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Are you fabric frugal? Symptoms include hoarding stockpiles of scraps with no particular plans in mind.

You're not alone. We're here to help. Reclaim your remnants with some scrap-happy projects. Plenty of our patterns call for castoffs of your treasured textiles. The funky drink sleeves in our Koozie Kouture (IJ898) collection make use of those fat quarters you spied in the scrap bin at your fabric shop and just had to have. Use your bits and pieces to make the gorgeous quilted applique design on our Petal Blossom Bag (IJ888), a colorful and contemporary carry-all.

Salvage your scraps to create teeny toys, like our Miniature Menagerie (IJ902), Recycled Sisters (IJ884), and Scrappy the Clown (IJ832). Snippets are also perfect for yo-yo projects, like our Yo-Yo Blooms (IJ893) jewelry.

For more inspiration, check out the fabric folk art featured in our book Scrapworks by Paula Joerling. These whimsical designs creatively incorporate shreds and slivers to create a very vintage vibe.

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Sue Werkmeister on

Always on the look out for patterns and ideas for scraps. Thanks

Marjorie on

I really love that cute dress! Thanks!

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