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Indygo Junction has teamed up with Dritz to give you a chance to win a grommet filled prize pack!  Not only will you get a copy of 6 of Indygo Junction's most popular patterns that use grommets, but Dritz has donated a selection of their grommets to go with them.

If you've ever wanted to try adding grommets to your purse or other handmade designs, but were too shy to try - this is your chance. View our video tutorial for tips on installing grommets and then enter to win! How to Enter? That's the easy part. View our Installing Grommets how-to video and post a comment to this post only letting us know what you think of the video. What did you learn? Did you see something you loved? What could we improve? It's that easy. Here are a few images to inspire of our Grids & Grommets purse created by customers!

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Tammy Carr on

I’ve watched the video a few times. I appreciate good directions. Thank you! : )

Bonney on

After watching this I cannot wait to try if for myself. I love the look of those great big grommets! I’d love to win this giveaway!

Cheryl on

Mary, Please pass the video on to your blog readers! We love to share the info with others as well. Encourage them to sign up as a Facebook fan! Thanks!

Susan Chesney on

I love the looks of these grommets and they seem so easy to install without any hard to use tools.

Emelia Burgess on

This looks so easy, why haven’t I tried this before?! I also LOVED the gathered bag you showed near the end, lovely!

Cheryl S on

I really like the detailed template so I can make absolutely sure that I’m in the right place before I commit.

Mary T Salmon on

What?? That’s it?? What am I waiting for? I NEED to make some totes or little bags for Christmas. I never knew it was that easy. Thanks!
I want to post this on my blog if that is ok with you.

Denise Bennett on

I would LOVE to win this pack. I love anything made with those grommets! Thanks for the chance!

Sandy Elfstrom on

Great product! I recently put some red grommets in my grandson’s curtains for his bedroom. the grommets were easy to install and looked great! I’ll use the reinforcing tip on future projects – especially the bag patterns I am now inspired to make!

Joyce on

Wow! Love the grommets and the video was super. Very clear audio and good tips without being to elementary. I have wanted to use grommets on something as the look is so cute. Can’t wait to see the little bag made from ties. Darling!!

Rita on

LOVE the new Dritz grommets!!! After doing a complete bathroom remodel last year, I made valances for the windows using them. SO easy & love that you don’t need any ‘tools’ to put them together!!! The video makes it even easier :0) And, of course I’m a HUGE IJ fan….have been thinking of making grommet bags so this is perfect!

Stefanie Gott-Dinsmore on

Your video is helpful, I’ve been wanting to get on the grommet train and this would be a helpful kick in the butt! ;)

Cheryl on

Hi Joyce, That little bag made from the man’s tie is called our Tie Pocket Pouch, IJ881. It’s a great little pouch made out of the wide end of the tie. It uses a grommet & elastic. You can also make it using a magnetic snap closure!

Thanks so much and good luck!!

Cheri Brown on

I like the large size of the grommets.

Judi Reiss on

These grommets are so much prettier and easier to use than the ones I used over 20 years ago on a round shower curtain for an antique free standig bath/shower. I think I used three packages of Dritz siver grommets. The instructions by Dritz were very clear and I had no trouble but wow, these new grommets in such reat colors would have been a knock out!

Sandra on

I have been looking at grommets and this video just makes me want to make a purse with them that much more.

Brenda Ward on

Been wanting to try these grommets, thanks for a great video.

Kathleen on

I bought a package of grommets a while ago, and never opened the package. Bet this makes it look so easy! And your patterns make such cute bags to try them on. Thanks!

Cheryl C. G. on

I can’t believe how easy it looks to use grommets! I have always shied away from them, thinking they would be way too hard to do. Thanks for the video info and here’s hoping I win!

Paula on

OMG! I don’t have a single grommet! What a fun thing to make!

Darcie on

Wow, those look super easy. I love the look of your grommet purse designs, and I’d love to give them a try!

MarciaR on

All of those projects look fun to me!!…who knew those grommets were so easy to install.

