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Enter to win a Mother's Day craft set! Either give your mom the gift of craft (supplies) or make her a special handmade present! To enter, use Rafflecopter below to leave a comment about your favorite memory with your mom. Keep an eye out for extra entry options as well! -1 -4 This amazing gift basket includes: A copy of Vintage Notions, Indygo Junction's Stitched Style, Hankie Style by Amy Barickman with a coordinating set of hankies, Indygo Junction's Fabric Flowers,  a jumbo pom-pom maker, a pack of hand-dyed wools and a pattern for a felt circle scarf, 5 patterns that use grommets with coordinating packs of grommets and more! Contest ends on Thursday, May 1st 2014. Two winners will be announced Friday, May 2nd. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Pamela on

Would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

My favorite memory with my mom would be when she was teaching me to can green beans. We spent the day talking and working together and at the end of the day we had a tableful of beans we had canned. It was a rewarding day in many ways.

Melly Glass on

One of my fondest memories of my Mother and I spending time together was, when I was growing up every Saturday morning during the summer she would wake me up before the sun came up and we would get ready and she would take me fishing. It was great. There is nothing like it. Watching the sun rise while sitting on the water with the fog rolling across the top of the water and the water would be so still and every once in while we would see a fish jump. We would see all kind of wildlife, fish, snakes, turtles, birds, raccoons, and groundhogs. It was so peaceful. We would sit there and talk and fish all day. And oh boy, did we catch some fish. We fished for all kinds of different fish. I caught the biggest large mouth bass I have ever caught sitting there with my Mother. We had a blast. They were some of the best times of my life. Thank you Mom for sharing those times with me. I love you so much and I miss you dearly.

Laurie Dacus on

My mom taught me to sew and began me on a life long journey of love and adventure. While she is gone, I have other “mothers” who continue to encourage me to better my skills. Sewing brings me sew much closer to all that I meet and continue to learn from. I love my mom and miss her terribly, but I know that she is in heaven praying for me and encouraging me to always do my best.

Susann Hoskins on

Love your patterns and your books. Easy to understand and just full of good ideas!

D Bryans on

Luv your patterns!

Ruth Guthrie on

One of my fondest memories is being a very little girl, snuggled up to my mom as she read Winnie the Pooh to me. For years, whenever I needed comforting she’d come sit in my bed with me and read Winnie to me.

Deb E on

Trying again since Captcha was cranky and ate my previous comment: Mom used to sit at her old black Singer and sew skirts for me. She taught me how to sew.

Betsy on

Mom and I would set up a puzzle in the dining room and put on some of our favorite albums. We would sing Neil Diamond songs, Barbra Streisand, and songs from Oklahoma.

Pat on

My mom taught me how to sew, crochet and knit, and almost forgot, how to cook. She has been gone for quite some time now but I think of her often and miss her dearly. Sure wish I could celebrate this coming Mother’s Day with her.

Gill on

My mum was with me for the birth of my 4th baby at home – she’d never held a baby that young since the birth of her own children!

Melissa on

I have always loved crafting with my mom. She taught me to sew and knit and later I was able to teach her new sewing tricks.

Letha on

I alway remember my mom commenting on how good of a sewer I was and that I was to much of a perfectionist. She was very proud of my sewing skills though and always bragged about me. :)

Ruth E Zamora on

My Mom was very creative, she was always working on something. She did a lot of crafting around the house. My Dad was in the Army (Second World War) and she was a full time mom with two daughters. She has always been an inspiration for all who had the privilege to know her!

Georgia Anderson on

I remember my mother doing hand embroidery during the winter months when I was young.

JacqueB on

My fondest memories are of my mom are teaching me how to sew! She and still craft together today and love every minute! I love you mom!!! Thank you for all you patience and teachings from years past that helped me with my projects today!

kaliza m medeiros godoy on

See me happy is to be with their children doing art and bringing joy through my works

Wendy N on

I memory I have of my mother was when I was younger and we would bake in the kitchen!

Pat on

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s in cyberland.

Tonya on

I have lots of memories with my mom and hope to have loads more. My favorite is when I turned 13 and mom, my grandparents and dad (who at the time was stationed in Thailand) got me my first and very own sewing machine!! It is an old workhorse Kenmore in a cabinet and it is wonderful….I still have and use it. My mom taught me to sew on her machine – and it still works too!! Thanks mom for all you do for me!

Lisa Marie on

My son was the only one of my Mom’s grandchildren born before she died. Those short 2 years she had with him were precious, as being a grandmother brought her great joy. I remember her being as happy as I’ve ever seen her when she snuggled with that baby.

