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This contest has ended. The Crossback Reversible Apron is one of our favorite patterns from the 2015 line. We were inspired by a vintage pattern that we found in a French magazine. The simple style and graceful lines of the apron were too nice to pass up - we had to make a modern version! PIJ1132-2T What really drew us to this style was the back of the apron. We know so many people who don't like aprons that tie around their neck. It can be uncomfortable and affect the fit of the apron. The crossback style, which is supported on the shoulders evens out the distribution of the apron, creating a nicer line and taking the weight off the neck. 7772W One feature we added to the apron was a pocket - I mean you have to have a pocket, right? Also, instead of hemming the whole apron, we decided it would be more fun to make it reversible. That way you get two aprons for the work of making one! 7754W We love this apron for cooking, cleaning, gardening - there are so many uses. In fact, we thought that it was such a great utilitarian piece that we needed a version for kids. That way when you are baking Christmas cookies or planting veggies in the garden, their clothes can be protected as well. 7775W This contest has ended.    

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Jenniffer E on

I have loved this style since I was a kid. Easy on and off

Patti Chapman on

My favorite apron style is one that covers the sides of the top. 9 times out of 10 I get stains, usually grease, on the sides where the apron bib doesn’t cover. The pattern offered appears to have great coverage.

Fran on

I am fond of the traditional apron with a tie sash because it reminds me of my grandmother.

Ellie on

I’ve been looking for this kind of pattern for a long time! I can’t stand things around my neck so I cut the over the head strap on my current apron and reattached them at the waist strings. It looks silly and it’s a bit awkward but it works.

Kathy M. on

Any and every apron I have made is a favorite! Love them all.

Carol Sharman on

I like the French butcher style apron that wraps all around to the back. I would love to make this one as well, especially the child’s version for my granddaughter.

teri on

Like the tabbard style aprons and this one looks great.

MO on

I would like to win this pattern to make my small grandaughter a “helper” apron.

Adrianne Caldwell on

This apron reminds me of aprons I used to see Japanese ladies wear everyday, but it’s based on a French design! How very global!

Wanda on

I would love to own this pattern. This style reminds me of the apron my grandmother would wear on the farm. She taught me to bake bread and make butter and she always worn an apron in this style. My guild is holding a quilt show in a few months and the members are being asked to make an apron, the theme of the show is " Grandma’s attic. This would be perfect.

Carolyn on

I love all aprons! I create such a mess when I cook/bake that I need many aprons.

Sara Upchurch on

I love the crossback apron. I’m planning to make an apron for my Grandaughter who just got engaged. The fabric I plan to use is feed sacks that belonged to my Mother. This pattern is perfect

Janie on

I wasn’t going to enter this contest… until I saw the apron. I love it!!!! Thank you for the chance.

Bonney on

This style is GREAT! I love it!

Terry on

Love this apron!!! I usually sew simple styles with a sash that ties at the waist (since I don’t like ties on my neck) but prefer something with more coverage all over.

Judith Martinez on

The only kind I’ve ever sewn is the kind I made in my 7th grade home ec. class. The kind with the neck strap and waist ties with curves on the side.

Sandy W on

I would love to make an apron like this one for each of my sisters and SILs!!

Michele T on

I love an apron to wear in the kitchen and this style would be perfect to cover more than just the front… It can get a little messy in my kitchen!!

Jeannie on

I love retro frilly apron styles that remind me of the aprons my mom always wore when I was a child. I also love crossback aprons. They look comfy and easy to pop on and off.

Amy Hathaway on

Love this idea!

Marilyn on

This apron is absolutely adorable. I would love to win this pattern.

Joanne Roberts on

I love the vintage half aprons but the crossover is more practical and I know a family of bakers that would love matching aprons

Amy Caldwell (@See_Amy_Sew) on

Last time I made an apron was when I was around 10 yrs old. I would spend summers with my great granny. Would love to re-ignite that skill and make some of these reversible aprons for my granddaughters.

