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In honor of the release of our new video, Recycle Denim Jeans, we are sharing tips for working with denim all week long. We think denim is one of the best canvases for embroidery - hand or machine - we love them both! We have been working with the decorative stitches that are on our sewing machines. These simple stitches, which come with most machines, are such a fun way to add detail to a project. I love how the white stitching pops on the top band of our recycled Stitched Top Tote.


The recycled version of our Cutting Edge Jacket features stitching on the placket and cuffs. These were created with the "wrong side" of the recycled denim - to see more of that technique look at our post from Tuesday.


Serging is a great way to bring in a pop of color through stitching.  The stitching below on the Modern Silhouette Vest really highlights the contrasting fabric on the jacket.


Amy's love of stitching actually inspired her new Crossroads collections of Sulky thread. These are 12-weight threads, which are perfect for working with denim. All you need is a denim (16/100) needle and you are good to go for top-stitching or machine embroidery.


Do you love hand embroidery? Our 12-weight thread can also be used for that! One strand equals 2 pieces of floss, so you can layer as you like. Below check out our Petite Stitched Purse that was hand embroidered with our Crossroads Thread, on our Crossroads Denim.


Here is the same purse with full coverage of the decorative machine stitches on recycled denim. Isn't it amazing how the different stitching really changes the look of the purse?


See more fun projects using recycled denim in our new video Recycle Denim Jeans and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube account!


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Aimee Aimee on

Thank you for a great explanation. I was looking online for a similar idea and really appreciate it
Embroidery Designs And Patterns


You just amaze me with all your creative talents.

Susi on

Love these ideas!

Deborah on

I really want to make he ottoman, along with many of the ideas using pockets.
Thank you!

elizabeth on

I loved the way you used different stitch combinations to accent the denim—I have been making a book describing my different stitches. Now I can use them on projects. Your hat patterns are wonderful—where do I view them on your web site.

Betty on

I can combine my two loves, embroidery and sewing

jane d on

Love the ottoman!

Patricia Chapman on

recycling denim is right up my alley. Too bad that I don’t have a bunch of kids for a denim source but my husband makes an attempt. Love the poof. Purses are super with the decorative stitching too. So versatile.

Mary Sue Wysocki on

I bought the Modern Silhouette Vest pattern and I’m going to make that from some old jeans. Then I want to try the new wrap skirt too.

Vivian Oaks on

I’ve had some jeans I’ve deconstructed sitting around for several years now, and you’ve filled my head with all kinds of ideas!! I especially love the purse, and one of the pillows, in particular, looked really neat! Now all I need is more time! I WILL prevail!!! :-)

Glenda on

great way to recycle old jeans

Lori on

Just love the Stitched Top Tote. The decorative stitching really pops.

Nancy on

Nice denim jacket!

Gwen Niemisto on

The denim jacket!!! The style is suitable for any age and figure type.

caroline rohrer on

I have always loved embroidery. On denium really pops especially with extra heavy thread.

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