Dolores Horine on

My mom was the best at everything she did and that included sewing, I remember picking out a very hard pattern for my 9th grade home economics class . She kept asking me why I picked it, “mom I just love this pattern” so that started a whole can of worms. Rip rip, sew, sew, my mom was a perfectionist. I wish she was still here to help me with my sewing endeavors. Can’t wait to see you again mom, love you

Barbara Privette on

My Mom did not sew, but managed to make me a beautiful dancing doll when I was young. It was my favorite toy for many, many years!

Linda Southworth on

My mom was always the avid shopper! We loved window shopping the malls, eating a great lunch out and of course, always bringing a trinket of some kind home. That was always my mom’s favorite day on Mother’s Day or any day.

Beth on

The day she taught me to sew changed my life. I made an apron and it was the achievement that made all the difference in who I am today.

Diane T on

Love the selections in these packages. Such lovely items to make

Anna Hancock on

My favorite moments with my mom are the present ones – she has been sober for 9 years and every day since she stopped drinking has been some of our best. We recently started a joint venture to sell stuff we sew and even though we are a thousand miles apart we still are having fun.

Jessie on

My mom taught me and my brother how to sew. I remember hearing her sewing machine always going when we were little and being amazed at what she could make.

JoMarie on

There is not a day that goes by that I wish I had my mom and dear aunt here to take care of them like they took care of me.
Many times I just want to pick up the phone and call them just to chat. Mom taught me to sew correctly. Can’t say enough to those who have their mom’s-treasure your time together.

Anne Haun on

My greatest memory is learning to sew – my mother was and expert and I wish i would have taken her sewing lessons more seriously.

Kathy Kauth on

One of my special moments with my Mother was spending Christmas in the Home for the Aged with her. I have 4 brothers and they think it is too hard to take Mother out because of her being in a wheel chair, but she is not frail, we have taken her out but I live 4 and 1/2 hours away so, my husband and I have Christmas dinner in the home with her and she really appreciates this, and as someone who has worked in the home I know how lonely they get when the Christmas tunes are playing and they go through their memories and think about when they mattered to people and they made sure she was a part of holiday. I love my Mom

Janet Frank on

My favorite memory of my Mom is her teaching me the joy of quilting. I’ve been quilting now for over 30 yrs and each time I set down at the machine, I think of her. We had a wonderful time way back then……and still do whenever we are together.

rebecca g. on

she always kissed away the nightmares

Linda Nelson on

My mom taught me to sew. I have fond memories of us going to the fabric store, deciding on what we were going to sew, then sitting together at the sewing machine. I am forever grateful!

Nancy Mckenzie on

My mom taught me to sew on the family treadle. Then she was obviously done, as none of the other 4 sisters got any training. leaving me to be the official family mender.

NannyPenny on

I’ve been sewing since high school. It is the one thing that really makes me feel like I make a lasting impression. I rarely keep what I make. Most items are gifts for friends and family. Nothing says I love you like homemade!

Judy on

My mom taught me to sew. She sewed almost all her clothes and I’ve been sewing since I was very young.

Paula on

Lovely items! Would make lovely gifts for women in my life.

Brenda Lambert on

One of my favorite memories with my mother is her teaching me to sew on her Singer Featherweight. She bought it shortly before I was born. I still have it!!!!

Christi on

When I was little, I used to follow my mom all around the house, watching her work and chattering to her. I loved sitting on the kitchen counter watching her cook dinner, and talking, talking, talking to her!

Barbara L on

Teaching me how to give my newborn child a bath – a timeless moment

Pam S on

My mom made awesome decorated sugar cookies. I remember being amazed by her colorful creations with wonderful colors and sparkly candy. Thanks for the chance to win these great books! I love Indygo Junction style!

Karen on

I loved cooking with my mom – whether it was cookies, cakes or main meals. I loved when she’d let us swirl the batter for marble cakes!

Nancy on

Love this site. Recently back to sewing after many years and am rediscovering all the pleasure sewing gives me.

Marcelle on

Loved it whenever, our mother could complete her work so that she could join us in a game of our choice.

Isabel A. on

I have many memories of my mother teaching me how to sew and knit. It was wonderful.

Pye Squire on

Thank you for a chance to win!

Deb on

My and still make special memories almost every weekend—hitting the local yard sales and estate sales and treasure hunting!

susie doucet on

My mother used to make clothes for our Barbie dolls, I remember watching her close by the sewing machine. She was, she is the best mom! Thank you mommy for all of those good memories. Susie

Dora Jones on

My favorite memory of my mom is when we went on a cruise together, we saw a lot of beautiful sights together, and had a lot of fun

Diana Irwin on

My mom is my best friend. We grew up together. She was fifteen when I was born. She was a very strong woman. She worked hard all her life. She raised four kids by herself. She was a positive person in my life and I raised my children the same way. And now my grandkids are being raised the same.

