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We use denim a lot in our patterns, whether it is our Crossroads Denim or using recycled denim from old jeans. We sometimes forget that sewing with denim can be intimidating for those who work mainly with light cottons. That is why I wanted to share this tutorial from Melly Sews with you on Tips to Sew Denim. 8784d4bfa970b901b4ed3ed7279ad786 With just a few basic tips, you can feel confident to start sewing on any fabric substrate, and with a little practice, you will soon find yourself a pro! Denim is such a versatile fabric - great for home decor projects as well as garments. Check out some of our favorite denim patterns below... PIJ986CR-6T This version of The Modern Silhouette Vest is created out of our Crossroads Denim, which is thinner than classic "jeans" denim, and drapes really well. Recycled denim from old jeans also works well in this vest - you can see below where we accentuated the side seam from a leg of jeans down the back of the vest. PIJ986CR-13T Denim is the hardest working fabric in the business. That is why we like to use it for home decor projects, especially those that may be used and abused like the projects from the Pieced Stool & Table. Made in a hearty denim, these stools can have feet, kids and animals on them day and night and still stay strong. PIJ983CR-4T The above stools were created in our Crossroads, but we also include a recycled version in the pattern, as seen below. Do you sense a theme here? We like to include a recycled version whenever possible - it's good for the environment and good for our pocketbooks! PIJ983CR-5T copy What do you think - are you ready to start sewing with denim? Practice with some cast-offs from your closet and then try some of our Crossroads fabric and patterns. If you haven't seen much about Crossroads Denim, check out the video below for a slideshow of projects that we have made from it. Now we have even more colors! Ask your local fabric store for Crossroads, or find it online.  

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