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Happy Fourth of July everyone! I hope you are knee-deep in corn, hot dogs and pool parties. But what happens when the party is over and it is too hot to go outside (until September)? Then you must sew, and I have a couple of projects for you. We loved Carolyn Gavin's Petite Fleur Organic fabric for Windham Fabrics. It is super cheery with fun but sophisticated colors. What to make with it? Well, I wanted to do something where I could combine the prints, so bags were the answer. In honor of the Fourth, why not make our Grommet Go-Around bag using the Floral Impressions and Petite Buds prints. This bag is super easy to make - it only has 3 pattern pieces! The grommets add a little extra umph to what would otherwise be a simple style. webgrommetgoaround I also loved her print Swallow Garden, and wanted a bag that had a large enough surface to really highlight it. I found that in the Trapezoid Tote. I added the Petites Fleurs print for the side panels and the Petite Buds for the handles. I like to use darker fabric on the handles if possible - they show less dirt that way! The gussets on the Trapezoid Tote make it perfect for shopping or travel - this bag can hold a lot. webtraptote

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