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What does every quilter (or anyone who loves to sew) have on their wishlist? More fabric! Indygo Junction has teamed up with Red Rooster Fabrics & Simplicity Creative Group to give you a chance to win a the Quilter's Prize Pack.

Quilting Prize pack from Indygo Junction, Red Rooster Fabric & Simplicity Creative Group

The prize pack includes:

  • One yard each of 13 coordinates from Amy Barickman's fabric collection - Baby's Childhood Days from Red Rooster Fabrics
  • 8 different Simpli-EZ quilting templates from Simplicity Studio
  • A selection of quilting books/patterns from Indygo Junction including Whirlygigs Quilt (IJ896) & My Christmas Best (IJ1033)


For more information on Indygo Junction founder, Amy Barickman's process for designing fabric including images of the inspiration for the Baby's Childhood Days collection (like the one above showing the book that inspired this collection), visit her blog by clicking here! How to enter: That's easy! Just post a comment to this blog post only telling us what you favorite quilt block is and why. That's all! Don't yet have a favorite or are you new to quilting? Take a look around our website and let us know what you'd like to try as your first quilting project! Post your comment before midnight on November 13th! Good luck!

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Sharon's SnippetsSharon on

I have to say the log cabin..was the first quilt I made and I still love it today.

Sylvia Meyer on

I love the log cabin blocks. You can use so many of your small stash pieces and put the blocks together in many ways. It always has a warm timeless feeling.

Vicki Lang on

Right now my favorite block is twin sister. I’m making quilts for my twin granddaughters with this block in it. The block also has a great second design.

Deborah W. on

Actually, I never met a quilt block I did not like – each plays an integral part in the creation of a quilt. I suppose when I do traditional quilts, the intent of the quilt, the fabric, the colors, the time of year, my mood at the moment, these all play a role in what becomes my favorite block of the moment.


Thanks! I love Grandmother’s Flower Garden.

Denny on

I love most any quilt block. My current project is a log cabin block, so i’ll pick that as my favorite. Thanks for doing this.

Judy on

Card trick—no churn dash—-no log cabin——to pick one—oh well—guess it will have to be the log cabin. So many to love. A new baby will join us soon—will need to decide-made his daddy a log cabin.

Jayne Griffith on

I love the churn dash. It always makes me smile.

Kellie on

Carpenters Star is my favorite.

Diane English on

My favorite is grandmother’s flower garden. I remember spending many happydays watching her work on that quilt. Thank you for the contest. I LOVE the Amy Barickman Baby’s Childhood Days fabric collection!

Kristy Vander Laan on

I love the Dahlia, so pretty and girly !!!

Kathy Kauth on

I love most quilts too, especially the dresden I prefer colors that flo together and not a mis match I am new to quilting but want to try one this winter a smaller project to start with to see if I have the skills which are needed.

Diane Laughridge on

I love the wedding ring block. I also love art quilts that just evolve and have no real pattern.

cindy coven on

My favorite block is the Ohio star. I don’t know why I just love it.

Pat C on

Anything with stars!!

Theda on

The Log Cabin block is one of my favorites, the combinations are endless. Next would be Pin Wheels. I love quilting!

Rise St. Arno on

If I have to pick just one it would be Log Cabin, the first quilt block I learned to make.

Jeanne on

I have been sewing Indygo Junction patterns forever. I now have my first grandbaby and would love to make a quilt from this sweet fabric.

Donna on

My favorite is the 9 patch. I know – sounds a bit lame but it really is versatile – it’s also the block I used in the first quilt I made that was given to my oldest so it’s also a sweet memory!

Sheri on

My fav would have to be the log cabin block. I love taking a pile of scraps and having one of these blocks emerge…..then combining them in unlimited layouts……stunning!

Becky on

Love this fabric!!!! Great seeing you reperesented at Country Living in Atlanta!

Liz Smith on

I love using the 9 patch because you can work any other block with it to make any kind of quilt. Put it on point, add plain blocks, put embrodiery blocks with it, just let your imagination flow.

Rebecca on

I have many but will say Kansas Troubles. My nephew picked that as the quilt he wanted me to make him as a reward for coming back to Missouri from Utah to help with the aftermath of a tornado.

Barbara on

I have several favorites….but I have always been drawn to stars, pinwheels and Dresden plates.

