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What does every quilter (or anyone who loves to sew) have on their wishlist? More fabric! Indygo Junction has teamed up with Red Rooster Fabrics & Simplicity Creative Group to give you a chance to win a the Quilter's Prize Pack.

Quilting Prize pack from Indygo Junction, Red Rooster Fabric & Simplicity Creative Group

The prize pack includes:

  • One yard each of 13 coordinates from Amy Barickman's fabric collection - Baby's Childhood Days from Red Rooster Fabrics
  • 8 different Simpli-EZ quilting templates from Simplicity Studio
  • A selection of quilting books/patterns from Indygo Junction including Whirlygigs Quilt (IJ896) & My Christmas Best (IJ1033)


For more information on Indygo Junction founder, Amy Barickman's process for designing fabric including images of the inspiration for the Baby's Childhood Days collection (like the one above showing the book that inspired this collection), visit her blog by clicking here! How to enter: That's easy! Just post a comment to this blog post only telling us what you favorite quilt block is and why. That's all! Don't yet have a favorite or are you new to quilting? Take a look around our website and let us know what you'd like to try as your first quilting project! Post your comment before midnight on November 13th! Good luck!

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Georgia Beckman on

I love the Lemoyne Star pattern. I don’t know if it’s my FAVORITE because I love them all, but I love star patterns.

Heather radcliff on

I love the snowball block.

Shannon on

My favorite is Grandmother’s flower garden. It is the one that brings back childhood memories, my mother had one for many years that was made by a family friend.

Jaye G on

Pinwheel is my favorite, they’re cheery and show more of your fabric choices print.

Susan on

This is a hard one, as there are so many blocks that have great appeal. I think I’d have to say the Dresden Plate block is my ‘fave’ – it has translated well from traditional to modern layouts, dimensions and fabrics, and lends itself to both machine and hand assembly. The top reason, however, is the link to my Mother who also loved this block.

LJ on

I love the pinwheel. I’ve seen lots of quilts lately that are using rainbow solids paired with lots of white.

Miriam on

It would be hard to pick a favorite. So many neat ones! I am in the process ( a long one) of making By Wisdom a House is Built in the Country. Just not enough time in the day! You have so many neat things!!!!!

Cindy Farmer on

The Homekeeping quilt is my favorite. This quilt tells the story of my life! The block with the sewing bird holding the scissors with the spool of thread and pin cushion in the background is my favorite block!

Patty Ojeda on

I also love the pinwheel block! You can mix and match so much fabric with this one block and a quilt will look so good!

Vwren on

Monkey Wrench is my favorite pieced block because of it has such clean, striking graphic qualities. (Truthfully, I could name a dozen blocks and call each of them my favorite, lol)

Sandi on

My favorite is the Dresden Plate. When I was a kid, my Mom had a quilt in that pattern that she got from her grandmother. Although I hated naps back then, I remember enjoying looking at all the fabric and try to find ones that matched until I would fall off to sleep. Thanks for asking this question. Great memories!

Judy Ashlock on

My very favorite block is the bear’s paw, because of the striking effect it can have in a quilt using contrasting color. I would love to win the prize to use the fabric to make quilts for a pregnancy center for new moms who may have never seen a homemade quilt.

kathy on

I don’t have a favorite block but I love to make quilt with baby collection and read the book too I have the vintage and notion bookand love it

Marjorie on

my e-mail for the above comment was incorrect. I’ve corrected it.

Marjorie on

I love the log cabin pattern—there are so many things that can be done with this simple old fashioned block that begins with a square in the middle (or to the side).

Carol Yates on

My favorite block (among several) is churn dash. I don’t really have a reason – it just appeals to me visually. I saw a quilt pattern that incorporated several sizes of churn dash blocks and it’s on my to-do list.

Pamela Mace on

I actually love Log Cabin and Nine Patch quilts. They are simple, but showcase the fabric and look so vintage.

sue feely on

my favorite is a hexagon quilt; it’s timeless!

Marilyn Guidry on

One block that I really like is called Windblown. I needed a block once to make a black and white print quilt. That pattern appealed to me and made the most beautiful quilt so it has remained my favorite.

