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More Spring-y fabrics for you to gaze at this morning. Not only is this fabric extremely pretty, but it's organic. Elizabeth Olwen's Grey Abbey line is from Cloud 9, who produces gorgeous GOTS certified organic fabric. Not only is it good for the environment, but it's good for you as well! C9F-GreyAbbey-FolkyDaisy-Mustard_MED C9F-GreyAbbey-SwayingFloral-EggBlue_MED C9F-GreyAbbey-EnglishGarden-Grey_MED C9F-GreyAbbey-GentleVines-Coral_MED C9F-GreyAbbey-FloralWhimsy-EggBlue_MED C9F-GreyAbbey-DecoFloral-Grey_MED C9F-GreyAbbey-FloralWhimsy-Mustard_MED C9F-GreyAbbey-FolkyDaisy-EggBlue_MED

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