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In honor of the release of our new video, Recycle Denim Jeans, we are sharing tips for denim all week long! One of our favorite features of denim is its rip-ability (is that a word?? It is now!). The way denim is woven means that when you rip it, you can use the raw edge without having to worry about it unraveling. In fact, it creates a really nice soft edge which can add layers of texture to a project. The coaster project shown below, from our book Dimensional Denim, is a great example of the soft edge that ripped denim can give you. The white threads of the edges really brings out the hexagonal shape of the coasters.


In our Side Note Satchel we use the raw edges along the flat-felled seams of the jeans to create a design element. When denim is woven, the the warp threads are dyed indigo, while the weft threads are left white. This is why the denim is a lighter color on the wrong side. It also means that when you rip denim, you often get an edge of white - which you can see below popping out from the sea of blue.


Our recycled Patriotic Pillow uses large ripped strips of different colors of denim to create an all-American flag in denim. We used the Origami Squares technique from the Dimensional Denim book to create the stars.


Our Modern Silhouette Vest combines the raw edges of denim with a stitching element, in this case a decorative zig zag-like stitch. The edges don't have to be finished - again they won't unravel like cotton does - but it adds extra durability to the garment as well as a pop of color.


We have had a lot of fun working with our Crossroads Denim using ripping techniques. The following two projects are from our book Dimensional Denim which features 10 fabric manipulation techniques, many which take advantage of denim's raw edge. w2409 w6105 For our book Stitched Style we created cuff bracelets using both ripped Crossroads and Recycled Denim. We love the soft edge it creates!

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See more fun projects using recycled denim in our new video Recycle Denim Jeans and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube account!

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Laura on

I love the bags and the jacket! The dog bed is so cute! I think I like everything about denim.

Jayne M on

I love the Modern Silhouette Vest.

Barbara Gordy on

I love everything in the video but the bags gave me some ideas for Christmas gifts for my grandkids. I need this book! Thanks!

Terri C. on

I love the little doggy bed. But those bags are sure cute.

Carol on

I loved the purse with the decorative stitching in “jeans” yellow thread.

Barb Wilson on

I Like the idea of using my fancy stitches to add some Bling to my Denim project. Love recycled Denim. I need to practice making some Flowers.
Thank You

Nancy on

I still like the bags. I want to make a quilt out of my husband’s old shirts and jeans.

Betty on

The jacket would be great for my Grand daughter

jane d on

I love the ottoman!

caroline rohrer on

vest is very fun

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