Esther Russell on

I love all the traditional block designs that remind me of my Grandma Lucy, such as Dresden Plate, Churn Dash, and Log Cabin. She always had a quilt on the frame and I loved playing under the big tent.

Rhoda Ebersole on

My favorite block is the log cabin for its timelessness.

Abiga/Karen on

I have always wanted to try Dresden Plate, my favorite.

Becky P S on

I’ve made 9 patch and pinwheels and random/crazy blocks and disappearing 9 patch blocks. For me it depends on what fabric I am using as to what my favorite block pattern is!

Cathy Estabrook on

My favorite block is the Ohio Star. As a child, I had a star quilt on my bed until high school (when I got too “cool” to have a quilt – wah!). Found out later that it was made by my dad’s aunt. Don’t know what happened to the quilt & didn’t know the pattern name until about 10 years ago when I started quilting.

Bonney on

I love the nine square quilt. I know it’s very simple but it really showcases special fabric and it seems to work for so many uses. I also love the double wedding ring.

Barbara Scofield on

I really like the Ohio Star block because it is the pattern my grandmother used to make a quilt for me back in the day when I was a little girl (during the 50s). I have taken very good care of it through the years, and it is one of my prized possessions.

Jo Halm on

My current favorite is the pinwheel. I see them everywhere. They make me smile and feel happy!

Susan Chesney on

I like the one-patch quilts like the tumbler block or the apple core. They look so scrappy.

Hazel Dickinson on

I think my favorites are star blocks. I remember singing twinkle twinkle little star when a child & a star quilt would have been perfect!

Marcia on

I love the look of Log Cabin quilts. That would be my favorite block, but I have only made one because there are so many different blocks to try. Fabrics call for certain looks, and with all the variety, how can you pick just one.

Sara Rumbaugh on

I like the nine patch. It is so versatlle and produces dramatic results combined with other classic blocks.

Cindy on

I love card trick! I think mainly because it looks complicated but is easy to piece together and, with the right fabric, turns out really nice.

Margaret Bretherton in NZ on

I love Dresden Plate the best followed closely by Log Cabin – am a novice quilter but loving what I have done.


My Great Grandmother’s quilt was made of Dresden Plate block. I spent hours a child looking at the fabrics and made up stories about them.

Wilma Searcy on

I really love the Sunbonnet Sue block. I made a bed quilt with it for my granddaughter, and now I am making the Sam block for her baby boy.

drue hartwell on

I like Training Wheels. I like curves in most things, even my cars have curves (think an old Saab!!) I like how it’s straight lines up close (for sewing, obviously), but when you stand back it flows one pattern into the next. My second favorite is Monkeywrench, though not curvy, i like it’s old fashioned appeal.

Anna Daly on

My favorite block is the nine patch. I love it because it is so easy and can be alternated with photos for a memory quilt!

Debbie on

Picking a favorite quilt block is almost as hard as picking a favorite Indygo Junction pattern! There are SO many that I love! Guess I’d have to pick a nine patch, but it’s impossible to pick a pattern ~ love the purses, no~ the clothes, no~ the aprons, no~ the…. see?! It’s too hard!
Thanks for such a challenge, just send me one of everything please.. LOL! :)

Georganna Cheek on

My favorite is the half square triangle, because it inspired my creativity, so many different paterens can be made from several of them.

Jan Christenson on

My favorite quilt block is the Pinwheel. It reminds me of the quilt my grandmother made.

Paula Klaassen on

My favorite is Wedding Ring — my mom spent hours and hours fussy-cutting each piece to make sure it was just right!

Judy Stephens on

My mother’s favorite and mine too is Wedding Ring. Well, that’s what she called it. She died before finishing a quilt of this pattern. I have a strip of it hanging on the wall to remember her.

Myra Gutzwiler on

I love all of the traditional patterns. Your fabric lines are so appealing, and would be great in any pattern. I would love to win this package to add to my stash!

Jeanne Zukowski on

I love these fabrics how beautiful and what a talented lady you are.
My favorite quilt pattern is Double wedding Ring. For a quick quilt I like log cabin tied quilt. And I am learning applique,
Thank you for this chance to win this beautiful fabric.

