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The Creative Crossbody Bag is one of the most fun Crossroads patterns to make, simply because it gives you the option to really make a one of a kind bag. By playing with colors, fabric and even construction techniques you can make a bag that is perfect for you.


My favorite part of the Crossbody Bag is the applique option. It's so simple, yet so striking. Isn't it interesting how different the two appliqued bags above look, even though they are the same pattern? It's amazing how use of color can really distinguish a look.  Also, these two bags are showing the serged technique option. How simple is that? You just serge the whole thing together, and that includes the zipper opening.IJ970CR1_CreativeCrossbodyBag_CVRrv

This bag is the same pattern, but looks totally different. Aside from the fact that it has a bound finishing technique, it also boasts a larger, diagonal pocket and, of course, no applique. We combined our Crossroads Denim in this bag with our SoHo Bandana cotton line to add a little print excitement. How would you personalize your Creative Crossbody? Would you applique on a cotton print, to really add some excitement? Would you keep to a muted or bright color scheme? Share your ideas, we would love to hear them!

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Indygo Junction Staff on

Hi Sally,
This bag would be really cute made out of wool. I would recommend using a sew-in interfacing for this project, rather than a fusible. The weight needed will vary depending on how heavy your felt is. However, you should use at least a medium weight if not a heavy. We often use Bosal interfacing. Hope that helps!

Sally Morgan on

I want to make this bag out of a felted wool. What would be the best interfacing to use. Do you like a brand of interfacing better than others. Thank you for any tips you can give us. This is a great pattern!

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