Barb Colvin on

It’s been years since I last installed a grommet (some sort of camping gear project). For some reason I didn’t think there would be that much prep work before the installation. I like the fact that no special tools are needed, just a little hand pressure to snap them together. Thanks for the tute!
btw I noticed when you gave the distance for the stitch line around the hole, you forgot to say inch. Just a minor glitch ;)

Melinda on

I hadn’t realized that the grommets were that easy to use. The wallet with the grommets looks cute!

Lori on

Thank you for the grommet tips! I didn’t realize how easy they could be to use until I watched your video.

Cheryl Nocera on

I have made the above bag using the pretty metallic grommets. I had double batting so it was difficult to install them so I asked my husband and he did it for me. He is my official “Grommetier”.
You say to trim some of the batting away in your video; how much? I could not tell in the video.
I would love to use the tourtoise shell ones. And the necktie pocket; how clever!

sue borges on

Great video especially the part about cutting the batting away before you lock the grommet together. I didn’t do that last time and the grommet kept unsnapping apart.

Nancy Myers on

I had no idea how these grommets worked when I bought my one set last spring. The video showed how easy it is to cut the hole and insert the grommets. I am now ready to use the grommets in my tote project. I have not seen the many colors of grommets in my area, so i am happy there are so many choices of colors.

Maureen Kowalski on

If I knew how easy it was, I would have been using them long ago. No more excuses for me!

MaryJean Bower on

I am no longer suffering from “grommet phobia.” Your video makes this look easy and fun!

shelly rae wood on

LOVE those big grommets in the bags! WAY cool! :)

jane on

Great video! Always helps to have a visual when attempting something new. Grommets give everything a unique look

Cheryl on

Hi Cheryl,

I’m glad you loved the video. I would say trim away just like a 1/4 inch of batting. Just enough so the grommet will not be snapping on batting. If you are using a double layer of batting/fleece, trying trimming away one layer and see if that will work. I’m glad to see everyone loves the Tie Pocket Pouch, IJ879. It’s a really fun pattern.

Wilma Searcy on

Hope I win! I am always ready to try something new and fun. My granddaughters would love bags made with grommets.

Virginia on


I loved the video. I had seen the grommets at a local sewing expo but did not know how to install them. How neat. What a great idea when making a shower curtain. I think my favorite was the small purse.

Tamsyn on

This video is great. I’ve been imtimidated by the gromment patterns, because I thought it would be easy to mess up. Thank you!

Jeanne Duvsl on

Wow! That looks so easy, can’t wait to make a tote bag with these great grommets.

Timyra Dodd on

The video shows how easy it is to use grommets and opens up a world of possibilies for using them!

Beth on

These grommets look so easy to use! I like the grommet wallet. The tie pouch is very clever!

Jean on

Grommets have surely come a long way!

Pat on

Such a great little product – and so easy to use. I love the tie pocket pouch. Thanks for the video.

Pamela Cowart on

Awesome video!!!! I know I can now make my purse without a problem! Love all your pattern

Paula M on

I’m more of a visual person, so the video was very inspiring. Thanks for making it available.

deedee on

I realized after watching the video.. how have I lived with out crafting using gromets before this…please give me the chance to try them out! :D

Sheppard on

Oh my! there aren’t any tools??? They just snap in that easily? I have been avoiding them since I figured they were hard to install. I think I may have to get some today!

Debbie Mormon on

When making larger bags, I always do two things -
- Use a zigzag stitch around the edge of the hole
- Put a thin strip of fabric glue inside the grommet just before you put the two pieces together.

This ensures the pieces will stay together and hold firmly.

lynn on

How easy! I have watched this video and love this product. I make purses as gifts and this would be the perfect notion to use. Thanks for letting all of us aware of this product

Lorraine Glach on

Wow, a picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth 10,000! Love it!

Deanna Reed on

I LOVE these! Have used a few with great results!! Would love to win!!

Rebecka on

I love the look of the grommets on the bags. Thanks for the instruction and it will be fun to try!

donna on

Like the template for placement.I always have trouble getting the exact place to put these kinds of things.Now,if only someone would come up with a template for snaps !But I guess those ore too small and we should be able to hold them in place or glue stick them.Oh,I also like the color selection.thanks.

