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There's something so thrilling about a New Year! In Amy's book Vintage Notions, on the subject of a New Year, an article from Gustave Weinss in 1920 states it perfectly. "A new start enables us to go on our way encouraged, reinvigorated and determined to dare and do." How wonderful it is to have an annual opportunity to review what's working in our lives and what isn't; making small changes with the goal of more joy and order in the year ahead. If organization is on your list for this year, we have some fun inspiration to help you tackle that resolution in style! The Clearly Cute Beauty Cases come in two sizes--standard and travel. They're the best of both worlds--being able to see what you're searching for in your bag, and also featuring a favorite fabric across the top!


These would also be ideal for keeping your English Paper Piecing projects like our Fabriflair kits ready to go and easily accessible too.  This pattern includes a heat insulated hair curling/flat iron storage with a spot for a hairbrush and the cord as well. This is one of those patterns you're going to make for yourself, and then everyone who sees it is going to want one too! Here's a quick video featuring this must-have item.

The Banded Baskets are the perfect go-to pattern for all your storage needs, especially when they're going to be in visible areas of your home or office and need to be beautiful.


They come in three sizes, and are nesting when not in use.  (Amy did a fun reboot tutorial with the Banded Baskets and Missouri Star Quilt Company's envelope block in Amy's Stitcher's Garden fabric! You can find that tutorial here.)

The Store in Style is a fashionable hanging storage solution and features Velcro tab storage and vinyl pockets, which makes it ideal for small items-jewelry or sewing notions. It comes in two sizes, a shirt length and a dress length too, so you can add more or less pockets depending on your storage needs! It's one of our Crossroads Denim patterns, and would be a beautiful way to display your favorite color!

The Sort your Stuff Organizer is a great option for those piles that end up on coffee and end tables in your family room, sewing room or any other room where you gather and rest. With multiple sized pockets, tablets, remotes, magazines & hand stitching will fit, and are easily customized to your own storage needs.

And, our Everyday Tray is the best pattern for taking a fabric you love, and incorporating it into those highly visible places throughout your house, where organization trouble spots tend to pop up.


That pile of different threads where you embroider? All those presser feet that get scattered next to your sewing machine? A pile of buttons that you're contemplating for a few different projects? Everyone's keys, wallets, and sunglasses scattered on the entryway table?  Your collection of cute bottle openers and corkscrews that end up all over the bar? Essential oil bottles spread all around your diffuser? Earrings and lip gloss on the bedside table? Silverware and napkins on the counter for dinner parties? All the remotes tucked into the couch cushions?


You can see where this is going! An Everyday Tray (Or an Everyday Tray for everyone, personalized with their favorite fabric, colors or novelty themes!) equals organizational bliss. What are your goals and resolutions for the New Year? Is organization on your list? You can see all of our Home Organization patterns here. If you make any of them, tag us on Instagram @indygo_junction so we can see!
Get Organized beautifully with Indygo Junction's great round up of home organization patterns!
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