Clover Purse Hardware Prize Pack

Want to make your new purse look store bought? Try adding hardware. Indygo Junction has teamed up with Clover to give you a chance to try some of our favorite purse pieces! An assortment of Indygo Junction purses that use purse hardware are included in your prize pack along with the following fun and functional Clover items: D-Rings (three sizes), swivel latches (two sizes), O-Ring, a set of purse feet, magnetic snap closures (two sizes), rectangle-ring set, two leather bag strap handles (one flat & one tube - both 24" long), one round bamboo-finish handle set, & one U-shape bamboo-marble handle set. Wow! That's a lot to work with. Click here to see these items available on Indygo Junction's website. How do you enter? Easy as usual! Post a comment to this post ONLY telling us what your favorite Indygo Junction purse is! And as a bonus, we'll include this pattern in your prize pack if you are selected as the winner.  Winners will be chosen at random from all commentors to this post.  Good luck!!

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Kellieann Austin on

Wow nice giveaway! I love all the new handles that are coming out. watch out all you commercial bag makers, here comes the quilters!!!

Teresa on

Oh! I love the Victory bag! It’s been kind of a toss-up between that and the Streetcar bag, but if I have to choose, it would be Victory. :)

Sandra on

I have been looking at the Cinched Patchwork Satchel and I just have to make it. What a beautiful way to clean out all those left over pieces of fabric and have yourself a lovely purse.

Lorraine Glach on

I love the “Permmission Purse” pattern for the style and unique shape. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!!

Irene on

I would love to win this and make my favourite bag – the In-Style suitcase bag – which i can enlarge and use as an overnight bag!!

Debora Kellogg on

Wow I am working on a new bag for the fall and would love to win this great prize!

Sheryl on

This will be so fun for the lucky purse-on, who wins. Hope it’s me!! Handles on bags make them look more finished, I think.

Lori Scarborough on

This is an awesome giveaway especially for someone like me who makes a new purse every week! I especially love the Grids & Grommet pattern! Can’t wait to try this one.

Char Morrison on

I love to make purses and totes. Indygo Junction has the best patterns!

Dawn Tarr on

I love the victory bag and have already made it up in some vintage “stash” that I had. I love the new permission bag, and could see that made up in some of my over-abundant felted sweater stash.

Kate Clabough on

What a tough decision. I’d have to say it is a toss up between the Victory bag or the Street Car bag. Both are wonderful! But if I have to pick on, let’s go wtih Victory!

maryjo bailey on

There are so many patterns to choose from, but I really love “The High Tech Tote”! I have so many friends who would love one! And boy could I really really use the Hardware giveaway!!! Best of luck to everyone but I hope I get picked this time!! :)

Lorraine Allen on

I just saw the Permission Purse (IJ910), for the first time and I think that would make a great purse to showcase designs. It would be a lovely combination with the clearly stitched cases. I would love to make that purse. What a unique design. I loved it the minute I saw it.

Alison O'Grady on

I love the Grommet Hipster. I am ready to try something new and thought that this fabulous prize has the necessary components to do that! Thank you for the opportunity!

Allegra Sedney on

Although I’ve made a few different bags, my hands-down favorite has to be the Bouquet Bag (IJ801)! I have made 3: one for my sister, another for a friend, and finally, for myself…

Helen Laney on

I enjoy making bags and would love the opportunity to use the hardware & patterns that you are offering as such a wonderful prize. I am sure that I could incorporate some of the hardware in the “Blanche Bag” which I love the look of. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Mary Ellen Coumerilh on

It’s hard to pick my favorite purse, but I finally decided that the Serged Satchel is it – The shape is great, and it would help me learn a new ruffling technique. Thanks so much!

Carol on

Oh, but I also love the carpetbag.

Carol on


Mina on

I really love the In – Style Suitecase Bag , it´s lovely and very unique!
Thank you for this opportunity, good luck everyone!

Bonney on

What a great giveaway! My favorite purse is the Grommet Grab Bag.

Kathy E on

I like the Quilted Pocket Purse IJ912. I’m always fumbling for my cell phone and this purse would solve the problem. Sure hope I win it. Thanks for the opportunity to play!

Kathy Gee on

I love the Grids & Gommets. Winning this great prize would be wonderful and I might just find a new favorite.

Erma Johnson on

I think the streetcar bag is my next project. Love your patterns. Thanks

Cindy Craddock on

Love the styles and easy! As always great products!

Janet Bolger on

What a wonderful basket! I also love the handles. There isn’t nothing better then creating with Indygo Junction patterns.

Cynthia Aimino on

Pick just one? Color me Crazy but most women have more than one bag. When I grab a Streetcar, I shout Victory that I was able to Serge through the day. When I get home the kids are ready for a game of Tic Tac To(t)e and Grids and Grommets. As I said, who can pick just one? I have a variety of bags to macth the day.

Ruth Gerike on

Really, how can you only pick just one !?!,
It’s a toss up between the Permission Purse and the Streetcar Bag. I have yet to be able to keep a bag for myself, as I’m always making them to give to others. Great giveaway !!

