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Bakery Baskets pattern

Handmade & Home Baked Warmth

The holidays are on their way and that means lots of delicious home baking! Handmade fabric bread baskets will make your bakes even tastier. They’re perfect as hostess gifts, too!

 Quilted Cook and Carry pattern

Pair your fabrics with insulated batting and simple machine quilting and you can create beautiful baskets to coordinate with any theme or décor. Plan to stitch up several colorful, warm, and welcome baskets to use for your holiday feasting!

Bakery Baskets pattern

Bountiful, Beautiful Bakery Baskets

Our Bakery Baskets are delightfully charming! Unique, pretty and functional aptly describe these handy helpers. You’ll find two distinct styles included in the pattern – each meeting a separate and important need.

Bakery Baskets pattern

The cozy honeycomb style of the Bakery Baskets Server keeps your carefully baked rolls scrumptiously warm. Potato, sweet, sourdough or classic wheat and white - they'll all be more delicious served in handmade style!

Bakery Baskets pattern

Both styles include insulated batting, so the very useful Bakery Baskets Tote design keeps your favorite bread warm on-the-go, too!

Insulated Batting

All About Insulated Batting 

If you’ve never used insulated batting before, you’re going to love it! This amazing batting contains a heat-resistant, metallic, needle-punched film. When used in your baskets, insulated batting reflects heat and helps your yummy bakes stay warm! Look for Warm Company’s Insul-Bright or Pellon’s Insul-Fleece. It’s perfect for potholders, trivets and oven mitts, too!

Quilted Cook and Carry

The Oh-So-Helpful Quilted Cook & Carry

If you’re breaking bread with friends or family, our Quilted Cook and Carry pattern is just what you need! It’s fabulously versatile and adjusts for square, round or rectangular containers all the way up to the popular 9” x 13” dish we all use often.

Dritz D Ring Quilted Cook and Carry

Choose your favorite style of Dritz D Rings for the “tie-up”! This fun-to-stitch carrier is perfect for strip quilting or machine quilted whole cloth and opens out flat to function as a table topper.

Quilted Cook and Carry

You can see in these steps just how easy the Quilted Cook and Carry is to use!

Micro-Safe Hot Holders

Protect your Hands with Micro-Safe Hot Holders

Ouch no more! Our decorative Micro-Safe Hot Holders fabric bowls are designed to keep your cooking hands safe. The pattern includes three sizes so all your bowls can be safely warmed and taken to the table.

Micro-Safe Hot Holders

Not just for the microwave, these bowls are lovely as servers for your meals, too! It’s important to use 100% Cotton materials for these wonderful microwaveable servers – thread, fabrics and batting. Your food should be sizzling, not your bowl!

Micro-Safe Hot Holders pattern

Read more about Micro-Safe Hot Holders in our Fabric Bowl Fun blog post!

Quilted Cook and Carry pattern

Four Quick Steps for Successful Machine Quilting

Your Bread Basket sewing will be much more creatively warm with just a little machine quilting. It doesn’t have to be elaborate and our tips will help even a newbie quilter be successful!

  1. Choose your Bread Basket, purchase your supplies and make sure you have everything you need.
  2. Plan your quilting style in a way that fits your basket and your skills. Straight line quilting is just right for beginners! If your skills are a little more advanced, try free motion or a more complicated design.
  3. Measure and mark your quilting lines using Dritz Quilting Heat Erase Marking Pens and an Omnigrid Ruler. (We love the 6” x 24” Omnigrip ruler!) Make your markings as accurate as possible, but remember – it doesn’t have to be perfect, just pleasing!
  4. Practice, patience, tools and stitches make a difference! Practice machine quilting on a sample to gain confidence and decide on the stitch style and length you want to use. Pin your quilt sandwich carefully with Dritz® Quilting 101 Quilters Pins (our favorite!) and use a Walking Foot on your machine if you have one.

Dritz and Omnigrid quilting tools

With a bit of patience, practice and great tools, your quilted Bread Baskets will be the handmade stars of your holiday table!!

Salsa Recipe Video

Bonus! While you’re planning, enjoy Amy’s Salsa Recipe video. It’s not bread, but super yummy and a great use for your Micro-Safe Hot Holder bowls!
You'll find more kitchen sewing designs for your holiday feasts on our web site. Shop now!

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