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Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting Joi Mahon at the Baby Lock tech conference in St. Louis. Joi is a fashion designer, pattern designer, garment fit specialist, Baby Lock ambassador, teacher and now author! Joi has been sewing since she took her one and only lesson in 6th grade. When she was 14 she started working with a tailor, learning the fitting and altering techniques that educate her work today. Joi-HeadShot image020 Joi is well-known in the sewing industry as a fantastic fit teacher. However, since not every seamstress can have access to Joi at all times, she realized that she needed to compile her fit techniques into a book - Create The Perfect Fit. fit001 Joi's book focuses on real people, real garments and real fit issues. The bulk of the book teaches the reader about various body parts to measure and how to easily increase or decrease a corresponding pattern. I love Chapter 10 where Joi demonstrates real-life fit issues on real people (i.e. not models). The techniques that Joi teaches in the book work for all shapes and sizes - after all, no body is perfect! Joi-Mahon-Fast-Fit Joi has such an amazing talent as a fit guru and as a designer; those are her designs for McCalls Patterns, above. I was excited to see a trunk show of Joi's work on display at the Baby Lock Tech Conference. See some of the images I snapped below of her beautiful work. joi photo 1 photo 2 photo 4 photo 5 Guess what - today we are going to give one lucky winner a copy of Create The Perfect Fit! To enter, simply leave a comment telling us your biggest fitting issue. Contest runs through October 27 2014. Good Luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Lisa Garrett on

My mother and I loved going to garage sea together. I sure do miss those times with her.

Chris K on

I’m a flat-chested 2X. Need I say more?

CJ on

I don’t even like to sew for myself because of fit issues but I do like to sew for my adult daughter who has a Barbie doll figure – I have trouble fitting her in the respect that she is narrow with a large bust. So if I go by the pattern sizing the result is a garment that is too wide for her across shoulders/back. I’d love this book!

Jane Newman on

My figure is very hourglass, with a smaller waist and much larger hips and rear end. I have a difficult time finding non-elastic waistbands that do not gap. I have given up sewing pants. I would like to learn how to fit my patterns to me. I’ve sewn extensively yet have never altered a pattern to fit.

Elizabeth on

My shoulders are broad for my narrow frame. The only way I know to work around it is to copy my favorite ready to wear items from my closet.

Karen thompson on

I remember my mom making our school clothes.. i believed she could make anything and i still believe that! She is my inspiration

Carol Sharman on

I have trouble with fitting pants.

Joni Giancola on

I teach sewing and having a resource to share is always wonderfully helpful….

Annie Dee on

I find it very hard to sew for myself even though I measure many more than twice before buying a pattern and cutting the pieces. Thanks for this!

Kelly on

Adapting patterns to have longer torso, legs and sleeves for my five eleven height.

Teri Zachary on

My mom and i use to sit on weekends and do knitting and cross stitching. I could talk to her about anything. We loved all kinds of crafts. She was my best friend. My issues with fitting are my stomach. I had children and surgerys it has gotten to the point i cannot find a decent dress or anything i like that looks good on me as i get older.

Karen U on

I’m confused…am I supposed to leave a comment about my fit issues – Full Bust Adjustment or memories with my Mom – my last vacation in Maine with her on a tube ride on the back of my brother’s boat (she’s 87 years young). Thanks!

Terry on

5’2" small bosom no waist.

Kathy Golden on

Smaller waist nut larger hips

Virginia on

My wide back means that fbas don’t work the same…

NancyE on

I’m straight up and down, so my waist is always a problem.

Kayla on

I can never get the fit right for my bust.

Jan c. on

The dreaded full bust…

Lori Boylan on

5ft8in and short wasted. Also bigger waist and hips than chest, gets interesting trying to alter a pattern, did I also mention that I prefer simple pattern as I am a simple sewer!

Shiloh Greenwood on

My waist has always been difficult especially since having my kids. Having always been short waisted has always been a struggle and petite.

Elizabeth C. on

I am 5ft tall so length is always a problem. Overall length, bodice, sleeves…everything. I also have an hourglass shape so my rear is a problem.

Kathy Golden on

Large hips

Sarah on

My biggest fitting issue is a swayback combined with a larger tummy.

Linda Phillips on

My big bust and narrow shoulders!

Debra Bopp on

My midsection….thick!

robin j on

Bust waist ratio for myself

Ruth Griffeth on

I guess my biggest fit issue is that if I can make a skirt that fits, and I can make a top to fit me just right, but I cannot seem to get them both to come together in a dress. I have a rather large breast size, and I have a "high waist that is rather small, it is very difficult to make them work.

Julianne Mason on

I have largebust and small shoulders

Renee Grandinetti on

My biggest problem is my pear shape.

Janet Hartje on

i have different size limbs due to structural issues in my mainframe. Haha. Lymphedema on my left side and different hip heights make one leg longer than the other. Not hugely noticeable but makes a difference in the fit.

Rachel on

I have the most trouble finding pants that fit. Pants that fit my waist try to pop on my legs, and pants that fit my thighs leave a lot of room in the waist. Thanks for the chance to win!

Donna Frederick on

Bust adjustments

Rhiannon on

I made my first dress and I had miseries with the bodice and getting that to fit, oh my!!