Christine on

Sitting in my moms sewing room with her as she sewed. I still love to do that today!

Joyce Miner on

I am one of four daughters. I remember how Mother always made new dresses for all four of us for all special occasions, and they were always so beautiful!. I thank her for instilling my love of sewing.

Judith Marsh on

How exciting! What fun it would be to win this! Momma taught me to sew and I miss her dearly

Leslie on

My mother gave me the gift of art including a love of sewing. I am forever grateful.

Char Morrison on

My mom taught me to sew when I was 10 years old. It was the beginning of a very rewarding pastime for me. I will always be grateful for the knowledge she passed on to me!

Dora Jones on

My favorite memory of my mom is when we went on a cruise together, we saw a lot of beautiful sights together, and had a lot of fun.

debra on

In my younger days my Mom used to sit me by her singer machine while she sewed home decor items and knitted the most beautifull sweaters. That is when i started to take interest and started sewing doll clothes. The most fascinating thing she made which still amazes me is the paper dresses she made and i actually wore them to school. 60 odd years later the sad part is my mom does not take any interest in any of the hobbies she cherished and made with her hands, but likes getting gifts from me that were hand made. Thanks for the chance to win

Mary Wippold on

I have my Mother to thank for my love of sweing and gardening and hope to pss this on to my daughter.

Kimberly R on

I always enjoyed cooking with my Mom :)

Shirley Cree on

we used to embroider lots of dish towels….even found some in her stash…. what knottiness on the backs…..

Sharon Simsick on

My Mom was a beautiful seamstress but hated to sew. But she was always buying fabric, notions books and gadgets for e to use in my sewing. She had a huge collection of Christmas fabric she was always going to make into a quilt but never did. After she died my daughter and I made quilts for the entire family from that collection.

sandra morris on

I have so many great memories. How fortunate because I miss her like crazy. She was my best cheerleader.

Laurene on

I had 3 younger brothers so most of Mom’s time was centered around housework in the 1940’s – 1960’s. Our “fun” time together was when she was making me baton twirling costumes; picking out the fabric, fittings, and finally going away to competitions with her and our friends. Time away from the boys!

debra on

I have fond memories as a young child sitting beside my mom while on her singermaking the most beautiful home decor and clothes. I remember that is how i started making doll clothes at 4. I think the most fabulous item she made for me was paper dresses that i actually wore to school. I had boys but now i have a grandaughter i can share all that my mom has taught me. thanks for the opportunity to win

Melissa on

My mother and my Grandma (mom’s mom) taught me my hand sewing and needlepoint! Mom was especially proud of the prom dresses I created for my daughters’ over their high school years! A lot of our conversations were around sewing techniques and trends. I learned so much from both of these women and a deeply appreciative of all they did for me.

Kathe on

My memories are from my paternal grandmother who grew up in Norway when she tried to teach me how to knit. After showing me the needles (which were the long ‘sticks’) and the yarn, casting on and the stitch, I flopped down on the floor on my tummy (quite a tomboy I was) and tried to do what she said. She was so exasperated that she came over and took everything away saying many things in Norwegian which I did not understand. Well I showed her – I taught myself how to knit, sew, stitch, almost every needle type work – except crochet. At the end of the day she was so very proud of all I had accomplished. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

rosemary on

Always looking for new ways and materials for multi media and sewing is one of my favorites.

Hilda Villalobos on

Have a 3 year old granddaughter. She loves what I make for her. The hankiewear book would get my creative juices going to create gray summer things for her.

TerriK on

My Mom was a great seamstress and used to make all my important dresses. She made my wedding dress to my exacting specifications! (She was very patient, too.) I inherited her sewing gene, I guess, but not her endless patience!

Cynthia Frantzen on

Growing up in a large family, my Mom always took time to show me how to do several things. The one that I remember is her teaching me how to sew and sewing many dresses for me, including prom and wedding. Thanks Mom for this lifelong skill!

Chris on

My Grandmother taught me to sew, to cook, to garden and to love life on her 180 acre farm a very, very long time ago. I miss her so much.

rosemary on

always looking for new ways and materials for multi media, mom and I used to craft and sew together all the time. Sewing is one of my favoites.

Marie on

Mom taught me how to sew.

cindy lanahan on

Fun and more fun. We love to go fishing! She taught me how to fish when I was 4’

Becky Rabalais on

My mom loved being at home. Knowing I was moving out-of-state in a. Opulent of months, we watched movies together. Anne of Green Gables, Out of Africa and others. It was just the two of us. Mom has been gone for over 20 years. Cherish those days with her.