JudyC on

I think I can do that!!! I always thought they had to be pounded in with a hammer. I need to get my grommets out of hiding and and try one of your cute grommet purses!!!

Carmen on

I liked the tip about clipping back the fleece so the grommet would hold properly. Thanks

Nancy Sartanowicz on

I like the video tutorial on grommets. One thing that could have helped me was to see the stitching around the hole closeup. However, I’m ready to go with the grommets — I like the look of them and they seem far easier to use than I thought. Thanks.

Jo Nardi on

Just the boost I needed to try this technique!! Thanks

Maryanne on

I love the grommet patterns you offer and I think the video is very informative. I like the tip about stitching around the hole before applying the grommet. Great tip!

michele on

After viewing the video, I would not be so hesitant to try this out! Looks easier than I thought and the finish is so nice.

Suzanne on

WOW! I didn’t realize how easy it was to ues grommets. I will have to try them in my next bag project. I enjoyed seeing all the other projects that your customers made above too.

Diann Maxey on

I can’t wait to try a project with the grommets. I love the purses; very cute!

Rhonda Weddle on

The video was very informative. Since I’ve only worked with small grommets, I had no idea how to apply the larger ones, so I never pursued using them. Now I will! They really make a project shine.

Lesli Fields on

Good video. It was clear and simple. Anyone should be able to master installing grommets with your simple directions. I love the look of grommets on bags and totes. Such a simple touch, but it changes the look from “nice” to “great”!

Nancy on

Great video! I love working with grommets. Used them on a couple of quilted shower curtains. They are so easy and look great. Next I want to make a tote/purse with grommets.

Candy on

Just watched the video and am really impressed. What CAN’T you put grommets on? Fantastic.

Patti on

I have been avoiding grommets…they scared me to death. No more! I am going to make a bag with grommets! I didn’t realize how easy they are to install. This opens an entire new universe to me…thank you so much!

Jude Curtin on

I never knew how easy it is to make grommets. I can think of several uses for them in my home. Thanks for your short and precise video instructions.

Jeanine Brinkerhoff on

Great video. You should always promote the other videos you have recorded by telling us where we can find them. :-) Pictures truly do speak loud than words. Keep up the good work.

Lenore Sexton on

I’ve had a package of grommets for awhile thinking they would be difficult to install in a tote with a thick interfacing. Thanks for the including the tip to trim away the thickness around the grommet hole.

cindy on

I saw these 2 weeks ago at the Long Beach Quilt Festival and the booth told me how easy they were to use. I found a pattern I liked with the grommets at the show. Now I just need to win the package so I can finish my bag. Thanks for this great opportunity! Have a good one.

Sue on

I had no idea that it was that easy! Amy gives great tips,too.

Susan E Whittemore on

Video was most helpful. Especially the tip about sewing around the opening before installing the grommet.

Cindy Rush on

Wow! I’ve been wanting to make a purse using grommets for a long time. This video really helps. It’s so easy! Who knew? That little tie bag is adorable. And so are the purses in the post pictures. Can’t wait to give it a try.

Cindy Bee

Barb Bennett on

Love the tips – can’t wait to try it!

Gloria Linburg on

The video was very informative and answered all my questions about installing the grommets. And now, since viewing this, I can’t wait to make a bag with them! Thanks for sharing the video.

Connie on

Great video! Can’t wait to give it a try. Amazing how something that looks time consuming and difficult is really not that complicated! Thanks!

Brenda on

Great video. Can’t wait to try this. Looks very simple.


Have used smaller grommets, sometimes with success and sometimes not, so have avoided patterns like these. Now that I see how easy it seems to be I’m going to have to try them again.

Glenda on

I’d watched the video before the contest - but now I’m back to comment and hopefully, WIN! I am ordering the purse pattern today. SO cute!

Lillian on

I didn’t realize it was so easy to install these. Hadn’t tried them yet. And I love the projects. Thanks.

camen mays on

It looks very simple and easy to do.

