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Indygo Junction aprons

Indygo Junction prides itself on having a large collection of every type of apron from the ruffley, half-aprons to the vest-like smock to the traditional over-your-head style. 

Many of our aprons are inspired by vintage aprons from Amy's personal collection! We want to help you pick out the perfect apron with inspiration from our Apron Trunk Show Video. Because so many vintage aprons were trimmed with bias binding, we decided why not do a fun giveaway that will make creating your own aprons much easier so...we've team up with Simplicity Creative Group to give you a chance to win a Bias Tape Maker (valued at $100) AND a selection of our top apron patterns.

How do you enter? Simple. Watch the Vintage Apron video embedded below and identified all six aprons shown above. One winner will be chosen at random from all of the correctly answered entries. Click here to submit your answers. REMEMBER - DON'T POST YOUR ANSWERS IN A COMMENT!! CLICK THE LINK ABOVE TO SEND YOUR ENTRY IN AN EMAIL!!

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Gina S. on

Would love to watch the video but i’m still on dial up and can’t watch any.

Karen Baker on

I’ve been taken back to my childhood, wioth wondeful memories of my Mom and Grandmother in their aprons. I love what you have createrd here.

Susan L Parrish on

I make a lot of quilts and this would come in real handy

Sherry on

Loved the video. I have many old aprons that belonged to my Grandmas.

Myra Gutzwiler on

I have made many of your aprons for gifts and my own use. Love them! I would sure love to win the bias tape maker. Sew many uses!

Cynthia E. Chilen on

Wonderful!! Have fond memories of my mothers aprons, and I just love these!!

jan walker on

Gorgeous, darling aprons -!!! I did not know there was a bias tape maker – what a fabulous idea. This would certainly make projects more accurate and wonderful!

B on

Great aprons. Would love the bias tape maker!

katie paxton on

I love aprons, my mom and grandmother always wore an apron, but took it off when they sat down at the table to eat. Great memories.


Well made video.
I especially liked the music.
My grandmother used to wear the long aprons that were the like the big ole dish towel for everything from drying hands to drying tears of children.

Patricia Triska on

I am still wearing my Mom’s aprons and she would be 104. They would be a great hostess gift.

Annette Crain on

I am working on a quilt now called “My Grandma’s aprons” by Bee in My Bonnet, Lori Holt. Your video is really sweet, and inspiring. Aprons are really “hot” now.
Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful bias tape maker.

sheri Smith on

Sheri – I’ve deleted your answers. Thanks for entering the contest!!

Julie Giles on

thanks!! it was great.

judyj on

What a great package! I would love to make the All Day apron for my sister-in-law who hosts the Holiday dinner for our huge family every year. Of course, all the other sisters and in-laws would have to have one, too. So, I’d need to make many!

Mary Gardner on

I enjoyed the video. I have a collection of aprons and love to sew a new apron out of fun fabric.

May-Lynn on

I can not get into submit your answer. Can I get in some other way????

Marsha Kruze on

I’ve made the all day apron with a favorite fabric just for me. I see another in my future and can’t decide which is to be first. Hmmm….

BridgetB on

Takes me back to my younger days when everone wore cute aprons.

Linda Phillips on

Such inspiration!! Wish I owned all the apron patterns!! The bias tape maker would be a great tool!

Helen Bicknell on

I want to post my answers; however, when I click the “Click here to submit your answers” it just takes me back to the page where I began. No place to put answers. What is up with this?

Laly López on

I think that the apron is one of the most useful thing for a crafter. , and the bias maker is awesome!!!!!! simple to use and with so much satisfaction in our work!!!! Congratulations. I am very fond of IndygoJunctions web site

alyson moore on

I found my Granny Moore’s unique potholder’s in her 200 year old trunk. It was kind of emotional because some of the cloth she used for the potholders is the same material she used to make me dresses and doll clothes. I was ten then and I am now fifty-six years old. So NOW I was to make potholders just like my Granny and I don’t want to use the store bought bias tape. Sincerely your, AM

Shelley Smith on

Very nice collection

May-Lynn on

Thank you for all your nice idles Would love to have a bias tape maker. I’m not good at making bias tape

Elizabeth on

I have been looking at these bias tape makers for some time now and have not been able to buy one but would love one.

Cheryl on

Hi May-Lynn,

You are welcome to email me your answers directly at

Thanks & Good luck!

Cheryl on

Hi Marlene,

You can just email your answers to me at

Thanks so much,

Marlene on

Beautiful aprons and video but I got an error message when trying to submit answers. Is there another site to mail it to?

Marcia on

Awesome . . . going to an “apron” gals event next week. Love the nostalgia about apron.

Georgianna on

This would be another great toy to add to my toy box. I always make my own bias binding.

Kathy on

My Grandmothers and my Mom always wore aprons. I have continued the tradition in my own kitchen. I can’t seem to cook without wearing an apron.

p debaere on

would love a bias tape maker. Am quilting and this would really help.

rebecca wright on

I love Indygo junction!!!!!! and amy barickman. your apron patterns are wonderful. I would love to win bias tape maker. thanks so much for the opportunity.thanks rebecca.

linda on

I am making aprons for pet salons and this would be perfect for making them more professional.