Kathe on

Too Cute – reminds me of my grandmother’s sewing. Thanks.

Rose Nelson on

love aprons even though I don’t cook much. They look so nice hanging in the kitchen. They make the kitchen look so inviting.

Sam on

I have made several ruffly aprons, especially for bridal showers with a “kitchen basket” theme. Love this style with the crossback.

Nan on

Not a fan of the tie-around-the-neck, this cross back would be ideal! I would wear it a lot!

Marilyn Vincent on

The aprons that I have made before have been fairly simple ones. Many years ago, I made a jumper for my daughter

Linda Cartwright on

My daughter in law is a baker, and loves aprons. This would be nice to add to her collection.

Julie D on

I love this apron as it looks very comfortable, attractive, and has great coverage.

Robyn Conners on

My first sewing project was an apron, that was 3 years ago! It’s about time to make another :-) Thanks for the giveaway!! I love this style as I am a messy cook

Susan Nowlin on

I like aprons that provide adequate coverage. I make aprons not only for cooking and housekeeping, I am a novice woodworker and like to wear an apron when I am doing that. This pattern would be a safe one to wear when using power tools as there aren’t any ties hanging down that could become tangled in equipment.

Becky Smith on

So cute! This would be such fun to make matching aprons.

Gail Bookmyer on

I like utility aprons or cobbler aprons with big pockets, but this one is intriguing. like that there aren’t any ties!

Mrs.T on

I just enjoy making aprons, period. The more vintage styles are my favorite, but I enjoy the simpler modern styles too. I would love to make some of these cross back aprons for myself, my daughters, and grandchildren.

Joan on

I love to make aprons

Marilyn Vincent on

The aprons that I have made before have been fairly simple ones. Many years ago, I made a jumper for my daughter, very similar to this pattern. I would love to be able to make a reversible apron from your pattern.

Theresa on

The first apron I ever made (home economics, a hundred years ago) was this crossover style. I’d love to do it again.

Randi S on

I don’t wear aprons but I have been wanting to make one of this style. Ithe could be a great fashion accessorie!

Kelly Sasman on

I like making the Chef type apron that wraps around the back and ties in the front. I love wearing apron ns when crafting too. I could see this being my new favorite though as it is reversible and sounds easy to make.

Jean on

Love this apron, and I especially like the cross-back style. A couple of years ago, I made retro-styled aprons for my daughters and would love to make a couple of new ones from this pattern as an updated gift! I’d make one for myself too! Thank you for the giveaway.

Kristy on

I love all apron patterns, especially the vintage style patterns.

Paula on

Love the crossover apron. Reminds me of something similar I had as a child. Hope to win this pattern

jean on

Love this pattern—simplicity and utility—and cuteness!

Linda Collum on

I’ve never sewn an apron, but I would really like to give this one a shot. Usually aprons are a tough fit for me but this one looks like it will get the job done. Thanks for the giveaway!

Marianne on

I love this cross back style apron! Thanks for a chance to win the pattern!

Donna on

I’ve never sewn this style, but I’ve always wanted to, because this seems the most comfortable and practical. I hate the way neck ties rub at the back of the neck, and to get the bib high enough, you have to untie it every time. This looks so easy to wear and is cute, too! Thank you.

Kathie L on

I’ve only made aprons that tie at the neck, so I think this design would be great to try.

Robin Rouch on

This is the perfect style for me! At 65 my waistline isn’t what it used to be and I no longer like wearing aprons that tie at the back of the neck so this is a version I could wear with no discomfort! Love the opportunity to win the pattern free!

Judy H on

I love to wear the classic chef’s apron that has adjustable straps sliding through the sides of the top. I can cinch the apron up or down to suit the messiness of my project. And it MUST have a pocket or two — for my tissue and cell phone. I’ve made many as gifts’and can’t bear to throw a worn one away from my supply.

