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Decorating Fabriflair is fun and easy; we have used many different methods to add embellishment to our stars. One of our favorites is covered buttons from Dritz®. We used a 5/8" size on the Large Radiant Star Kit in this video and tutorial. 

Dritz covered buttons allow you to make custom buttons to perfectly match your project, and are a fast and easy way to make embellishments.  The Dritz® Covered Button Kits come with the tool to create your buttons.

Learn How to Make Covered Buttons

On the back of the kit package, there is a template for cutting your fabric. Simply use this to cut out your fabric. 


Next center your fabric and button shell wrong side up on top of the rubber mold.


Using the pusher, press the button shell into the mold.

Tuck the fabric into the shell so that the raw edges are not sticking up. 

Center the back on the mold over the fabric edges and use the pusher to connect the back and the shell pieces together.

Remove the button from the mold and enjoy!

Keep in mind we have several options for constructing Fabriflair® stars. The Radiant Star Kits (available in two sizes) to sew by hand and the Centerpiece Star Pattern to sew by machine using our Fabriflair Stabilizer. Covered buttons also work well for the closure of the Fabriflair Pocketbook Wristlet.

Here are the finished stars from the video and this tutorial. Covered buttons are a guaranteed way to make a decorative accent to match or embellish any project!

See the magic! Watch the process of making our Radiant Star from the start.

Learn about our Wall Art Star Pattern & watch the video.

To see all our videos visit our Youtube Channel

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Janice Lemasters on

I’ve made the large and small star and love them so much. I put a bead in the center of my stars but will try my hand at the button on my next one. My grandson thought it was so cool, he asked me to make him one. How do I post a pic of my stars?

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