Claudia on

Stars. All of them. I love trying new stars and try to put one in every quilt.

Judy Wright on

I love most star blocks, but my favorite is the Martha Washington star. I love the way there is a block inside of another block.

Marilyn Strain on

I love the Disappearing Nine Patch because it is certainly easy and can be made with every kind of fabric..from theme to vintage. It always looks different in every fabric.

Melanie on

My favorite is the nine patch. It was the first quilt I made and I love the look. Thanks for a chance to win.

Judy Brennan on

Amy, love your blog! Love the fabric lines. SO much fun. And, where would we be without all the wonderful templates/rulers. You do a terrific job of making exciting things for all of us!!

Jane T on

My favorites are the squares on the quilt named Housekeeping. I just can’t say one is my favorite.

Nola McDaniel on

Sunbonnet Sue or Grandmother’s fan.

Penny Smith on

My favorite block is the log cabin block. It was the first quilt I made and still my favorite.

Shirley Harrison on

I don’t know how to blog, but my favorite quilt block is the star. Its always a good fallback when I need to put something in the corners of my borders.

sherelyn nichol on

What a wonderful prize pack. Cou;d be lots of fun!

Evelyn on

I like the rail fence and the 9-patch because of their simplicity and versatility.

Shirley Gilchrist on

These fabrics are adorable. They would be a great start to my Grandmother’s Hope Chest (a term I heard that Martha Pullen uses to describe items made or collected for a hoped for grandchild).

Mary Gardner on

I love the Log Cabin quilt square and Nine Patch.
These fabrics are beautiful- I am already planning something for our nephew’s first child due in the Spring!

Judy Matlock on

My favorite quilt block is Grandmother’s Flower Garden. Altho my mother was not accomplished with needle and thread, she managed to make several flower garden quilts — each one taking hours of loving effort as they are all hand stitched and hand quilted. Someday I may try to make one with today’s created methods — by machine.

Maribeth on

Log cabin is my favorite quilt block. There are so many variations of it too. Great prizes-beautiful fabric!

Ute on

I love all the traditional quilt blocks,but I’m not very skilled at sewing, so the nine-patch block is the one I do the most

Cecelia on

I love the log cabin block – pieced traditionally or in a creative and contemporary look. I was one of the first blocks I made.

Tamsyn on

My favorite block is the Ohio Start. Beautiful fabric and wonderful giveaway. Thank you.

Carolyn Hamilton on

The Sunbonnet Sue is my favorite block. My great aunt made a quilt for me when I graduated from high school, now I’m making one for my soon-to-be great grand daughter, only this one will be crib size.

Jan Hood on

I love applique. One can make the most beautiful blocks with applique and the amount of fabric in just one blocks can be numerous. What more could one ask for than using many different fabrics in just one block. So many stories can be told with an applique pattern.

Jan Ross on

Favorite block is the log cabin. It looks complicated when it’s so simple to make and works well when surrounded by simple blocks such as the nine-patch or even a plain block.

Lillian on

It’s hard to have a favorite block. I like all the traditional ones – log cabin, pinwheel, etc. Guess I’m a traditional gal.

Pat Piechocki on

I love the log cabin – it is so versatile and easy to do – it can be changed around to look like a completely different block – I can be very creative with it.

Pam on

I love the nine-patch and would LOVE to have some of these fabrics to make quilts for the twins my daughter is expecting in May!

Judy Sullivan on

The log cabin is one of my favorites. It’s simple yet can be put together several ways with different fabrics.

kathleen on

I love the nine patch star – when I furst learned to sew it seemed so magical. Plus a star enlivens any quit

K Wall on

Basket blocks are my favorite and just about any applique block. What a nice quilter’s prize pack.

Kristy Remme on

The log cabin quilt block is my all time favorite! It reminds me of home and our interconnectedness with those around us.