Jennifer B on

One of my Favorite styles. Love that there are no ties

Michele Van Epps on

This is a great design! I love the fact that it is reversible. I would love to win this pattern.

Patti on

I’ve never made full aprons, only halfs. This would be sweet!

Rebecca on

I love all full aprons, not the half ones around the waist and tie in the back. I like to be totally covered in the front. This is a cute apron and love the fabric you used to make it. thank you

Kathy Strabel on

I love aprons that are reversible --you get two with the work and time investment of one apron. I would like to try this sytle without ties at the neck or waist.

anaboena on

I love aprons, and love making them. I really like this style and am looking forward to making aprons like this for myself and my daughters (all four of them)!

Susan B. Irwin on

Easy on and off is a winner for me. Comfort is a priority, too. I make quite a few aprons for gifts and would love to add this one to the Christmas aprons I’m planning to make this year. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great pattern.

Jane L. on

I have made more aprons as gifts and myself in child and adult sizes. Sometimes vinyl or iron on plastic and themes. Great to use pieces of panels as pocket. I like the new design very much. Also need something to velcro bak, shorter as bib for senior. Mavbe pocket all the way accross to collect food rather than fall on floor.

Ingrind Nagibe on

I would love to win this! The style is perfect for a kitchen apron, crafts apron, school apron and everything else apron!

Jennifer Kaplan on

I’ve never sewn an apron, but I’d love to make some of these. I like ones that cover more than a half apron, but the ties on my neck are annoying.

Lawren F on

I love this apron! I love any full length apron.

Judi Cushing on

I would love to make the crossback apron, I cannot wear an apron that ties at the neck. The crossback apron is a favorite!

Pam K on

Love these “Vintage” aprons. I would love to sew some of these up for Christmas presents.

Gill on

I love this style of apron!!

Lori Morton on

LOVE this Pattern!!! Would be so fun to make for me, and the Grangirlie!!! :)

I have a few old aprons a friend gave me long ago…really need some fresh new ones. These are the kind that have long strap that goes thru top (bib) part of apron , down it’s sides & ties in back ( hope this made sense? is a common Love em too!

Debbie Collins on

i have made several aprons with just a loop at the neck that hoes over your head and then ties at the waist. But in thinking this would be an awesome apron. And would love to win the pattern.

Debbie Miller on

I love this style apron-I remember my Grandma wearing an apron exactly like this when I was growing up! She moved in with us when I was in the fourth grade and almost every afternoon when we came home from school, she had made a plateful of fried apple hand pies. I have never tasted any as good as they were or my memories of them were since!

Katherine Schaffer on

The Cross-over is THE one . I’ve been looking for a pattern like this for myself. For some reason, bread baking seems to generate flour mess front and back so this is prefect. More importantly, I have some grandchildren who are asking for their very own aprons, and this would be the perfect choice!

Claire Sutherland on

I have never made an apron but this one looks perfect. I love the cross back detail and the fact is is reversible.

Sherry Jagels on

love the back of this apron. would love to make my family some.

Christine Victorsen on

I like this reversible crossback apron the best! I can remember generations of the women in my family wearing these aprons all the way back to my Great-Grandmother!

Jackie Bowden on

Love this pattern, just did 2 Mari Mulari’s cobbler aprons for church bazaar and am in the process of making 4 Corners jellyroll apron. Would love to make this one up too! Lots of fun!

Franita D. on

I have made many cobbler style aprons but I am ready for this beautiful new style. I remember my art teacher having an apron just like this. Happy memories I can now recreate if chosen :)
Thank you for the chance!

Rush Wilson on

Great idea – an apron that will actually protect your clothes.

