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Prepping for the Big Game Day

The Big Game Day (Super Bowl Sunday!!!) is coming and along with the cheering, your prep should involve sewing, of course! The wings are in the freezer, you’ve chosen the pizza to order, but what else? Use team fabrics and colors to add a creative touch to your celebration with Indygo Junction patterns and lots of other ideas we have for you! 

Clear to the Goal Line Bungee Bag

Our good friend, Mary made this adorable and helpful On the Go Bungee Bag that Amy used at last weekend's Chiefs game. Her pattern hack creates the perfect size, cross-body bag for at-home or away games. No more losing your purse under the seat or wearing out from carrying it on your arm!

Indygo Junction Bungee Bag pattern hack

Start with our On the Go Bungee Bag PDF pattern and follow the directions for making your chosen view. Note: We've corrected the measurements for the Short Bag with Fabric Band. Be sure to look here before you cut.

Indygo Junction On the Go Bungee Bag pattern hack

Mary used the strap instructions from our Pocketbook Wristlet Fabriflair pattern, but you can easily add a strap on your own, too.

  1. Add a short folded loop to the top of one side of your Bungee Bag.
  2. Before stitching, thread the loop through the D-ring of a Dritz Swivel Hook.
  3. Attach the other end of the Dritz Swivel Hook to the end of your cross-body strap, fold up the end and stitch securely.
  4. Stitch the other end of your cross-body strap into the opposite side of your bag.
  5. HINT: Use a Dritz Bias Tape Maker to quickly create a matching strap!

No Face Mask Required Cowboy Hat

Founder of Indygo Junction, Amy Barickman loves team spirit crafts and has loads of fun making and wearing her creations for kick-off time! For the Kansas City Chiefs game, Amy created a Chiefs themed Cowboy Hat to cheer on her favorite team. Her hat was effective – the Chiefs won!! 

Indygo Junction Team Spirit Cowboy Hat

Inspired by a friend, Amy added a logo hat band using a beer coozie and an upcycled grey tee shirt.

Indygo Junction Team Spirit Cowboy Hat

Using tools from our sister-brands Dritz and Omnigrid, Amy marked a cutting line and trimmed the coozie to leave just the logo. Next she cut the bottom off the tee shirt to create a hat band. And, as quick as you can say "Go Team!", she had a customized hat to declare her loyalty! This version was made in a hurry the morning of the game. In her next version she plans to try some additional finishing details.

Read more on Amy’s Facebook page, Amy Barickman Studio!

Indygo Junction 5 Way Wrap pattern

Warm Up 5 Way Wrap

Our 5 Way Wrap is the Most Valuable Player anytime you need a bit of extra warmth! Wrap yourself in a team themed fleece 5 Way to stay cozy and comfortable while you watch the game

Indygo Juction 5 Way Wrap pattern

Easy and quick to make, the 5 Way Wrap would be a welcome gift for any fan. Start now and you can have one ready for every Big Game party guest!

Forward Pass Pet Bandana

No party is complete without a pet in full gear to help with the cheering! Amy’s sweet kitty Chloe requested and received this adorable KC Royals Bandana to wear on game day during Kansas City's the World Series Run.

Indygo Junction Pet Bandana

Piper, who belongs to Amy's mom Donna, didn't want to be left out, of course. So, she got her own KC Chiefs bandana, too!

You’ll find a tutorial for the Pet Bandana on AmyBarickman.com!

 Indygo Junction Micro-Safe Hot Holders pattern

Touchdown Hot Holder Bowls

When the game (or the food!) gets hot, you can save your hands with our Micro-Safe Hot Holder bowls, like this K State version made by our good friend, Tracey! One of our most popular patterns, it’s just what you need to show your team spirit on the serving table. Great for snacks as well as hot eats, use team colors or fabrics for maximum points! 

Read more about our Hot Holders in our previous post.

Indygo Junction Micro-Safe Hot Holders pattern

Super Salsa for Super Fans

At Amy's house, her Game Day salsa is a must! It looks even more delicious served in a team themed Micro-Safe Hot Holder.

Amy Barickman's Salsa Recipe

Packed with fresh and yummy ingredients, the salsa is easy to prepare ahead or on the day of the game. Make plenty - it disappears quickly!

You'll find everything you need to know in Amy's YouTube above.

Indygo Junction Team Spirit Pillows

Over the Goal Post Pillows

Amy's Mom, Donna, stitched up this terrific Team Pillow to keep the fans comfy while they cheer. Measure an existing pillow or pillow form, add 1/2" seam allowances all the way around and follow Donna's quick 4-step trim tutorial.

  1. Cut a 2-12" wide bias strip of a firm fabric like broadcloth.The length will be determined by measuring the sides of your pillow.
  2. Fold the trim in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, and press.
  3. Matching cut edges, sew the trim to your pillow front using a 3/8" seam allowance and folding in a pleat at the corners. 
  4. Stitch your front and back pillow pieces together leaving an opening for turning. Turn right side out, insert your pillow and stitch the opening together by hand. 

    Indygo Junction Team Spirit Pillow

Chloe approved, of course. All she needs is a matching Pet Bandana!

Dritz Team Bean Bags Blog Post

Half-Time Huddle Games

Our sister-brand, Dritz, featured a simple, fun, beginner-friendly idea to keep the kids busy on Game Day. Stitch up their Team Bean Bags, set up baskets, decorated boxes or a make-shift goal post and hold a Half-Time Bean Bag Tournament. The big kids on the team will have fun with this, too!

Check out the tutorial on the Make Something Blog.

Football Terms Word Search

Need another activity for Half-Time? Check out the Football Terms Word Search we found. You’ll score extra points with everyone!

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