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One of my favorite patterns of last fall was the Pieced Stool and Table. This pattern is just cool. It's a great version of the ever popular pouf, with one special feature; you can actually sit on this pouf! I've made a million different poufs and no matter how much I've stuffed them, I still sink to the ground, making them only useful as footstools or decoration.

PIJ983CR-4T This footstool however can also be used to sit on (and I don't mean for tiny folks, I mean anyone can sit on it!). We used it Bosal's foam hassock as the insert. Admittedly they can be a little tricky to find, but when in doubt you can totally find it online. If you don't want to use Bosal's hassock, no worries, there are also instructions included for making your own foam insert. 5514 PIJ983CR-7T There are quite a few different versions given in the pattern. The side table size (solid or Dresden plate), the footstool size (Dresden plate, pieced and solid), and a recycled version. That is a lot in one pattern! There are also two closure options, you can either whipstitch the bottom on, or if you think you will want to wash it, you can use a zipper closure. 5521The Crossroads Denim is a great fabric for this pattern. It's substantial, hard-wearing and easy to clean. Not to mention, it's easy to sew (which, lets face it, is a huge plus when working with thicker fabrics.) I might be whipping a few of these up for my living room, where we lack seating. Where would you put one in your home? 5753

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