my knit t-shirts. So comfy.

Patt Callender on

I live in t shirts and casual pants, this would be a great easy to slip on jacket. How would it be in rain coat vinyl?

knittingdancer on

My staple wardrobe item is a pair of blue jeans.

Marilyn S on

I wear a lot of t-shirts. I would love to try the kimono jacket. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Roberta Kennedy on

A good-fitting pair of jeans is my stand-by clothing piece- as well as a hoodie sweatshirt!

Norma Stone on

I like to carry a light weight jacket with me just in case. Thank you

Elizabeth Dupee on

soft comfortable sweatshirts and jeans to keep me warm

Fran Hale on

love this style, I have made the kimono robe wow a jacket

Janice Lawrence on

It’s simply gorgeous.

Vikki on

Cardigans – they turn summer tops into fall/winter wardrobe choices.

Marjory W on

My favorite wardrobe staple is a white silky knit short-sleeved top—classic and wearable with/under almost everything.

Marjory W on

This looks like a fun pattern to sew—so many possible fabric and embellishment choices.

Judith Martinez on

My favorite wardrobe puzzle is my comfortable shoes.

Lisa Clark on

I love the kimono. it would go great with my jeans.

Wendy Scott on

A nice sleeveless top to layer.

Cynthia Allen on

Linen pants, floppy linen pants, worn with tshirts, peasant blouses or flowy tank tops! I love the fact that this jacket has POCKETS! AND it goes up to a size 26/28 for our larger ladies! Thanks, Mary Ann!!

Note to Amy: upsize your caftan top, please! 45" bust doesn’t do it!

terfree on

love this!

Mary on

Black slacks

Hilary on

This so beautiful.

Diann Cornell on

I agree that pockets are essential.

Pat on

I love big sweaters with pockets & Kimonos with pockets. I guess I love anything with pockets!!

Chris Victorsen on

I would have to say that my favorite wardrobe staple would be jeans!

Janie on

Yes…it is my jeans!

Renvi on

Love this kimono. My wardrobe staple is a nice pair of jeans all colors many different styles. This kimono, depending on what fabric is used will dress up those jeans or give them a casual look.

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