Laurie on

One of the saddest moments is when you have spent time on creating embellished outfits only to have them not fit. My daughter, my granddaughters, and myself, each a different body………. would love assist with fitting patterns

Vwren on

I don ‘t even know enough to know exactly what my fitting issues are, except that garments I have made never “feel” quite right, which means I won’t wear them, which means I don’t want to make any more. I’d like to change that cycle!

Patricia Emery on

I NEED THIS! I want to start re-fashioning thrift store clothes into FUN-ky outfits to wear to work!!!

Julie on

My big belly and my droopy arms. :(

Debra Esper on

I love making clothes for myself and my grandaughters.

Mary Ellen on

Waist to hip and pants rise is the bane of my existence!

Suzanne D on

the fitting issue I experience is a hem that is level with the floor. Seems it’s shorter in the front than back

Cindy Calvo on

Definitely with my growing older body – the tummy/belly is the hardest thing to fit correctly. Id like to know the best way to deal with that – other than to eat right and exercise … Like that’s going to happen? Not today. So learning t see around it would be beneficial.

Thank you!

Emma L on

Looking forward to reading your book. Great preview.

D'Ann on

My biggest fitting challenge right now is my belly.

Judith Martinez on

My biggest fit challenge is my stomach,

Erica on

My biggest fit issues are the shoulders. I have fairly wide shoulders. When The patterns call for shoulder pads, I typically do not add then and adjust the fit:)

Becky PS on

What a great looking book. Oh the troubles I have fitting myself! I have a small bust but bin hips, tush and a tummy that make dress making hard on me. Forget fitting pants…

Thanks for the chance to win!

Karen on

I have trouble getting tops to fit correctly. I have narrow shoulders and a small bust with a mature figure. I’d love to win this book as I’ always looking for help.

Rina on

My biggest fit issue is the fact that I have had my hip amputated and this caused the waist and hip to not fit correctly. To make matters worse I’m really thin so patterns don’t fit unless I use children’s patterns as the basis for a pattern.

Elizabeth Kuntz on

I’ve just discovered Joi and this book is on my wishlist.

Jan M Jones on

My problem areas are a large belly, drooping chin/ neck & upper arms.

Lisa Cowell on

My whole body is a fit nightmare. Large bust, short waist, long legs, and a big butt.

Vicki B. on

My sleeves are too tight when most of the pattern fits me.

Marjory W. on

Pear shape, with narrow shoulders.

Sally Red on

Pants are a major pain when you are older and have more up front than behind! HELLLLLLLP!

Tina on

I have no curves. Reducing bust and hips but still having some kind of definition is difficult.

cynthia on

It’s definitely “the girls” – being busty to begin with, but having four kids and gravity . . . definitely hard to fit!

Susan Snyder on

Would be great to have

Elizabeth Stracener on

I am short, and getting proportions correct can be a challenge.

Gina S. on

Mine would be my chest, i don’t have one. LOL

T. on

I always have to do a short torso and full bust adjustment, which I have yet to get right.

Maureen on

My biggest fitting problem in my bust area. I have small shoulders and bigger breasts and it is hard to get a top to fit right without looking sloppy

cindy on

Short waisted.

Pam on

Upper back = huge challenge to getting the front of blouses, shirts and tops to hang right.

Pam on

Reading that so many women have to figure out how to fit that belly section makes me feel less along. I’ve actually had purchased pants that fit better turned backwards (in case anyone has ever noticed my side zippers were on the wrong side).

kbo on

Oh my tummy troubles….

Janet G. Pess on

I am making my 5th muslin and I still can’t get the bust correct!

Siobhan on

long legs and short body…

lzsuzan on

I’m a square from my shoulders to my thighs.

Amy Downey on

I am short and curvy so difficult to fit styles that don’t look good on short waisted people………..would love to learn how to fix patterns for my body shape……..

Karen on

I am not very savvy when it comes to sewing but I love it! I wish I could get a standard pattern to fit correctly. I can’t use their guidelines because the bust, waist and are each in different columns if it were going to fit my body. I would sew so much more if I could be proficient because I do enjoy it so much and as of now have to stay with basic sewing. I do love the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a project!

Tammy G on

A little bit of everything actually. Tired of trying to fit into clothes for much thinner woman but don’t want to wear clothes that seem to be for much much older women or just not my style.

Catherine M on

My biggest fitting problem is arms/sleeves. I almost always have to make adjustments for my smallish frame, but don’t like tight sleeve holes or baggy backs.

Kathy Touchette on

My major problem is my stomach and inseam.

Carmen N on

My xl waist (but I’m working on that :)

Denise Stahl on

Multiple fitting issues, plus size busy H figure. :-(

Denise Stahl on

This book is a must have, can’t wait to read it.

Stephanie Forsyth on

My booty is disproportionate to my waste in most fittings of pants, and also causes the back of my skirts to be shorter than the front! Would love to learn solutions to this in alterations!

Jeanne Clark on

Love this!! I have had to make pattern adjustments for many people over the years. I learned through trial and error, research and from others. My best one, I think, was when I was given a size 18 pattern and had to make it fit for a size 24 woman for a wedding. It came out gorgeous! Never did get a picture of it, tho I asked. But I’ll never forget it, because it took a lot of time readjusting the pattern & sewing a ton of white sequins, seed beads & bugle beads onto the lace overlay!!

Arianna M. on

I’m really short and always have trouble fitting tops properly, height-wise. I can always hem pants or a skirt/dress, but tops are a bit tricky.

Emily A. on

Just learning to sew, so all fitting is a big issue.

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