Mary on

My favorite block is “snail trail”. It shows movement, flowing nature and can be used to create many different designs.

kelly toth on

Definately a log cabin girl

Jackie OBrien on

My favorite block is One Block Wonder – every quilt is a mystery until it is finished. I have made 47 One Block Wonders

Sheryl on

I agree with Jan, so fun to do the log cabin and nine patch~changing it a bit adds some self creativity too. I also like the quilted jacket pattern you have. Need to put that on my wish list.

Kathryn Laposata on

My favorite block is Young Man’s Fancy, which I used to make a pillow for my husband the first Christmas we were dating. Kathie L in Allentown

mandy weaver on

I’m loving the churn dash block done in 30’s right now

Peggy Rogers on

I have a new granddaughter due in February and would love to make a baby quilt with this pack!

Ruth Gerike on

I saw what was called the “granny’s star” in a quilt magazine, and I really liked it, and then the tried and true “nine patch”, as it can be sewn together to take on some many different looks, and add in a few half square triangles here and there. The fabric give away is awesome, and with just getting started in quilting, the templates would be great !!

Donna Joy on

I have always liked Winding Ways or Storm at sea. The colors flow to create interesting new designs. Really liked your floral Petals bag, and your whirligig quilt.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Patricia J. Conner on

My favorite is the log-cabin. It was the first quilt that I remember as a child my mother showing me how she made it. She would also add here and there a yo-yo or two.

Mary Ellen Coumerilh on

My very favorite quilt block is the Drunkards Path. It is challenging but so much fun.

Karen A on

Building Blocks is my favorite and with my first grandchild due in March this would be quite a surprise! Karen

Kathy Riley on

My favoriteis any kind of crazy quilt. It has so many variations.

Inez Fay Hulsey on

My favorite is the grandmothers flower garden. My mother won one in a raffle back in the 1940’s. The hexagons were the size of a nickle Loved that all hand made quilt .

Peggy on

The 9 patch is my favorite. I have 9 children so that represents my family!! I have a barn quilt of the 9 patch and each square is the birthstone color of my children. It is a joy to see it everyday and think of my children.

Theresa on

I love the wedding ring quilt pattern. It is so beautiful when made into a complete quilt; with the right material.

Judy on

I like the no-waste method of putting together the flying geese unit. It is used in so many blocks that I can’t pick a favorite square block, but love the unit block.

Terri on

Not so much a “block” as a childhood memory: I used to sit with my grandmother and “help” her quilt. Her favorite was making a crazy quilt because she said every piece of fabric reminded her of a crazy story—she used pieces she cut or tore from shirts that were worn out and would even sew a button on if it had a particular memory. I would sit for hours with her, listening to her stories, and quilting with her—well, sort of. Grandma would thread a needle without a knot in the end for me and I remember sewing endlessly with that needle and thread. For me, not so much a favorite block, but a favorite memory.

Donna Holman on

Attic window is my favorite because if was the first quilt I made for my first grandchild!

Connie Pietrala on

Weather vane is my favorite It makes great secondary designs besides having good proportions on its own.

neena simmons on

my favorite is the snails trail. I love the way it moves. Thanks for a chance to win!

Jessica Monte on

Oooh this one is easy my favorite pattern id autumns journey i made this at a mystery quilt class and fell in love so made bigger blocks for my king size bed. I also love nutmag stars.

Jean MN on

My favorite quilt block is the Double Wedding Ring. I have done a few different DWR’s and am still in love with this pattern. It translates very well with whichever fabrics one wants to use. These would look wonderful for a baby DWR birth quilt. As I have a grandchild due in April, this would be inspiration to make another.

Sheilah on

My all time favorite block is Cathedral Windows! You can make it casual or quite retro!

Janet Schrader on

My favorite is flying geese. There are many ways to put this pattern together and it’s wonderful for scrap quilts.

Sandra Beck on

My favorite is hard to pick but I love the log cabin,drunkards path,& the dresden plate because they bring back so many memories of my grandmother. It would ne a privilege & honor to win anything from you.

katie paxton on

I love the churn dash. It is simple in design yet eye catching.
Thank you for this giveaway.
Good luck to all.,

shellie on

the log cabin has always been my favorite and I also LOVE appliques!!

thanks for the giveaway!

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