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Our Grids & Grommets purse uses curtain grommets from Dritz®. We created this purse in a fun, retro fabric from Hoffman. We have provided a tutorial and a video that explains part of the process. 

Learn how to use these grommets!

Step 1: Marking

Mark the location of your grommet. In the package with the grommets, is a template for cutting, however, we will be using another method. Place one half of the grommet exactly where you would like it to be. Using a marking tool trace around the inner circle of the grommet (this circle will be slightly smaller than the template). For this tutorial, we used heat erase marking pens from Dritz®.

If you have multiple layers of fabric to place the grommet through, you will want to baste the layers together before cutting to ensure none of them move around as you install your grommet. You can do this by adding a pin to each side of the marked circle or stitching around the area with a basting stitch.

Step 2: Cutting

Using a pair of sharp scissors (we like the Omnigrid 4” needlecraft scissors for this). Make a hole in the center of your marking then cut out the circle you have drawn.

Next, we need to cut out a little bit of the batting surrounding the edges of the cut hole where the grommet will be placed. The grommets will have difficulty holding together if you do not cut out this batting. Pull the outer fabric and lining out of the way so that you do not cut them when trimming the batting.  As you cut, the hole will stretch out slightly, this is why we did not use the provided template. Carefully trim away any frayed threads.

Step 3: Setting the grommet

The grommets have 2 sides to them, one side has small spikes in it, while the other has smooth rings. The side with the spikes will go on the inner side of your bag.


Place the smooth ringed side of the grommet in the hole on the right side of your bag and push the ridge into the hole you have cut.

If your hole is too small to fit around the ridge grommet, first try stretching the edge until it fits; if you are still unable to make it fit, then widen your hole very slightly with your scissors. A small cut can make a huge difference in the size of your hole so be sparing.

If your hole is noticeably larger than the raised edge of the grommet, you may want to run a basting stitch as close to your hole’s edge as possible and tie the stitching tight to the grommet to ensure that your fabric will not pull out of the grommet with wear.

Next, lay the other half of your grommet over the hole checking to see if any threads are showing outside the ring on either edge and if so trim these off. With the heel of your palm press down hard until you hear the sound of the grommet snapping into place.

Step 4: Testing the Grommet

Place your strap through your newly placed grommet and tug gently. If the grommet pops off you need to trim the batting more to reduce thickness.

Next, gently pull the fabric surrounding the grommet, if any raw edge pulls out, pop the grommet back off by placing a small screwdriver in the small opening on the wrong side of your grommet and pushing until the grommet pops open. Then run a basting stitch as close to your hole’s edge as possible and tie the stitching tight to the grommet to ensure that your fabric will not pull out of the grommet with wear.

Place your strap through the grommets and stitch according to the instructions in the pattern!

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