Marge D on

LOVE the Crossback Reversible Apron pattern!!
It provides lots of coverage and takes the pressure off of the neck and has pockets too. Looks like the perfect apron to me!

ruby t on

This is my favorite style of apron for the coverage and the no neck straps that I find so uncomfortable.
Use them while doing art and printing. Love seeing another version of this.

jane d on

I love aprons—I’m a messy cook! I love this pattern and would love to make several!

Tina on

This is my MIL’s favorite style because it doesn’t put pressure on the neck. I’ve made a similar one from a different pattern but would like to try this reversible one.

Linda Harris on

This would be my favorite style Love the coverage!!!

Judi DeVorchik on

Our Bazaar group is always looking for a new pattern for aprons to sell at our annual sale. We make for adults as well as children. Sometimes matching mother and child aprons. Its never too early for little girls (or boys) to learn how to cook. This pattern would be perfect if I cpold win it. Thank you.

Marla albertson on

Love this pattern , have never made one. So would love to win it! I have made a few with towels.

Anne Bettencourt on

I LOVE this apron … Will make one for me … and more for gifts!

Betsy on

I like it. I never considered using it for gardening but the pockets seem wide enough to hold some scissors and zip ties

Gloria Myers on

This apron is so buttons! I COULD MAKE THIS!!!

Cheryl on

I love making simple aprons — this one is perfect! My daughter has shoulder problems and can’t wear many aprons because they pull on her shoulder, this one would not!

Nancy Reynolds on

I need to get started on Christmas gifts and this apron pattern would be an ideal present for many adults and kids on my list!

Carla Soares on

I’ve made several cobbler style aprons for friends as gifts. I like this one so much more. Hope to win this pattern. It would be a great way to use my fabric stash!

Debra Bopp on

This pattern looks perfect! Reversible, and it covers where it’s needed. I would love to make several for gifts.

Marcia keim on

Just what I’ve been looking for.

Connie G, on

I need this! I have searched for years for a pattern like this. It is just like the ones my granny would wear when preparing our Sunday dinners when I was young.


I also enjoy making aprons similar to this one that actually cove your clothes from the messes …

Tani Sherwood on

finally! This is exactly what I want/need. Someplace I still have my apron from when I was a little girl. It was just like this except it had a thin lace on the bottom and a little pocket on the front. My grandmother made it just for me. I was the only girl grandchild for 13 years.
Is it funny I want to relieve my childhood through an apron? If I don’t win it I’m buying it!,

Bridget on

I love to make aprons, usually I try to pick out the fabric to match the hobby of the receipient. Usually I make the one with the loop around the neck and ties. I’d love to try this style, which I think is so sweet.

Kellie Warren on

My comment seems to have that I posted a day ago disappeared somehow. I will repost. My favorite apron style is still the Pinafore Apron Style. It reminds me of my grandma and I even have one of hers in my kitchen. I have a collection of old aprons from famil but i dont wear them much, I just dont want to part with them, and have made a few, one for myself years ago and one for my husband who prefers the Bib apron. I made my daughter in laws both cute vintage looking aprons for Christmas at their request. I have a new DIL now so i need to make another one :) This one is SUPER CUTE. I might have to have this for myself though!

Chris on

I’ve always just had the standard tied aprons but I really like this one.

Brenda on

I would love to make this one. I really like how you don’t have to deal with ties! :)

Tina on

I love all aprons! But this would be a perfect one to see for my mother- in-law.

Lori M on

The only aprons I’ve made are the basic tie around the neck and waist aprons. I’ve made quite a few of them thru the years for myself and for gifts. I love how comfortable this Crossover Apron looks. How fun to make matching mom & daughter aprons too.

JoAnn Flanagan on

Love this apron. Made several of the “Easy On” pattern and would love to give this a try.

Barb Gordy on

This would be the perfect pattern for me. I have Interstitial Cystitis and I need an apron I can wear and not have to untie and remove every single time I have to make a “pit stop” which with IC can be as much as 50 times a day. Beautiful pattern. And it would add to my collection of aprons which is nearly 800 now!

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