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In honor of the release of our new video, Recycle Denim Jeans, we are sharing tips for working with denim all week long. Our biggest advice about working with recycled denim is to NEVER throw away the back pockets. You can use them for so many things - they are fun and functional. On this version of the Grab & Go Tote we patch-worked different colors of denim together for this purse and then added a (carefully) cut off pocket to the back of the bag, creating a simple perfect pocket.


While our Take-Two Tech Pouch can carry your iPad and a notebook. One of the fun things about using recycled pockets is searching out the different varieties. Each denim brand will feature a different style pocket, with different shapes and stitching details. The pocket below came off of a pair of painters pants.



Don't overlook the front pockets of your jeans – they can be put to use as well! Our Chic Bucket Bag features both the front and back pockets and is super functional with lots of storage.


See more fun projects using recycled denim in our new video Recycle Denim Jeans and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube account!

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Pam Rapp on

Rocking great jeans bags…and yes this is my name and email address…thank you for sharing your beautiful bags..

rae on

How do I oder?

Faye Haddock on

I love handbags so I love all of the bag ideas.

Betty on

I really like the idea of raw edges and denim flowers on a purse. These ideas for this week have been so inspirational.

Verna mullet on

Hard to choose but really like the chic bucket bag.

jane d on

Love the ottoman!

Ann Beckemeyer on

I love the first purse shown in the video. LOVE the yellow lining. And the doggie bed is absolutely adorable; very durable, too. Please keep these wonderful videos coming.

Donnell R S on

I really like the bucket bag, but what caught my eye is the dog bed. I have two dogs who are rough on their beds, pillows, and toys. Denim might actually stand up a little better to them.

peaceful on

Today I like the pockets.

Kathy M on

After watching the video numerous time, I find I also like the Bucket Bag. I have seen the embroidered clutch in person at the Quilt Festival and it is adorable.

Cyndi B. on

I love finding jeans with really cute or fancy pockets. They can be used to really dress things up!

Nancy on

Really love the ideas you have shown. I even emailed the link to a friend, and she made a point to thank me for sending it to her. Great ideas!

Margaret Graczyk on

I wish my projects looked half as good as these :) Guess I have to keep practicing ;)

Joanne Dillon on

Goodness – pick a favorite? Love them all. How about a wine bag??

Betty F. on

I love Denim and keep all old jeans for crafts. These patterns are terrific.

Jane L. on

I love your upcycling. I am still new to your version, but have long used garments from consignment for theater costumes, especially mens suits.I recycle religiously and reuse containers for crafting.I almost stole super large non-needle syringe they had use to put dextrose (i’m diabetic) in my IV at the ER. Could be used with dyes. Love the idea of the jeans pockets. If the machine won’t sew, will use glue.

caroline rohrer on

lots of pockets are great

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