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Digital Pattern Tips and Tricks

Did you know downloading an ePattern is quick, hassle-free and convenient? With digital patterns you can start sewing almost immediately!

We have a broad selection of digital patterns here at Indygo Junction, including some old favorites that can no longer be found in print. You can print our patterns at home and we also offer an option to print "large format" at the copy shop.

• When you've decided on a pattern, you will be given the choice of a Shippable pattern or a Digital pattern. 

• Once you've purchased a digital pattern you will receive it almost instantly. After your purchase you will be redirected to a page where you can download your pattern. You will also get an email with a link to the download page. This link will never expire and you can can log into your account on our site to download it at any time.

What does the Inside of the file look like?

On the first page you will see the cover, the next page includes all the notions and fabrics required to make the pattern. The pattern instructions come after the cover and notions page. There are instructions for putting the pattern together follow that. Next you will see all the pages that need to be taped together to form the pattern pieces. Many of our clothing patterns include a final page (or two) called a "Large Format Pattern" or "Copy Shop file" This page is a full scale pattern that can be printed at the print shop. 

Instructions for pattern assembly are located below:

Quick Look

Large Format Printing Instructions

• Download PDF and save to a flash drive.
• Call your local print shop to ask if they have a 42" printer.
• Take flash drive to the print shop for printing.
• Start sewing!

For a more detailed explanation on this process, view our "Digital Pattern Instructions" under the resources tab on our website, or click here.

Quick Look
Tiling Instructions

• Download PDF and save to your computer.
• Print at 100% scale

• Double-check that the grid measures 1 inch on the pattern pages. You may consider printing a single page to verify this before printing all the pages.

• Arrange all the pieces on large, flat surface by fitting sheets together, matching up like numbers and letters (i.e., 2A to 2A). Check that your layout looks like the image included in your pattern. 

•  One piece at a time cut off the top and left overlapping margins.  If you have a paper cutter you can cut multiple pages at one time! Lay and tape your pieces back out as you go.

• Cut out your fabric and start sewing!

Full instructions for tiling the pages are also included in your pattern under the heading "Assembling the Pattern".

There are many benefits to digital ePatterns. 
You can reprint them any time  saving on physical storage space. If you change sizes, you can print again without the expense of purchasing a new pattern. As an added bonus, your access to the pattern will never expire!


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Donna F on

PDF pattern are not easy to use. I do not like them at all. Why should I? Spend money buying them. Spend money printing them off, either at home or at a copy shop. Spend time taping them together. Spend 16 dollars for a PDF then more for the printing etc. Bring make the print patterns and be patient for the mail. Happy Creating.

Linda Morris on

A great day!

Gail on

I am getting ready (psyched up) to try a digital clothing pattern for myself!

I am a beginner sewer and in looking thru your clothing offerings, I do not see any mention of easy, intermediate or experienced pattern sewer? I want to be SUCCESSFUL! Please help me navigate around suggestions and what I need to be looking for in choosing an easy pattern for myself!?

Thanks for your help …. Gail

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