Lindabug on

Loved the video & sure I would love the bias tape maker. I have some 50’s tablecloths that I bought to make some aprons for friends Christmas presents.
BUT, when I click to submit my answers it brings up set-up for Outlook Express. I do not have an e-mail address for Outlook on my computer. How can I send it from my Aol or Gmail? Thank you

Teri Bigelow on

So cute! Sewing is great therapy and aprons are such fun gift projects. Thanks for running such a great giveaway. Somebody is going to be thrilled!

Jan Gloyd on

I am planning on making aprons and stuff for Christmas, the video was wonderful, THANKS.

Sheryl Myers on

I was reminded how important aprons were to my mother as I remembered that I seldom saw her in a dress without an apron. In fact I don’t remember the dresses, but I do have memories of her favorite aprons, and they were similar in style to a couple of your patterns. That apron often carried veggies or fruits from the garden as well as being a stand-in for a potholder. More than once I had a dirty face wiped clean with a corner of the apron. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. A wonderful seamstress, my mother often created her own bias tape, which I like doing as well. The bias tape machine would make it much easier and fun to coordinate the tape to the fabric.

Barb Dawson on

Lovely aprons, but hard to hear the speaker on the video w/ the music in the background…

Lee-Ann Lally on

Like the repurposed men’s shirt apron!

Grace Brown on

gr8t giveaway, sweet video… now to go over & submit my answers & keep my fingers crossed…

Barbara Johnson on

Pick me to win! I would love to own one! Please! Please! Please!
Have a great day!

Dawn Kostreva on

I would love to have have this as I like everything to match and my Mother’s aprons are all wearing out.

Karen Diebolt on

I love vintage aprons, and I love the vintage fabric available for making them. Good luck to all.

Evangeline on

Oh such fun!!! Love the aprons, especially the ruffly ones.

sharon on

Love the aprons and would love to win. My mother and grandmother had great aprons and now I am making one a year for my daughter and my granddaughter, they love them.

mary on

I LOVE to sew aprons and having a bias tape maker would make my aprons, oh, so much lovelier!

Patti on

Thanks for the ‘inspirational’ video and chance to win a contest! My Granny was my inspiration and your patterns always keep her close in my heart! Keep up the wonderful work or should I say play ideas…sewing can be ‘fun’!!! and ‘functional’ too!!!

Kathy Riley on

Not only do I love collecting vintage aprons I also find it great fun to make them. Thanks for the video.

Edy on

Had no idea there were so many apron styles…love it….

Karen Gass on

oh my – love ALL the aprons – and definitely makes me want to get sewing! :)

Patricia Blair on

I really enjoy and appreciate the instruction on the Indygo Junction website and blog. Having recently retired from teaching, I am feel as if I’m learning to sew all over again! All the new products, tools, and technology are great. Thanks for the opportunity to win a bias tape maker.

Kathy on

I adore the vintage aprons. I have made the over the head apron. It was a gift to my mother.

Evangeline on

Oops, would love to win the bias tape maker! :)

Jil on

This is every stitchers dream! Would love to have this sitting on my sewing table!

Inga Mossburg on

Love the aprons, I would love to make some of them for gifts this Christmas. I will have to order the patterns! I have to0ld the universe that I want to win the bias tape measure

Del Bransky on

Love the video! Mom always wore an apron in the kitchen. Sweet memories!

Sandy Chavez on

Thank you for the great giveaway, I love Indygo Junction Apron Patterns … When will you be announcing the winner?

Donna on

Love this product would love to win.

Sivje Parish on

Oh thank you for the chance to win!! I love aprons so much and I use bias tape constantly. I so would love to win this!

Jill on

Love these aprons a real blast from the past

Marsha on

Thanks for the opportunity to win. This will be a gift to my daughter if I should be lucky enough to have my name drawn.

Debra Schoch on

what a great idea! custom bias tape.. could use for so many projects..

ReNae Allen on

I love aprons, and love the fabric used to make them. Something happens to me when I put on an apron—it takes me to a place of domestic tranquility!

Dianne Erickson on

Love the vintage graphics! Would love to make them all…..probably will some day. That bias tape maker would really help.

Sally Red on

These aprons would make just about anyone WANT to cook…how cute! Aprons are a must in my kitchen and I am thinking a bias tape maker would be a “must have” for my sewing room!

Jessica Monte on

Oh thanks for the chance to win i ave never like making my own bias tape. This would be wonderful for all sorts of projects. Thanks for video lots of inspiration.

Janene Stott on

I love these styles of aprons. Brings me back to the good old days. I am so glad aprons are back in style!!!!!

tracy van reet on

I need to start making some that I can wear in my wheelchair, but can’t have the ties in the back, maybe an X with velcro at the ends near the waist??
These are way nicer than an adult bib! :)

Jo Isaac on

I will always remember my grandmother with her house dress and an apron over it. The apron held many wonderful surprises.

velia cane on

i can still see my mom in the kitchen. she always wore an apron. i love to bake and cook, and always ware an apron. yours are
really unique. i’d love to try making some
for my daughters.

