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Cotton and Steel offers a broad range of substrates in their many different fabrics. We love to work with their vivid and bold prints. Here is the unboxing videos that we filmed showing many fabrics up close. Amy has paired each fabric with a pattern that we offer that coordinates well with the print. Click our photos to see the full details of each pattern.

Watch the Unboxing

Watch all our unboxing videos on our YouTube Channel!

So what did we make?


Rayons are wonderful fabrics for many of our patterns. They are smooth and drape beautifully for a soft flowing garment.


All the Gingham from Cotton + Steel is yarn dyed making the fabric nearly reversible. This fabric feels and preforms much like a regular quilting cotton.

Quilting Cotton

Cotton + Steel's quilting cotton is soft and smooth, with a wonderful hand. This fabric is versitile, great for clothing as well as bags, and of course quilting.

More From Cotton+Steel

Last week Amy went to Quilt Market in Oregon where she took pictures in the Cotton + Steel booth at the show.

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Indygo Junction on

Hi Sue,

Below is a blog post we created all about sewing and caring for Rayon, specifically batiks. Cotton and Steel recommend dry cleaning their rayon, but not all rayons are the same. We have washed rayons from Island Batik with success, as well as Moda’s Longitude rayons. Always check the care label for the fabric that you choose as different manufacturers will have different finished fabrics.


Sue McFarland on

Rayon interests me, but I like to machine wash and dry my summer clothes, as I live in a warm climate. What are fabric care instructions on these rayon fabrics? Sue

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