Laura McPherson on

I love the Pocket Perfect purse. I’ve made 3 for myself in baticks and one for each of my daughters! They love the purse too because it has so many compartments. I’ve added a few extra on the inside for pencils and a cell phone.

Meg Perry on

I love the whole great assortment and would be thrilled to make any of the purses. Thanks for offering them.

Lee on

Love the Carpet Bag – you can see everything without “excavating” to find what you’re looking for!

Jeanine Brinkerhoff on

I love making purses so having all of the supplies (with choices) right at hand would be a dream come true. I love the bag I made for my laptop to most so far. I think it was called high tote. Great pattern.

Emily Hennigan on

I purchased the Groomet bag pattern. Made quite a few of them in various colors for sisters, nieces and friends. Easy to sew, love the pattern because you can select various fabrics to compliment the finished purse. on

I love the Permission Purse, so many possibilities! A Gal can never have to many handbags especially when there handmade! I love all your bags and would love to have one of each.

Sue on

It’s tough to pick just one, but right now my favorite is the Saddle Bag.

Martha Stuber on

The Boulevard is my favorite that I haven’t already made.

Catherine Stewart on

I love the Quilted Pocket Purse! It is so versatile. winning the supplies would be wonderful.

Debra Lacefield on

I love the streetcar bag pattern. Thank you for allowing me to enter your contest.

KAren on

I realy would like to make the In Style Suitcase Purse.


i like small purses, so I like the Petite Purse or the Bouquet Bag. I would love to make the witch purse for my daughter and great niece from the Holiday Purseonalities pattern. WHO CAN CHOOSE JUST ONE?

Judy on

I love the Cleverly Stitched Cases – allows me to co-ordinate colors and designs for a set with clutch purse and handy cases to organize with.

Vicky Morris on

I love the Carpetbag. I collect conversation fabrics and this bag is perfect to showcase the fabrics.

Brenda Roland on

I love all of the purse/tote patterns at Indygo Junction. But if I have to choose it would be the Hi-Tech Tote IJ755. That is one I have had my eye on for some time. Really nice giveaway!

Kellie on

Loved making the shopper and it is so much fun to use. Want to make the woven mosaic purse next.

Vicki on

I love the pocket perfect purse pattern!

Judy on

So many great purses to choose from! My favorite at the moment is the In-Style Suitcase Bag.

Kay on

I love ALL your purses and would be hard pressed to pick one as my favorite! The new hardware systems just take it to a new level. Thanks

Deb Frey on

I just love the Victory bag, I will be making that in the near future. I enjoy making purses, bags or totes. I usually will change them in small way and make them again.

Deb Pickerell on

Love to use vintage fabrics and used clothing to make purses. Your “permission purse” looks like a great purse to use these fabrics on, quite the "person"ality. Love your style of purses.

Sara on

I love your give-aways. I am very much in love with the Cosmo bag. Love it, love it, love it

kim on

Ruffled Revival is marvelous!!! I would love to win this great giveaway. IndygoJunction is Fabulous!!!

Ellen Crawley on

The Manhatten Messenger! Love this look!

Ellen Ban on

My favorite is the Grommet Grab Bag. Have the pattern and just need to find some time to make one!

Rebecca on

The In-Style Suitcase Bag offers smart styling and the security of a zipper. It would be fun to incorporate the Mixed Metal Zips pattern as an added element into this bag. Thanks Indigo for keeping us inspired to try new patterns!

Dori Christian on

I love all the bags. It’s hard to choose a favorite. Going with the cinched sachel as it is a great Fall and Winter look.

Cheryl on

I love the ideal duffle. I have three boys and they always have duffle bags with them.

Tamsyn on

I love the Vintage Bag. It has beautiful detail.

Deborah W. on

I haven’t developed a purse habit – yet. Though with this wonderful give away, I could be led astray. My favorite pattern – Artistic Topper. Such a fun jacket.

Rise St. Arno on

Thanks so much for this opportunity!

Paulette on

Making & wearing my purses gives me a chance to express such creativity! The permmission bag would be so wonderful for that!

Janey Cook on

Purses and cookbooks are tthings I adore. Combine them together and I’ll run to the store, Buy them out quickly with no delay, happiness follows without much to say! I like three really classy looking purses, the Quilte Pocket, the Ruffled Revival, and the Cosmo. They are a great size and have a lot of functional features!

alice hancock on

I love the wave on wave – over the shoulder bag best.

diane rehacek on

It is so hard to pick a favorite purse pattern but if I had to choose I love the parisian purse and the grommet garb bag. I think fabric bags are the best and all the new handles really let you personalize them.

Chris Scheffel on

It’s hard to pick just one. There are so many great purses. Grids and Grommets looks like good use for the whole packet and fun to try.

Sharon Buford on

I would have to say the Carpetbag is my favorite, but being a “bag” lady – I love them all

SoozeM on

What a fantastic giveaway! I am really in love with the Victory Bag, it is just so different to anything else I have seen around!

