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Today we continue our Countdown to a New You series! Let's talk about something that's on a lot of our hearts for 2017--to give back to our community more! As makers, our giving means so much. Because not only do we give items, we give a piece of ourselves when we create gifts for others, and for causes that are near to us.


The Crossback Reversible Apron is an ideal pattern for Soup Kitchen volunteers--and what better way to say that you support and care about their work than to gift your local Soup Kitchen with handmade aprons! This apron is easy to make, reversible for twice the life, which is so helpful for something that is going to get used a lot, can be made in a range of sizes, and is easy to take on and off. Since it doesn't tie, it's very comfortable, which is a plus for people who are moving and working as quickly as they can.



So many foster children come to new homes with not very many clothes. Bibs are needed for protecting their clothing through meals or drooling for little ones who are cutting teeth.



Our Tiny Tots Bib pattern would be ideal for foster parents. Or try donating to your local child care center (trust me, they can always use more bibs)!



No Kill Animal Shelters are always in need of toys and supplies. How about putting together some Pieced Pet Pillows and dropping them off with some toys?



Patriotic Pillows would also be a great option. This handmade donation could be part of a 2017 commitment to upcycle and recycle more as well, since options for recycling denim are included in both of these patterns.



And, if your list for giving in 2017 includes donating needed items to a local domestic violence shelter, how about adding Composition Covers to the list of items? The perfect size for inexpensive composition notebooks, you can include one of those as well, with some pens or pencils and give someone a ready made journal to aid in their recovery. Beautiful handmade gifts that give the recipient a sense of self worth and being loved can be life-changing in the best possible way.



What's on your list of "make to give" for 2017? We'd love to hear about it! If you're making one of our patterns to give, please share and tag us! We are @indygo_junction on Instagram and we love to see your work!
Ideas from Indygo Junction for sewing patterns perfect to make and donate to different non-profit organizations.

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