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For a lot of schools in our area, today marks a special occasion; the first day of Spring Break! It couldn't have started on a better day, it's been warm and sunny here all week, marking a huge departure from our weather of late. As much as I want to spend all my time outside, I also have been feeling another urge, to start my spring cleaning. My sewing room, in particular, could use a good organization. What I need to do first though is whip up some our of Banded Baskets. These are so perfect for decorative storage! I need the large one for magazines that live next to the sofa, the medium one can hold my in-process embroidery projects and the small can hide all the detritus that I throw on my sewing table. Today, to help you with your spring cleaning, we are offering 20% our Banded Basket pattern, just enter BBspring at checkout! We've made many Banded Basket samples that we use around the studio, and we always use Crossroads Denim in them, as it gives them a nice weight and makes them a little sturdier. And it's fun to combine them with cotton prints of course! The embroidery you see on them are from our Soho Bandana machine embroidery collection from OESD. IMG_1067IMG_1076724972587278Don't forget, get 20% off your Banded Baskets pattern by entering code BBspring at checkout!

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