Sharon B on

I am new to quilting so I like smaller projects – haven’t ventured into alot of blocks – but I am going to start a spool quilt for my sewing room . So I guess that is my favorite block

Sheila Furr on

I love so much of Amy’s work and Indigo junction. Such Talent! i really like the bow tie, but my favorite is the log cabin. I know that it is a very common pattern, but to me it represents life: as you put it together you are building the events of your life-some bright some dark, some just there. When it is complete it shows a pattern of the events hope and strength of life.

Helen on

The pinwheel block is my favorite because it’s whimsical and uses scraps.

Stjephanie Mansdoerfer on

How generous you are with your giveaways and with so many fun ideas! Thank you! It’s so hard to pick one quilt block design as a favorite but I love the log cabin. It is a trusted design for many generations and is quite versatile. There are so many variations possible and it is easy to make. Thanks again!

Helen Bicknell on

There are so many beautiful blocks described in this blog. Every time I make a quilt block, I love it. I truly enjoy any star block, but the one that brings back so many memories is the Dresden plate. My mother and I made my first quilt with the Dresden plate. We had fun and it was wonderful working with her on the quilt. I still have it although I don’t use it anymore—it keeps her near to me.

Mary on

My favorite block is the Log Cabin. I love it because you can get so many different looks to a project just by turning the blocks a different way.

Lynn Sletta on

I have always loved working the Dresden Plate block in various patterns. It’s a traditional block that always brings back good memories of learning to sew quilts with my mother and grandmother.Thanks so much for offering a chance to win this wonderful give away.

Gail Steffen on

My favorite block is Log Cabin, probably because it is the first quilt I made, but Monkey Wrench and its variations have given me lots of happy hours.

kraftyiam on

Newbie here. My first stab at quilting moons ago resulted in it being so thick I stopped and turned it into a mini pillow. Thus, I enjoy all of the quilt blocks here, your website, ‘cause they are sure beautiful-I know it isn’t easy. It would be incredible to win. Thanks for the chance.

Christine Ziegler on

Honestly, I don’t have a favorite,,,yet. I’m new at this. Want to design my own in the warm colors of nature. Or with the fabric you show on the photo, I’d most likey make a baby quilt adding appliques. It’s time to sew and start out small!

Maureen on

I’ve always been fascinated by the Drunkards Path.

Cyndi on

I agree there are SOOO many wonderful blocks and so little time. I enjoy making the double friendship block and use it often for block swaps. It lends itself to a variety of fabrics and your fabrics would look wonderful in that block! Thank you!

Cheryl C on

This is a difficult question…there are so many I love! I have to say I’m always drawn to the feather star pattern. I haven’t made one yet, but hope to one day.

Lois DeRoest on

I love to paper piece because you can make such intricate blocks quickly without worrying about cutting the pieces to exact measurement.

Maryann Daniels on

I am always drawn to the old traditional blocks, because of their history, i think. My very favorite is the log cabin. I have seen some beautiful quilts using this block. I have only made one full-sized quilt using log cabin, but plan to do another in aquas soon!

Sharon on

My favorite this month is flying geese. It is a block that can help change a quilt from ordinary to extraordinary. I have been hearing the geese fly over as they flock up tohead south and always want to make more of the flying geese block at this time of the year. It would be a good time to make some baby quilts with this block someplace in the design. Thanks for combining the ideas of my favorite block with a favorite quilt to make—one for a new baby.

Gay Boston on

My favorite is Storm at Sea, because of the wavy effect the blocks give, even though all the pieces are straight lines. For these adorable fabrics, though, I’d want to make blocks that showcase them… perhaps a 9-patch of the solids alternating with blocks of the prints. Thank you, Amy, for sharing your talents with all of us so freely! Your videos are great teachers!

Wendy on

I love pinwheels! Great for using up your stash…making room for NEW fabric ;)

Jennifer P on

I love a simple rose of sharon applique and I use it a lot. It can be machine or hand stitched and can be very formal or very whimsical depending on fabric choice. You can also layer it in ever smaller motifs to change the mood. I would love to use these fabrics on a quilt for my new granddaughter. Thanks for the opportunity.

nicole on

I’m pretty new to quilting, and I really like the Whirlygigs! Thanks!

