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Dear Stella's new line Flirt is a lovely little floral line. The patterns themselves are classic flowers - I love the tiny rosebuds - but the grey background and rich lipstick pinks give the prints a modern and sophisticated look. As we are in the midst of the heat of the summer, I thought it was only appropriate to create a girly, reversible sunhat using the Flirt line. This hat style is available in both adult (Reversible Sun Hat) and children's sizes (Simple Sunbonnet). simplesunbonnet The fun thing about this pattern is that you can mix prints. With this example I used just two.  The rosebud print creates a nice base for the main body while the larger print gives interest to the brim. On the other side I would reverse the prints. However you could use more than two fabrics - really you could mix up to four. Oh, the possibilities!  

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Joan Mitchell on

In general, I am not a hat person… however, I do like this hat and might even have to make one for myself.

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