LaRae Moore on

I love this website!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl Nocera on

Such wonderful blasts from the past; great aprons!

Sarah Lee Norman on

Watching the apron styles was fun and brought back many memories.

I have to wonder if it was only me… but the music, while very nice, totally over whelmed whatever was being said in the back ground. I’m left wondering what I missed????

Linda S on

I loved the aprons. I remember seeing my grandma, mom and friends of my mom wearing aprons of the same styles. The video made me want to start sewing my own aprons,,,,,now. Thanks.

Alice Lewis on

would LOVE to enter, but the link to enter contest here takes me to “launch application” that does not correlate to any email address I have.

Sylvia on

Could you please post the e-mail address we are to send entries to. I don’t use Outlook and as soon as I click on your link it tries to send me to Outlook.

Maggie Ptakowski on

Love these aprons- fond memories of my Mom and Grandmom cooking!!

Gigi on

What a great connection to the women who have helped shape our lives. The wonderful smells of baking and memories of their kitchens come alive when wearing the aprons of our mothers and grandmothers.

Kay on

This would make me so happy. I amaking aprons as Christmas gifts this year so it would get a lot of use

Beth on

You have a great selection of aprons in your shop! I want to make aprons for my daughter and daughter-in-law this Christmas! Thanks for the inspiration.

Chris on

LOVE the video except I had a hard time hearing Amy speak with the piano music at the volume it is. Perhaps it could be softer. Aprons are beautiful. Thanks!

Carol on

That reminds me I have some aprons at the back of the linen closet, I should get them out and start wearing them. Great aprons and I loved the different fabrics.

Michelle Earnshaw on

Hi! I loved the video. I got all the aprons, matched correctly, but I have never been able to send emails using outlook express for some reason. It always gives me a servoer error! Help? But, I have made the Slip Ove Apron, and it is adorable!

Marty Ramsey on

Glad to see apron making a GREAT comeback! I don’t ever remember seeing my grandmother without an apron on. She used it for everything….shelling peas, snapping beans, collecting eggs and tomatoes, removing homemade pies from the oven… many uses. Keep up the good work, ladies!

sandrinha on

I love aprons, and I make a lot and give to friends, I made for grandpa, he is 87 ya and he lives by himself, his kitchen its very organized and was missing apron, and nice hand towels matching the aprons ;)
I remember my grandma using aprons, and she used to crochet around them. It’s was a wonderful time to see her cooking and cleaning her hands on the little towel hanging on the apron pockets :D


I love aprons and would love to convert my daughter, daughters-in-law and granddaughters to using them. I guess they were such a part of my life growing up. My mother and grandmother would never go “to town” without putting on a clean apron!

Mary Mcmahan on

I love all these aprons. Some of them bring back some great memories of my childhood and teen years when I stayed with Grandma a lot. She always wore such pretty aprons.

She would gather eggs in her apron, carry vegetables from the garden in them as well. But she always made her aprons. They were always so pretty made from feedsacks back then.

Thanks so much for the memories.

Oh, how I would love to win the bias tape measure and make some of these aprons. My Grandmother and my Mom are gone now, so I have none of their patterns left.

Sandy Chavez on


De Andrea Mamon on

All the aprons are beautiful, it brings back wonderful memories of my grandmother who wore her aprons as an everyday attire. She owned her own restaurant and she digilently wore her aprons to match. Wow! What an awesome bunch of ladies who have brought them back along with the pleasent memories of the aprons. Ladies keep em’ coming!!!!!

Cheryl on

No problem. Just email directly to me at and you will be entered to win!!

Cheryl on

Monday!! Are you excited??

Thea on

I couldn’t enter your contest as it said the email default wasn’t set up – have no idea what that means so too bad. I use bias tape constantly – I sew little dresses for Africa and go through miles of it. Maybe it will be a Christmas gift.

paige thomas king on

I am in the process of making new aprons for the staff at the shop. It is the Slip-over Apron style. I sure could use that bias tape maker! Thanks for the video and contest.

Carla Zsigray on

I remember my grandmother, mother, and other family members wearing aprons. All a show of their love of us by cooking for us. All the holidays, there was an apron on. I have given aprons to others but to be able to make them would be fabulous. I love your site and “everything” I have purchased from you. Keep up the good job for all of us.

Sally Hart on

What a flashback all of these pictures caused. I could just see my mother, grandmother, aunts . . . every female in the family wore an apron. . . sometimes all day! Great contest.

Karen Propes on

Thanks for the tutorial on aprons, I do believe that I can make at least one, so nice to know the different styles.

personal finance on

I’ve truly understand several outstanding stuff in this article. Unquestionably price tag book-marking pertaining to revisiting. My partner and i astonish the amount of work you determine to produce the sort of excellent informative web site.


Love your product line and have purchased several patterns.What a grest idea using old shirts for aprons.Ihave a large family and that would be easier on the wallet!

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