Mary on Lake Pulaski on

My favorite block is the pinwheel star because it has such movement in the quilt!

ungermom on

I love lots of blocks, log cabin is one I like a lot. Amazing what effect you can achieve with this one with using colors wisely.

Sabrina Abraham on

my favorites are the wedding ring quilt, I have always wanted one, and hope to make one someday and also the fan quilt. The are beautiful heirloom quilts that I have always wanted.I do also like the dresden plate quilt…love them because I want them! :)

Virginia on

My favorite quilt block is the “Dresden Plate”. We can make it with each petal a different fabric to use up our stash leftover or can make it as a whole cloth.

Margy on

What beautiful fabric…Currently, I am a “black and white” quilter so my favorite pieces of the line are the ones that are made up of those two colors. They are so beautiful and would make a great quilt for my sewing friend!!!

Krista Lindner on

My favorite quilt block is the Dresden Plate. My grandmother’s Dresden Plate quilt had bright yellow centers with green and red petals, it was hand quilted and is a family treasure.

Karen Harrison on

Whirlygigs and My Christmas Best, can’t decide, I love them both.

Audrey R on

My favorite quilt blocks are house blocks because it gives me a feeling of friendship. My quilt bee just finished a house block exchange and I am making it into a wall hanging.

Wanda on

I am a big fan of the 4patch block. I am new at quilting.

Annette Crain on

I would have to say the “square in a square” block is my FAV. The reason is because it looks like a tiny frame for anything you want to “fussy cut” and put in the window. I have used this block many times to frame my fav things. I love to transfer photos and frame them in the center.
Great giveaway package! Thank you.

Stephanie on

I love the flowers because of the color combination.

Angela B. on

My favourite block at the moment (I always find a new one to love!) is the thimble shape. I am working on a mini quilt with that right now. Thanks for the chance to win!

Cyndy Hearn on

The good old “log cabin” and all it’s variations. I’m getting ready to tackle some hexagon “cabins” again soon. Thanks Amy for all the inspiration and great giveaways!!!

Phyllis Jobe on

My favorite block is Grandmothers Flower Garden because it reminds me of simpler times.

Cheryl Bracken on

I just love all the fabrics, hard to choose. My favorite quilt block has to be stars. Because we are all someone’s STAR! Thanks for all the ideas!

Ann Barnhill on

I enjoy doing paper piecing and also like doing applique. My favorite block is new york beauty in batiks.

sheri ceglarek on

I love the crazy heart block, cuz I can make with dif wild colors to match the personality of person I am making quilt for!

Mary Gaul on

I like the nine patch,because you can do so many things by arrangind the blocks. Also the Dresdan Plate always turns out so pretty.

Linda on

I like the log cabin block. It is a versatile block that may be manipulated to give various results. Love the fabrics.

Robin Crittenden on

my favorite block is the log cabin because just the way you lay it out will give you so many choices on pattern. But if that were not around, the basket block always calls my name.

Cindy Craddock on

Drunkards path. It can be made in many sizes and put together in so many ways! A truely versatile.

Jean Klein on

Since I use Electric Quilt software to design quilts and quilt blocks, my favorite quilt block is the one I am creating at the time. I love everything quilting and enjoy finding new fabrics lines and exploring old books for inspiration for new blocks. I have a new grandchild coming and would love to use your wonderful new fabrics.

Lisa Cummings on

I really like Dresden plate. Maybe because I like dishes so much!

Cindy H on

The second real quilt I made was a log cabin and I think that will always be my favorite since I was so impressed that I could actually do it! :)

charla on

i like the pinwheel-it can be scrappy and still look good-
seems so light-hearted.

Linda Poore on

I have a quilt my grandmother made and she called the block “Kansas Sunflower”. It has gathered petals around a center. Quite unique and handmade by her many years ago.

Cathy Lee on

I love most all quilt patterns. My favorites would probably be the fan block and the zig-zag pattern. You can get really creative with the designs.

Lori Smith on

I am drawn to the simplicity of nine patch blocks, and any quilt that is scrappy!

Cindy Bart on

Being a newbie to quilting, it’s hard to pick a favorite. I’ve always wanted to try to duplicate the Wedding Ring quilt though my Grandmother had mad for me and was stolen many years ago :( I even have her machine she made it on. :)

Beth J beal on

I love the Dresden Plate. It can be varied depending on what type of tip you add and because it is a round pattern, it can be combined with some other patterns for an unlimited array of designs!