Melissa dahan on

Video was great! Grommets always scared me
But maybe now I can do it! Using a template is a great idea!

Judy on

Great Video! I made a grommet bag without a pattern and didn’t do the reinforcing and the fabric pulled away from the grommet. I plan to watch all the videos now and see what else I can learn. Clear Instructions and easy to understand.

Mary on

This was an excellent video. I have not used grommets but I feel comfident after viewing the video that I could use grommets with no difficulty. I like to make purses and I think your patterns using the grommets are very sweet. Thanks for this tutorial. I look forward to using grommets and your patterns.

Karen on

Your video definitely takes the fear factor out of using grommets. Love the tip about sewing around the outside of the circle before installing the grommet. Visual instructions definitely enhance written instructions. Great job!

Alice on

After seeing the video I can’t believe I had been putting off trying gromets on my bags! I could remember the tiny things we use to put in belts (way back when) and how difficult it was making them look right……not any more! This has moved up to priority on my project list! Thanks for the great video and chasing off my doubts…

Darlene on

I continuously admire grommets when I’m on a shopping expedition but felt instant intimidation. Watching your ‘how to’ video made it appear easy to do and less intimidating. I didn’t realize how easy they were – especially that they easily snap together by pushing with the heel of your hand. I’m very bagophobic and avoid making bags but I’d love the opportunity to win so I’d have the chance to try my hand at making bags. Thanks you!

Debra Bopp on

I always seem to need a “visual” this finally makes sense to me. Thank you for showing how cute these accents can be!

michele on

Wow. Great tutorial. Just in time, too. I am planning to amke a shower curtain from an old quilt and was wondering how to put in the grommets. Now I know, Thanks

Lillian on

Not sure if my comment went thru or not.

Jo on

Thank you! Your how to videos are a great resource. These grommets are fantastic and very durable. I have used them to make the boxy backpack and my next grommet project will be the grids and grommets bag.

Tami on

I love grommets. I have made the Grids & Grommets bag and loved it!! I was actually shopping in a store out of town and someone wanted to know where I got it – I told them I made it and went on. I thought to myself I should give it to them and my daughter was with me and came up to me and said “you should give her yours” … and so – I got a plastic store bag and dumped my stuff into it and gave her mine. It was a really good feeling!

Judy Wright on

I’ve always wondered how these worked. Thanks for showing how easy it is.

Diane on

These are much easier than the old way of hammering them in. I love the fact that they just snap together.

Laurie on

I have made a couple of your grommet bags and love them!
The grommets are so easy to install and the video is great.

Susan Moroney on

Aha a lightbulb moment! I had looked at grommets but always thought it wouldn’t take much for them to pull out, I never thought about sewing and zig-zagging around the hole! But sewing around it would make it super durable, makes perfect sense now! Thanks for a fantastic video!!!

Glynis on

I had no idea grommets came in so many colors, shapes and sizes. After watching the video, I can see them on so many projects. Thanks for the tips!

Jeri L Downs on

I’ve always loved the grommet look, but have been scared of them. This helps a lot! And I love the tips from the other sewers! Thanks so much! :)

kraftyiam on

Howdy, I’ll admit I hesitated…it’s a grommet, right. Wrong! The video was short and to the point. These grommets are large and just in time for my bag-making spree. Can it be any easier than snap…Grommets of the past were tiny and so much harder to place…can’t wait to try these. Thanks for the chance to win!

Lynn on

I love how easy these were to install, I recently bought the tie pocket pouch and absolutely look so easy makes me want to go buy some dritz grommets and try one today. Off to the thrift store to get some vintage ties and Michale’s to buy some dritz grommets. Hope I win!

Cheryl on

Hi Jonni, The template for the grommet placement comes with the grommets! Bonus!! They would be perfect for your curtain!

Sheila Newcomb on

Great video! Extremely helpful. I made a purse with grommets before and the material kept pulling out. So now with these wonderful tips I’ll be able to go back and fix my purse and try more. I love the patterns. Thank you for providing the video.

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