Nicksmom on

My mom always said that I was a great seamstress and she thought I could make anything. She also thought I was very tall! (She was only 5ft at most) and said that I could wear most any style of clothing. Both were far from the truth but so sweet to hear as that is how she saw me.

Mary Ellen on

I am sewing today because of my Mom. Whenever I wanted a special outfit, she would take me to the local fabric store, help me pick out a pattern and fabric, and then lend her expert advice on how to make my outfit. There was nothing I wouldn’t attempt to sew because I knew she would be right there by my side guiding my efforts. Thanks, Mom!

Becky on

I remember having fun playing dress up with my mom!

Annette on

I learned to sew from my mom and now teaching my daughter.

Kathleen on

My mom has been gone 10 years… I think of her daily as I sew on her favorite machine… I wish she was still here as I would appreciate her so much more now that I’m 50… miss ya mom!

Elizabeth on

I have so many good memories of my mom! She loves road trips and every summer of my childhood we would be off somewhere in the family station wagon. She would bring tons of educational materials and we would learn about the national parks, towns we visited, and state borders we crossed. We learned a lot, but we also had fun – she can make the miles fly along with games, songs, and conversation. I hope to take my own kids on road trips like that one day!

Vickie Fowler on

My other and my Granny both taught me how to sew. My mom taught me how to sew garments and my Granny how to quilt. The memories of us gathered around a sewing machine or the quilting frame are some of the. Best memories I have. They both me how to bring love, warmth, and comfort into a home one stitch at a time!

mandy whalen on

My Mom was the greatest. She taught me so many handcrafts but we spent many hours getting garden products ready to can and then came the canning. If I had to narrow it down to one thing, it would be the time we spent laughing and cooking. in her kitchen. Loved her and miss her everyday.

Rizza merano on

Love all the patterns..

Karen on

I hope I can still enter even though I don’t have a memory to share. Some great gifts! Thank you!

marjorie on

I would love to win! My favorite memory of my dear mother is having her patiently teach me to sew. Starting out on dish towels, learning to sew a straight line. She was my first mentor and all my achievements I can graciously say “My mother took time to teach me!”

Dawn Kulik on

My most memorable Easter is when I was 5 years old. my father had abandoned our family with no place to live. My mother had not yet found employment, or a place to rent. We had nothing. Yet, my mother managed to save enough money to buy my brother and I an Easter basket. We walked to the store, because my Dad had taken the car with him. That basket was the most special thing that my brother and I had. Thank you Mom, for showing us how much we were loved.

Diane Hovis on

One of many of my fondest memories with my Mom is her trying to teach me how to crochet. She would get so tickled then I would we would end up laughing until we cried.

Irene Harris on

I would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity. My fondest memories with mom are the very early mornings routine, having to be up just before dawn to get ready to go to grandmas, mom had to work, but i always remember the birds chirping the stillness of the air, and the warm oatmeal waiting. Memories I have shared and created with my daughter.

Barbara Johnson on

I love my mom, she taught me everything . . . How to cook, sew, and how to love life! We would always be at the sewing machine together. She would make us matching clothes. Thank you mom for making me the person I am today! I miss you dearly, a day does not go by that I do not think of you!

Debra on

My fondest memory of my mother was and still is her selfless giving and love for her family and others. Thank you Mom!!

Kitty on

My mom taught me how to run her old Singer sewing machine when I was barely old enough to read. Her machine had a knee control that ran it instead of a foot pedal which was good because my feet would NOT reach the floor! I sewed in the summer time when I was out of school so my first project was a pair of shorts. They were big and baggy but I wore them anyway and showed them off all I could! I was only 7 years old-LOL! Been sewing ever since and still have an old Singer just like the one Mom taught me on.

Karen on

I hope I can enter even though I don’t have a memory to share. Love all the gifts!

Terri on

Mom taught me to sew

Cindy on

My mother and I would walk uptown because we didn’t have a car. In the fall we would collect pretty leaves and she would show me how to preserve them.

Christi d on

Mom sewed little outfits for Beanie Babies matching my high school mascot (gosling) to match each sport I played.

Kathy J Walters on

Sure would be nice to win.

Peggy Jenkins on

My mom taught me to sew she could make anything, she made a lot of our clothes. Mom was such a wonderful roll model she raised 7 girls and 1 boy she taught us to reach for the stars and dream big. Though she died way to young her influence still pushes my to be the seamstress I am today. I LOVE sewing it is my passion and I want to be able to do out full time daughter is now learning from me and I am still learning we would love to win this awesome gift

Rebecca LaPointe on

Wonderful products and gray ideas, thank you!

Bonney on

One of the best memories I have is sitting on the lawn watching my kids run around and play. It was a good time to catch up and relax together. I remember it very fondly.

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