Rise St. Arno on

Sorry I forgot to mention the grommets wallet is my all time fave, especially for traveling.

Karen B. on

I really like the Pocket Perfect IJ728! I need a new purse, too. Making my own would be great!

Linda Pingel on

I love, love the In-Style Suitcase purse pattern!

Ann Davis on

I fell in love with the Petal Blossom Bag (IJ888) when I first saw it. It was just one of those things that draw you to it. The cordoroy tan version looks great, but the blue version with the different quilting lines is nice as well. I would have several. There’s too much you could do with that pattern.

Kathe on

Great Giveaway – I like the Quilted Pocket Purse and that was a difficult choice – you have such great patterns. Thanks.

cordelia Story on

I’ve made several of your purses and always enjoy making them as well as using them. The Boulevard Bag looks like the next “want” bag. It looks a little different, and I’m looking forward to trying this.

Jo Nardi on

My new favorite is the patchwork satchel! Love the ability to use all my wool pieces. Can’t wait to make one from batik.

yvonne weiss on

i am going to be opening a quilting knitting store about a year from now and hope to carry all the Indygo Junction lines, I love the permission purse! The possibilities for different looks are endless!

sheri ceglarek on

My favorite bag is the laptop bag of the ones I haven’t made yet,

Laura from Italy on

I do love the carpet bag and…I would like to say that I have finished one, but the truth is that this attempt is one more UFO in my closet!
Maybe, if I will win, I will end it…….

Janice on

Awesome giveaway !!!! My favorite pattern is the Cinched Patchwork Satchel….

Karen D on

Love the Permission Bag IJ 910. What a great way to personalize a handbag.

Judy Graham on

I love making purses and totes. My favorite Indigo Junction purse is the Grommet Grab Bag. Thanks for the your great patterns.

Annie Fingeret on

I loved making the Messenger Bag and when I didn’t quite understand one portion of the pattern a call to Indygo Junction answered the question. What great customer service! I also love the permission bag and then the Vintage bag. Thanks for your great patterns.

Olivia Kuebler on

So many purses, so little time. Love the carpet bag and loads more. This one looks to be great also.

Julie Boyd on

I have made the Serged Sachel Bag and get soooo many compliments on it everywhere I go. Very comfortable bag for your shoulder. Would love to try the Grommet Wallet next, looks very neat!

Renee Page on

I love the look of the quilted pocket purse. I have just started making bags. It is so much fun and the people I give them to really appreciate them.

Cathy H. on

I love the Carpet Bag or the Manhattan Messenger bag or the Color Me Crazy bag… hmmm, hard time picking just one! Grids and Grommets looks pretty cool too. I have never made a purse so that would be cool…

Cindy Hamilton on

I love purses and since I have to pick one, it woule be Ruffled Revival. Looks like a fun purse to make and carry about!

Susan L Parrish on

I love the crestwood and the Saddle bag purse. I just got two new mini pin puppies Chloe and Zoey and the could ride in these because the only weigh 3 lbs each right now. I can see them sleeping with their heads out the edge .

Kelly Lang on

Purses and totes and bags, oh my! There is such a multitude of ways to express my creativity and still be organized. These accessories are so much fun to make as the “canvas” is small enough to get done quickly. My favs? The Cosmo, the Saddlebag, and the Parisian Purse, the Carpet Bag, and the Shopper….ahhh the list goes on and on….

Jean on

My favorite is always the one I haven’t done yet! Every time I look at the pictures of finished bags, I find one that I want to do. If I have to choose one, the quilted pocket purse looks like the most useful to me.

Sher on

What a great giveaway! Love the Instyle Suitcase bag. Perfect for a carry on or around town.

Janet Ann on

I love making purses. I’ve made many of the Indygo Junction patterns, but my favorite was Hi-Tech Totes. I loved the challenge and the end product came out fabulous. I ended up donating it to my quit guild and the gal that won it absolutely loves it and has used it for a few years now!

Brenda on

The persimmon Purse is my favorite!!!

Patricia J. Conner on

Love ALL the bags—-the one with the Grommets is my next project.Thanks for all the designs

Ruth Robinson on

In-Style Suitcase Bag – IJ913 My favorite!

Charmaine McLaughlin on

So many great bag patterns to choose from! I like the dressmaker details on The Streetcar Bag. This one would be so fun to make in so many different fabrics! What a wonderful give-away!

Christy Hillard on

I love the Crossover bag. Sometimes crossover bags are so tiny, but this is a nice sized one that can hold all my stuff!

Karen K on

I love the Carpet Bag!! This looks like such fun!!

Sherri on

Love the quilted picket purse myself and the grommet designs …. all practical for my lifestyle.

Rebecca on

I love the Grids and Grommet pattern! Thanks for the contest.

Janet McKim on

There’s just something about the rich, bold colors of the mens’wear bag, U909,
that makes me want to stop what I’m doing and make it immediately! I see it as a soft version of a file cabinet!!

Pamela on

I love the Permission Purse, IJ910. It looks so fun to be able to use the different stitches on my machine!

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