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Bask in the beauty of batik. This ages-old Indonesian technique uses resist-dye wax to create eye-catching graphic designs on cloth. Hoffman Fabrics produces gorgeous handmade batiks. In strip form, this quilty pleasure is called Bali Pops, which stars in several of our patterns. The traditional textile adds color and flair to our Woven Mosaic Purse (IJ876)Ruffled Revival (IJ889) and Serged Satchel (IJ826). Bali Pops pop on our Cinched Patchwork Satchel (IJ909), a roomy carry-all with inside pockets, an elastic top and magnetic closure. Batik spins our Circle Scarves (IJ878) pattern into one chic accessory and becomes one gorgeous garment when used for our Quick-Tie Topper (IJ886). Because this fabric looks good from both sides (batiks have a right side, but both sides provide a unique look), it is ideal for unlined clothing like the Origami Wrap (IJ833) or Artistic Topper (IJ855). Looking to make your own batik? Many resources online can teach you how to dabble in the dyeing method by using household items. An alternative to wax and dye? Try fabric markers or a bleach pen and stencils to create striking designs on napkins, tablecloths, pillows and more. Browse our purse & clothing patterns to find a variety of designs perfect for this two-sided, non-fraying fabric.

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