Kathy Norquist on

I love Vintage, and am especially interested in felted wool applique. I enjoy using simple log cabin and nine patch with wool, and embellishing with embroidery, buttons, etc.

Patti on

I am not a quilter, but love what I see!

Debbie Higgins on

I love most all of them, but I think the snowball is a wonderful block. Beginners can easily stitch one and find gratification on a creating avery pretty quilt while a more advanced quilter can use this block in so many variations i.e. focus block for fabrics, a friendship block, a spacer block for another block pattern, forming another focal point by positioning the block different ways, etc.

Wendi Unrein on

I am a hand sewer. I havent done a quilt yet but want to do one by hand. I love the Once Upon a Time kit you have in your store.

GayDell Trumblee on

Cathedral window is my favorite. I sew blocks of 12 together & take 2 or 3 blocks with me when I travel, I love auditioning the fabric colors for the windows & this is easy and relaxing to work on in front of the tv.

Julie on

I love the Mariner’s Compass block and all it’s variations — intricate piecing and striking graphic appeal.

Connie on

My favorite block is the log cabin. Great way to use up scraps and easy to piece.

Rose Landon on

I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite but high on my list is Bears Paw and Pinwheel. There are so many great patterns and you could never make them all but I am trying! That’s one reason I love quilts and quilting so much.

Carla Zsigray on

Oh my. My favorite quilt is the strip quilt. Everyone can do it. Use all of your scraps and special pieces to make a beautiful quilt everyone will love. Pieces from your children or parents clothes are pieced together and used like our great grandparents would have. Nothing goes to waste and it is economical. I love scrap/strip quilts. You can turn your squares into pin wheels, circles, houses, animals, you name it. Everyone should really try it. Sometimes I pair strip quilt blocks with a yo-yo at the center of each meeting block strip.

Annette Burke on

My absolute favorite is the double wedding ring. You can adapt this pattern to any themed fabric and I love it.

Elaine on

My favorite design is a butterfly that I designed and my grandmother pieced and quilted for me. I
did all the embroidery with black thread as is done on the Dutch Girl. She made Dutch girl quilts for all nine of her grandchildren and I helped with the embroidery on those too. Wonderful memories !

Gay on

I don’t really have a favorite block but I love any traditional quilt blocks and patterns.

Lynne Weinberger on

The pinwheel is bright and sweet – it would be perfect with Baby’s Childhood Days fabric.

Lynn on

My favorite is any of the ‘Rose of Sharon’ blocks!

Chris in OK on

The log cabin has always been my favorite. The placement of each block, the play of lights and darks can dictate so many looks.

Claudia on

There are two baby girls “in process”, so Auntie must get her machine humming after the holidays. My favorite block: ah, so many, but I really love hexagons, and this would make sweet tumbling blocks, wouldn’t it?

Teresa Arment on

My favorite blocks are tumbling bocks and bow tie. I love the quilts from the 30’s and 40’s.

Chris on

I think the Rail Fence block is one of my traditional block favourites (along with Pinwheel and Log Cabin!)

Kim on

It’s a toss up between two, the pinwheel and the nine patch. Both can be changed so drastically with different materials. The pinwheel seems so happy to me, and the nine patch is just so simple.

Ruchama Burrell on

I love kaleidoscope blocks. Precision coupled with the pleasure of watching the patterns come together in a new way makes these second only to my first love, crazy quilting.

Debra Bopp on

I love the log cabin and variations of it. So many ways to use it and cutting it up and re-doing it is fun!!

Katherine McCrea on

I love the log cabin block & rail fence block because they are so easy to make but offer endless variety. My true love is crazy quilt since the sky’s the limit and it’s as easy or challenging as I choose to make it.

mary stewart on

I love the pinwheel block. I discovered at Missouri Quilt company the easiest way to make perfect pinwheels and it is truly amazing and the ease makes it my favorite!

Karen on

My all time favorite is the log cabin followed closely by the crazy patch and rail fence.

Karen Diebolt on

I like the Card Trick block. I haven’t tried making it yet but I like the way it looks.

Judy C on

THis is tough as there are so many choices, but I have to go with Attic Window.
So many ways to set it up for seasons,
topics, memories. I often use it for charity
quilts for children.

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