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Have you branched out with bark cloth? This tactile textile with mid-century roots is perfect for home furnishing projects, including curtains, upholstery and slipcovers. Bark cloth also lends built-in stability and beauty to handbags, jackets and vests.

Traditionally, the fabric was once produced by beating tree bark into thin, paperlike layers. Today's version is woven with such fibers as cotton, rayon, linen and polyester to create a touchable trunk-like texture. Retro prints in abstract, floral, tropical and atomic motifs add nostalgic novelty to your creation.

Ready to go out on a limb? Construct a classic carryall from bark cloth with our Boulevard Bag (IJ892) or The Metropolitan (IJ758) patterns. Both bags look sophisticated and stylish in this timeless material.

Bark cloth provides an ideal combination of structure and drapability to our Perfect Pullover (IJ773), Easy Silhouette Jacket (IJ741)Trench Topper (IJ740) and Classic Vest (IJ868). These fashions give new meaning to the term "treehugger." Browse  our line of jackets & coats for more inspiring designs perfect for bark cloth!

No need to pound the pine tree in your backyard to get your hands on this fabric. Look for vintage or reproduction bark cloth online and at antique shops and fabric stores.

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